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Walking through the Rukon district, I yawned. Suddenly a roar broke through the crowd. I gripped the hilt of my zanpaktou, as I recognized the reiatsu. Hollow. I shunpo'd to the forest that was outside of the Rukon district. I spilled a little bit of my reiatsu. I new it would be like a magnet for it. I was right. The hollow's roar shook the trees. Unsheathing my zanpaktou, and taking a ready stance, and sealing a bit of reiatsu once more. "Flare, Shiromira." I muttered. My blade was surrounded in white flames as the blade turned solid black with the tip, red, and shaped like fire. A red ribbon that was at the end, wrapped itself around my arm as I charged at the hollow.

It fired a cero as I barely moved out of the way. I launched myself at the hollow and wedged my blade in its shoulder, making it howl in pain. Taking a closer look at the hollow, it was sort of like a spider mixed with a cat. Its mask was like a cat as it had two horns on top like ears, and it had red strips across its cheeks like whiskers. It had 8 legs and a round body like a spider. Landing back on the ground, without my zanpaktou, which is still wedged in its shoulder. I closed my eyes and muttered, "Explode." and Shiromira, exploded into white flames, causing the hollow to get very angry.

I held out my hand as Shiromira returned to its normal shikai form. When I was holding out my hand for Shiromira, I didn't notice the hollow move closer. When it was to late, I got smacked backwards and I slid through the grass and ended up sliding back into a tree. I hit my head hard causing blood to run down the side of my head and mouth. My eyes changed color as my mood changed to pissed off. They went from blue to red. I pulled back my lips into a snarl revealing sharp canines and my wolf ears popped up out of no where in my hair.

My tailed popped up to out of my shihakshou. The black tail flicked around as I gripped the hilt and launched myself toward the hollow and stabbed my zanpaktou in its mask. It screamed and vaporized. I sheathed Shiromira and patted off my shihakshou, then running a hand through my long brunette hair and I made my black ears and tail disappear. I heard someone cough. I snapped backwards and saw my captain leaning on a tree.

'Shit, if he saw my ears and tail...' I thought. My eyes went back to blue to show that I was...not pissed off. "How long have you been there?" I asked him. "From the beginning." He replied as we walked out of the forest towards the Rukon district. I'm surprised Mashiro wasn't following him around like usual. "So I bet you want an explanation of why I don't fight like that all the time? Or because of the ears and tail?" I suggested. He shook his head.

I stopped and rose an eyebrow questioningly. He turned to face me and wore a smile, which creeped me out because he rarely ever smiles. Well most of the reason is because Mashiro is pissing him off, but she's not here right now. "What's with that smile...?" I asked cautiously. He grabbed my arm and dragged me to the 9th squad barracks. My expression dropped as I realized what he needs me to do. "Damn it Kensei! Let me go! Mashiro should do her own work!" I yelled angrily as he continued to drag me against my will.

My eye color changed to purple for panic. I hated doing work. ANYTHING but work! I whimpered. "Please don't make me do her work Kensei..." I begged. He didn't stop. "Sorry but since your the next seat, your doing it." He replied. An idea popped into my head. A dangerous smile crossed over my face on top my lips. "Oh Kensei!~"I sang out. He stopped. "What?..." He asked cautiously. "If I have to do her paperwork, your giving me a piggyback towards the barracks anytime I want.~" I replied. A vein popped up, right above his left eyebrow. "No." He growled. His smile that he once wore, it wasn't there anymore. "Then no work." I replied.

Pulling out of his grip and crossing my arms. He clenched his fist. Then he released it and once more a smile came up, but this one looked evil. I slowly crept back. He quickly stepped forward and he picked me up and threw me over his shoulder. His hand rested high up on my thigh and I hung over his back. I pounded on his back as a blush crept over my cheeks.

It sort of felt...good with his hand there...I mentally slapped myself and continued pounding his back and yelling, "Let me down Kensei! I don't want to do her work!" I started to kick my legs around too. His hand hand to creep higher to get a good hold of me. My face dyed even redder. "Nope. Your gonna do that work, or your gonna get Mashiro to do it herself." He replied. I felt his grip tighten on me. I squeaked.

"What?" He asked as he kept walking through the streets. People were beginning to look at him weird. "Your hand is a bit high up on my leg..." I choked out. Some people began to cheer him on which made me dig my face into the back of his haori and grip it tight with my fists. I felt him tense up. I smirked a bit. I think he barely figured out what I meant. He lowered his hand to the back of my knee quickly.

"You barely figured out what they were cheering about?" I muttered. "Yea..." His voice trailed off. "Can I get down now?" I asked, pulling my face out of the back of his haori. He let me down but kept a firm grip on my shoulder. We were here at the barracks. "MASHIRO!" I called. She peeked her head out of the corner. "Can you please do your work?~"I asked hoping she would say yes. She shook her head. "I'll buy you rice cakes later~" I sang. This caught her attention as she raced into her office and began to work.

Kensei gasped. I patted him on the shoulder. "Secret sentence." I leaned in and whispered in his ear. "So I dragged you here, and pretty much embarrassed myself by carrying you on my shoulder like that in public,...for nothing?" He asked still unsure. I nodded. I growled in frustration as his cheeks tinted red. He stormed into his office and slammed the door shut. I giggled. "Dumbass." I muttered.

"I HEARD THAT!" He yelled from the other side of the door. I opened it and peeked my head through. "And it's true." I smiled. A vein popped up in his head again as the paint brush he hand in his hand broke in half. I stuck my tongue out and ran out of the barracks. I shunpo'd away, but instead of running for my life, I took myself to the roof and sat there. It was getting dark. I sighed.