Title: Aspiration

Author: littlepaperswan

Fandoms: Harry Potter/Inception

Pairing: Arthur/Harry

Timeline: AU post Deathly Hallows for HP, Inception AU (no Ariadne).

Rating: T

Warnings: SLASH. Unbeta'd. Slight fluff. Possibly OOC. English is not my first language so feel free to tell me if there is any mistake!

Word count: 743

Disclaimer: Are dreams real? I wish, unfortunately they are not, it means these characters still aren't mine much to my disappointment.

A/N: Apparently I was wrong, my muse didn't calm down after the last drabble and wanted me to write Fixation from Harry's POV. I'm far from being satisfied with the result though...

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Definition: Noun. A cherished desire. (Synonyms: ambition, dream) (Related words: desire [...])

He never really had a place he could call home. Hogwarts had once been a possibility years ago but now the castle was only a shade of what it may have been before, destroyed forever by the war. Himself felt no connections to the wizarding world anymore, besides without his powers he wondered how long it would take for the others to persecute him the same way as they did for squibs. With no ties left to this world, he decided to leave. He knew he couldn't stay in a place that hold too many painful memories of the war, a place where grief and pain were still freshed and rawed in his mind. So after changing his name, the last remainder of who he once had been, he went to the muggle world to finish his studies.

Somehow, he ended up studying architecture in Paris. Long before he found out he was a wizard, he had always been fascinated by constructions and the like. He remembered in his youth salvaging a few of Dudley's discarded legos to build his own buildings, his very own world in the small cupboard under the stairs. Later when he entered Hogwarts, he recalled being amazed by the sheer complexity of the castle's structure. Maybe it wasn't so unexpected to find him studying buildings many years after then.

Still, after more than six years, he felt something was missing in his life. As if a part of himself was longing for more. For so long, he didn't have any thoughts of the future, wasn't even sure he would survive to have one and now he seemed to aspire to something more. Something this dull life couldn't possibly give him.

That was when Professor Miles introduced him to Cobb and for the second time of his life, he felt his world shifted, suddenly filled by dreams and new realities. Pure creation, a feat not even wizards could recreate. He wasn't the naïve child he used to be at eleven years old when he discovered the wizarding world though, he knew the new world Cobb showed him held darkness, secrets and danger hidden within those buildings. Yet he couldn't help the childish awe and curiosity as he slowly evolved in that world.

Then there was him who had captivated him ever since he had met him. Arthur. He seemed to be like the world he thrived in, an intricate mystery waiting to be unravelled.

He felt himself gravitate unconsciously towards him as time flew by. It was only natural all things did escalate during that dream. Memories of stolen kiss and perfect smiles seemed to fill his mind every night since then.

He wondered if it all had been about a distraction. He guessed he would never really have a clear answer as they separated after their job on the plane. It was just like waking up from a dream, ironically, as if nothing happened, nothing ever changed that day. He tried to swallow the disappointement he was feeling, the very same thing he had felt after the war when everybody had settled in their lives, leaving him alone, nearly desperate. Determined not to let these thoughts affect him more than they already did however, he returned to Paris. But he knew he couldn't keep living the life he had been used to after all this. Too much had happened for him to be able to move on.

Weeks passed by since that fateful day, and as he stood on the bridge, the same one he had recreated in his first shared dream, the memories that always plagued him at night replayed in his mind. He suddenly had the urge to book a flight to Los Angeles, not even sure if he would still be there.

He almost believed he was in a dream when he suddenly stood before him – because no matter how hard he had wished for something in his life (for his parents and godfather to be alive, to have a family of his own, to never have to kill to be able to live) it didn't become real, they were just wishful thinking - but as soft lips met his, reality crashed over him. He smiled into the kiss and raised his hands to the other's hair.

That was what he had been missing before. Who he had been missing all his life.

Someone to live for. Now he knew. He was finally home.

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Some backstory explanations concerning this plot

About the events of the movie Inception

To sum up, the events unfolded the same way as they did with Harry (Aidrean) instead of Ariadne, with a few exceptions of course (I might write some one-shots about it).

Harry's totem

His totem is the golden snitch Dumbledore gave him in the Deathly Hallows. It's the one which used to contain the Resurrection Stone (whether Harry got the ring back into it or not is up to your imagination!). I found it fitting to be Harry's totem because as a former seeker, he knows everything there is to know about the snitch, especially this one so it would be impossible for others to replicate it in the dream world. It doesn't fly anymore because Harry doesn't have any wizard powers now (I have a theory a snitch needs ambient magic to be able to fly on his own and since it has nothing to feed on with Harry, it doesn't fly anymore). I could probably have chosen another object but none of the objects I think about were significant enough or fitted Arthur's description of a totem. Feel free to give me your opinions about Harry's other possible totems though!

Pure creation and the Room of Requirement

It's true creation is something wizards in Harry Potter could be able to do but I don't think ther are really capable of pure creation in the literal sense of the term. They got to be bound somehow by the same physical laws muggles are bound to and that means they have to follow the maxim "Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed" (laws of conservation). Even when they seem to summon/create something out of thin air, it got to be coming for somewhere, right? They can't possibly reproduce what is possible in Inception's dream sharing (which doesn't follow any of the physical laws). Only the Room of Requirement could come close to that but even this room has to draw stuff from somewhere (e.g. room of hidden things). But while this room could "create" things with nothing but a single thought of the mind, its ability could never compare to dream sharing where possibilities are endless. So that is precisely why I wrote in this drabble that pure creation isn't a feat wizards can do, at least in this plot.