Title: Fixation

Author: littlepaperswan

Fandoms: Harry Potter/Inception

Pairing: Arthur/Harry (Aidrean)

Timeline: AU post Deathly Hallows for HP (Harry is 24 years old), Inception AU (no Ariadne).

Rating: T

Warnings: SLASH. Unbeta'd. Possibly OOC. English isn't my native language so feel free to correct me if you see any mistake ;)

Word count: 757 (drabble)

Disclaimer: I only own either of them in my dreams and sadly this is reality not dreams.

A/N: PLEASE READ THIS before the drabble. As I already said it before, this is an alternative universe for both of the fandoms. Voldemort's last spell made Harry lose his powers but while he doesn't have any wizard powers it doesn't mean he doesn't have magic anymore. Voldemort was still defeated and with no ties left to the wizarding world except a few of his remaining friends, Harry left, changed his name to Aidrean Evans and went to the muggle world to finish his muggle studies. He ended up studying architecture in Paris and that's how Miles introduced him to Cobb to be his future Architect. Ariadne obviously doesn't exist in this crossover, don't get me wrong, I love her character in the movie and she did bring the much needed touch of femininity in the all guys team (\o/) but it was necessary for this plot bunny. I've been wondering what would have happened if Miles introduced Harry to Cobb instead of Ariadne and that's how a plot was born, haha.

So this is a one-shot, maybe I'll rewrite it someday (it still need some improvement I think!) and add a prequel or a sequel but for now I think my muse calmed down =)


Definition: Noun. (Psychology) A strong attachment to a person or a thing.

Ever since his deepest childhood, dreams fascinated Arthur.

The capacity of the subconscious mind to create a world of his own was something that had always drawn him for as long as he could remember. It wasn't surprising it hadn't take long for him to accept Cobb's proposition when he had first met him then. Sharing dreams, while considered a possibility only in theory by many as far as he knew, was a concept purely captivating. But no matter how many times he tried to study it before, it couldn't even begin to compare to the reality of the technology.

Pure creation. To be able to create a whole new reality with nothing but a single thought of the mind. Things that couldn't be actually possible in the real world. Paradoxes.

Despite his job, he thought nothing else could surprise him any more than dreams. He was wrong.

Then Cobb had introduced him to Him. Aidrean, the new Architect.

He knew the moment his eyes fell on him he became fixated.

There was one thing stronger than any idea in the human mind, a fixation. The ability of the mind to focus on one single thing without letting it go.

He watched from afar as he slowly blossomed in a world that was his, a childlike wonder, similar to when he had been introduced to this reality, on his delicate features. Beneath that wonder though, there was something dark, a deep sadness and grief hidden in these enthralling viridian eyes but those feelings swiftly disappeared under positive emotions before he could ponder longer about it.

He was like those stairs he was so fond of in his own dreams, a paradox of strength and fragility mixed in one entire being. His own world was filled by castles, moving staircases and secret passages. When he asked him once why, sudden nostalgia appeared to fly through those expressive orbs as he explained a castle seemed to be a fitting idea for a maze.

Late at night, he could catch him staring for hours at the object he had chosen as his totem, a small golden ball with never flying wings, he would sometimes press the ball to his lips and whisper softly under his breath. He would then feel as if he should not be there. As though he was somewhat betraying his trust by witnessing such an intimate moment.

Afterwards came that dream. Being a rather rational person, absolutely nothing could have prepared him for the chaos he began to create in his mind as they kissed in that dream. He briefly wondered if the taste of his lips would be the same in the reality? Or would the reality tarnish the memory he had of that fleeting kiss?

And just like that, ever since that fateful day, visions of evergreen emerald eyes, soft pink lips and castles haunted his nights. No dreams, never dreams, he hadn't been able to dream on his own for years, a small price to pay to be able to create his own realities. These visions, though, were entirely another thing. Maybe it was his subconscious' way to tell him a message, he didn't know. Whatever it was, it made him catch the first flight to Paris weeks after he had returned from their mission. He didn't immediately seek contact at first, quietly watching him from afar as he always had. It seemed that that dream sharing hadn't changed anything for him as he keep living his life as he had before he had crashed his world. As if he had forgotten what happened that day.

But then, something would appear, a distant emotion lying underneath all his pretences. He saw as he seemed to pause at the bridge Cobb had told him he had recreated from memories in his first shared dream. At these moments, he would bring a hand to one of the pillars and grasped firmly something in his pocket with his other, an object he guessed was his totem.

It was the moment he realized this fixation was much more than he thought it was. And as he met surprised but pleased green eyes, he didn't even think twice before he pressed his lips to his. He was suddenly hit by a feeling of rightness when the other responded to his kiss. It was where he belonged. Where he was meant to be. Somehow, his subconscious had known it all along.

He didn't need dream sharing to be able to dream again, he was already in a living one.

A/N: I swear I must have a fixation on this movie ever since I saw it, haha.

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