Hello. This is obviously not the original prologue. I have changed it allot. I know many of you loved the original and are probably mad that this took a year to produce this small piece, but I have my reasons. Now with the story!


James and Lucius where happy in a secret relationship. They could never show their love for each other in public but they did not mind. Only those closest to them ever knew the truth including Severus Snape, the Black family, Narcissa's Sisters, and Remus Lupin. Their family secrets were also kept from public knowledge with only their group of friends, under a vow of secrecy, knowing of Lucius' Veela blood running through his supposedly pure blooded veins.

No-one not even Dumbledore found out about them or the fact that James was pregnant during the last few months of their seventh year. The pair moved to Germany soon after they were bonded where they could raise their family away from the British Wizarding world along with Lily and Narcissa.

When James gave birth he and Lucius where blessed with a blonde haired boy they named Gabriel and a dark haired daughter named Violet. They raised their small family in peace in the city-state of Berlin until the twins were two. Then James found himself pregnant with triplets. And then the play began.

They had fake marriages to their best female friends and the news leaked of Lucius' Marriage to Narcissa and of James to Lily. Later introductions were made of their heirs, Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy. The pair's three other children were never discovered and the Wizarding didn't know of their existence. They were hidden by Narcissa's sisters who spoiled the children rotten.

Lucius and Narcissa happily raised 'their' son Draco. They often made secret play dates with his brothers and sister. They wanted then all to know each other and be raised as siblings from a distance. The days went by slowly until the horrid events occurred.

Lily, James and Harry were happy in their little play for the world. Raising Harry with love and good will. Blissfully unaware of the danger lurking outside their window. Then the unthinkable happened. Lily and James were with Harry walking to the convenience store. Just like they were to keep up the show when Voldemort killed Lily then left the James and his baby to die in the alleyway. He was crawling towards the street when he blacked out with Harry in his arms.


From Bulgaria to Germany- I know Germany better than Bulgaria.

My OC- is Gabriel's twin sister.

James- yes he is the uke.

Ages- Let's say the inheritance age is 13 and Gabriel and Violet are 17.

Harry- his name will remain as such

My Pairings- Harry/Cedric others have yet to be decided.

It took a year for me to make it thus far. I have had computer problems and I have had writers block. I had refused to give up on this story though.

Every day I tried to make this story my own form the original but that was not possible. I needed to look at what Multi wanted to keep in the story and put my ideas in the story to make it my own. Now almost a year later I have finally got the very short beginning to my liking. I'm very sorry. I bet I have disappointed many of you.

Please forgive me! I will work to the best of my ability to get this story back on its feet. I look forward to your feedback.