Author's Notes: *Sigh* Well, my dear readers, it has come time for this piece to come to an end. "Candy for Your Thoughts" has been, as the title suggests, nothing but a delightful treat to write and develop from the very beginning. Funny how even though it was once a oneshot, I now can't imagine it being anything but the long story it is. Well, eleven chapters may not seem to be long to some readers, but all the pages of each chapter put together, besides the Epilogue, is 343 pages.

I just wrote a gosh-damn novel. You guys just read a novel. Congrats. I dearly hope it was a better read than Twilight.

In all seriousness, I'm very proud of how this story has grown and has brought together both Duncan/Courtney, Duncan/Gwen, and Courtney/Cody shippers alike as well as just plain fans of Total Drama. I'm ever more proud to announce that "Candy for Your Thoughts" officially has its own honorable page up on TvTropes. My thanks to whatever Troper was kind enough to place it up. It's so much fun reading what Tropes my story apparently has within its inky depths (I've been honestly surprised by a couple I've read. These guys get so into detail…).

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Now as for what fanfic is coming up next. Due to college and animation work, updating any story may take a while. However, the next fic in mind will be a collection of several of ficlets centering around the lives of the characters after the events of "Candy for Your Thoughts".

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On an fun and interesting note, if this story was a movie, the credit songs would probably be "Honey and the Bee" by Owl City (it just fits Courtney/Cody so well…amazingly so actually), "Mess I Made" by Parachute (Basically Duncan's theme in the story; the song was a great inspiration for Duncan's character development while planning out the story) and "Be Here" by Parachute (a very powerful song that sums up the emotions of Cody, Courtney, and Duncan towards the end).

So, without further ado, I present the final act of "Candy for Your Thoughts".

The night was still young when Lono drove a boat-full of cheering teens back upon the tranquil, white-sand beach of Kauai. A festive air charged the tropical island as the mob of teens marched from the boat unto the wooden dock with much laughing and cheering. Leading the parade of contestants was Duncan and Cody with Ezekiel the victor hoisted upon their shoulders. The half-wild, pimpled teen was holding his suitcase of reward money up in the air and his smirking face was raised in victory.

"Victory beach party! Whooooooooo!" Geoff loudly announced. His call was immediately greeted with shouts of enthusiastic agreement. The party boy had to leap out of the way to avoid being crushed by the stampede of teens as his friends rushed off to set up a celebration, shoving each other out of the way, kicking up sand, and laughing all the way to the resort.

Within a short hour, and after much thrilled hastiness, a large party was in full swing on the island of Kauai. Everyone had changed out of their usual clothing and was decked in summer attire such as shorts and sandals. All the contestants and interns were celebrating the end of a strenuous season as well as Ezekiel's surprising victory of Total Drama World Tour. Not a single contestant had ever expected such a twist in fate, but almost all took the surprise in good grace. After all, if a guy was willing to live like a rat for months with little to no food as well as loose much of his sanity in the process for a million dollars, why not let him have the reward?

Better the feral teen win than the wicked duo of Heather and Alejandro.

The celebration was held in the rainforest area where Duncan and Courtney had their fight during the Aftermath. The beautiful waterfall and gorgeous hibiscus flowers blooming all around provided lovely scenery for the competitors as they enjoyed themselves. Tiki torches have been raised and burned brightly around the Aftermath stage that had been moved into the area just for the occasion as well as the long tables filled with food and drinks.

Both Chef, as well as Lono, had outdone themselves with providing a mouth-watering banquet of Hawaiian cuisine for the teens. There was lau lau, steamed fish and pork wrapped in taro leaves; loco moco, beef covered in gravy and egg; some sweet-tasting poi; colorful fruits of several varieties such as pineapple and mango; shells of coconut milk cut open by Chef himself as well as many fruit smoothies; several dishes of fishes; and of course there was a large pit with a kalua pig roasting within it. There was also a bowl full of ophili which was a type of slimy limpet. No one besides Lono and Owen touched those.

Ezekiel was the first one to visit the dining table. He had smelled the savory scents of cooking food from a mile off and had darted away from his friends like a half-starved hound…which was basically what he was. Running on his knuckles like an ape, Ezekiel shot into the clearing and came to a screeching halt in front of the banquet table. The scrawny farm boy's grey eyes grew big and round at sight of piles upon piles of glorious, mouthwatering food on the table before him.

Never in the starved boy's entire life had he ever seen a more beautiful, awe-inspiring sight. Zekey's eyes filled up with tears of joy and his lips quivered with anticipation. Then, with a jubilant squeal, the half-wild teen launched himself, tongue hanging and smiling, onto the table, savagely digging into any delicious morsel or drink within his reach and spraying crumbs and food bits everywhere. Ezekiel only paused from his eating to unleash a loud and deeply satisfied belch into the air.

"Haha, and people think I'm a pig." Owen chuckled. The fat teen then gasped. "HOLY TALKING COCONUTS! IS THAT SPAM! MOVE OVER ZEKEY!" With that loud exclamation, Owen joined Zekey on the table in gorging and shoveling food into his crunching jaws.

Tyler wiped flecks of food off his face, scowling. "Dudes! Save some food for the rest of us!"

Ezekiel's only response was to throw a plate of loco moco in the jock's face. Brown gravy dripped from Tyler's face as he stood glaring and looking quite unamused.

Lindsay walked up to her boyfriend and scooped a bit of loco moco from Tyler's face with her finger and stuck it in her mouth, sampling the tasty dish. The pretty, ditzy blonde made a squeeful noise of delight.

"Oooh, Tyler this is sooooooo yummy! Is this the 'Duncney' thing that everyone was talking about earlier?" Lindsay asked, smiling and blinking her large, blue eyes. "If so, then I'm so changing my vote!" She smacked her pink lips. "Then again, Coco tastes good too…" The blonde-haired beauty's expression brightened. "Oh, I know! I'll vote for both!"

"Linds, I don't think…aw, forget it." Tyler said, smiling slightly as Lindsay happily continued to taste samples of dripping loco moco or 'Duncney' off his face. The jock didn't have the heart to correct her.

A short distance away, Noah was leaning against a palm tree and snacking on one of the surprise deserts that Chef had put out- cotton candy. Who knew the gruff chef had a sense of humor?

"Well, what do you know? They actually did have the blue kind after all." Noah said with a dry chuckle, looking at the fluffy blue candy in his hand. He opened his mouth and was about to take a large bite out of the sweet delicacy when…

"Oh, cotton candy! My favorite!"

Noah's jaws snapped nothing but empty air. The bookworm glanced up to see Sierra holding the cone of blue cotton candy. She took a large bite out of it.

"Thanks so much Noah!" The fangirl happily said between chews. Sierra smiled down at Noah, cheeks puffed out and stuffed with the sugary fluff. "You're soooo much nicer than you were earlier this season!" She swallowed the candy and scooted closer to the short genius. She leaned against Noah's shoulder and shot the uncomfortable boy a rather flirtatious glance.

"Then again, thanks to Cody, you don't have anything to hide from me anymore, isn't that right, Noah Boa?" Sierra said, batting her eyes.

"Noah...Boa?"Noah croaked, his usual deadpan expression turning into one of outrage. That did it. Noah decided that Cody's silly little façade had gone on long enough!

Noah untangled himself away from the tall, clingy fangirl. He waved his hands about, crying, "No! No! No! No! No! I'm out! Game over! FTL!" Noah turned around, and seeing Sierra standing there looking confused, he inhaled deeply and sighed, calming down somewhat. Noah ran a hand through his brown hair as he spoke to Sierra.

"Look, since I'm a cynical jerk by nature I'm going to be straight with you so please bear with me with as minimal waterworks as possible." Noah calmly said, dearly hoping that Sierra wouldn't make a scene. He knew that she had only recently gotten over a heart break with Cody, but he did not want Sierra to get high hopes over something that wasn't going to happen. Ever.

"I don't like you." Noah bluntly stated,"Cody, being the bleeding heart wimp that he is, just threw me under the bus to make you feel better. I assure you that I will find a way to get back at him. It will involve that stuffed emu of his, a bucket of green jello, and the internet. You can help." He placed a consoling hand on Sierra's shoulder, continuing, "So…yeah…I don't like you. At least not in the way you're thinking of."

Sierra smiled and brightly said, "Of course, I understand."

"And here comes the waterwo…" Noah's sarcastic words died and his deadpan look shifted into surprise. "…wait…you do?"

Sierra nodded, still smiling. "Absolutely!"

Well, Noah thought, that was rather unexpected. The self-proclaimed genius blinked and stared at the seemingly cheerful girl, the wheels in his brilliant mind turning at a rapid pace as Noah tried to process what actually was happening. Why on earth wasn't Sierra bawling her eyes out? Has this rejection become the last straw for the crazed fangirl? Had Sierra finally cracked and was using a paper thin guise of calm cheer to hide the new identity of insanity lurking just beneath the surface?

"So…." Noah's asked in a measured voice, keeping a cautious eye on the fangirl in case she suddenly snapped. "You're really okay with this?"

"Now, Noah, don't sound too surprised." Sierra said, cheerfully giving the short bookworm a hearty pat on the head. He flinched at each contact. "I'm sure you've watched all the episodes and have seen what I've gone through these last few weeks. And during these life-changing experiences, I have learned a few things." As she spoke, Sierra placed a hand over her heart and shifted her gaze heavenward in a dramatic fashion. Her voice took on a deeply passionate (and perhaps a bit over-dramatized) tone.

"Traveling around the world with my idols on Total Drama World Tour has taught me so much. And not just about the trivia things like what kinds of foods you should avoid while traveling on a death trap, or how sucking out ant venom from a bite actually doesn't really work too well. Who knew? Oh! And how Courtney's favorite My Little Pony is Twilight Sparkle! Though don't tell her I said that." Sierra tapped her chin in ponderment. "Wonder what made Cody and Courtney start that conversation in the first place? Maybe they were talking about horses? Or was that emus? Hmmmm…."

Noah, looking a little peeved, let out a loud "Hm-HMPH!" to get Sierra's wandering mind back on track.

Sierra immediately turned her attention back to Noah. "Oh right! Er…" She resumed her passionate, heartfelt speech. "As I saying…No! Not just the trivial things! I've also been taught one of the most valuable lessons in life…"

"How to completely ham things up?" Noah guessed with his usual sarcastic deadpan.

Sierra ignored him. "And that lesson is on love. Watching the romance between Cody and Courtney this season has taught me that true love isn't something one can achieve through stalking and undying adoration. True love comes from a beautiful bond that blossoms between one person to another- a bond that can only be gained from time, mutual feelings, and shared experiences."

As Sierra finished her sincere speech, Noah couldn't help but feel slightly impressed. "Well…despite the unnecessary amount of zest, I have to admit that that was actually pretty insightful of you, Sierra."

Then Sierra continued speaking…

"So that means in order for us to work as a couple, you and I have to start making our own shared experiences!" Sierra brightly proclaimed, whirling around to grin at Noah.

Noah's eyes popped open in shock at the sudden suggestion. He made a noise almost identical to that of a platypus being punched in the stomach. "WHAT?"

"How's dinner and a movie sound? Friday night at seven?"

Noah looked as though he wanted to object, however the shock of the situation had rendered the unfortunate bookworm into a spluttering mute.

Sierra's happy grin grew wider. "Wonderful! Don't worry about coming to pick me up. I already know where you live. I'll just come and get you."

The very idea of the obsessive fangirl coming near his house was horrific enough to snap Noah out of his stupor state. He furrowed his eyebrows in a glare and raised a finger, ready to dismiss the very idea of a date with the crazy girl. "Now listen here! Not even in the minds of Dante, Milton, or Poe combined would I ever…."

All abilities of speech and reasonable thought that Noah possessed flew out the window when a pair of lips caught the bookworm on the cheek.

Sierra gave a happy, infectious giggle as she drew away from giving Noah a kiss on the cheek. "Thanks again for the date! Can't wait!" With that she flounced off to find Izzy and Eva with a bubbly smile pasted on her face. She may have lost Cody during this season, but if Courtney could find happiness in another boy then so could she. She and Noah were actually going on a date! Oh, her blog readers would be so thrilled!

Even after the fangirl had left, Noah remained in a shocked state for several more seconds. He stared blankly in the direction that Sierra had left in with one hand pressing against the warm spot where she had briefly kissed him. For self-proclaimed genius who always had a sarcastic comeback ready, being stunned into speechlessness was a rather odd experience for him. His intelligent mind took a moment to process what had just happened.

First and foremost, he had told off Sierra and she had listened. And that was good. Then Sierra had twisted everything around resulting in Noah being forced into a date with her. And that was bad….really bad. Lastly, he had gained his first kiss. And that was….that was…okay?

Huh. Okay was good.

"Oh what the heck…" Noah grumbled. It's just one date. Not like it would lead to anything long term. And at least people would now stop pairing him with guys.

And also…that was a really nice kiss.

Noah took a second to glance left and right. Only when he was sure that absolutely no one was looking his way did Noah allow a tiny, pleased smile to form on his face.

Suddenly there was a bright, white light that flashed in front of his face, momentarily blinding him. Noah shook away the shocked expression on his face as girlish laughter erupted from the bushes to his left. Katie and Sadie popped out of the bushes with excited smirks on their faces. Katie had a small camera in her hand.

"Like oh. My. Gosh. Katie, I think we just made the discovery of the decade!" Sadie squealed. The plump girl's eyes shined with as much mischief as her friend's.

"I know! We like have actual proof that Noah does have a heart!" Katie chirped with relish. "And it belongs all to Sierra!"

"Shall we like notify the presses?" Sadie asked, shooting a mortified-looking Noah a teasing glance.

"Can't you shrews leave a guy to his privacy?" Noah huffed with an irritable sigh. Between those two, Owen, Izzy, and Sierra, the tan bookworm knew with certainty that he'd never have a moment of peace in his life again. He felt the urge to give a depressed sigh.

"Now where's the fun in that?" giggled Sadie. Katie and Sadie leapt from the bushes and pressed themselves on either side of Noah and linked their arms with his like two guards holding a prisoner in place.

"A moment like this calls for a picture!" Katie chirped merrily. She held her camera at arms length and aimed it at herself, Sadie, and Noah. "Everyone say 'Hawaii!'"

"HAWAII!" Sadie and Katie shrieked in their loudest voices, beaming widely as the camera flashed.

Finally resigned to what his future was headed to, Noah only muttered a dry, "Kill me," to the flashing camera. He rolled his eyes in annoyance as Katie and Sadie started to skip away, dragging Noah along with them. To make matters worst, the insufferable pair began to babble away endlessly about what to do or not to do on his upcoming date with Sierra.

"So like, first thing's first. If you want to impress Sierra, we like totally need to style you according to Sierra's taste!"

"Exactly Sadie! That means we need to raid Cody's closet! Also, the sarcasm like has to go!"

"Total mood killer!"

"Sarcasm is embedded into the very core of my soul." Noah retorted.

"Then we'll have to work around that." Sadie smugly shot back. "Let's start with hairstyle, shall we?"

The odd threesome passed by the waterfall and the wide pool that the water cascaded into. Seated along the smooth, round boulders around the pool were Bridgette, LeShawna, and Gwen. LeShawna was attempting to teach the other two how to string together a Hawaiian lei garment. The colored girl had only learned the skill herself from Lono and there plenty of flowers in the clearing to choose from.

"Done!" LeShawna announced, placing the bright yellow wreath around her neck. She struck a fabulous pose. "Tell the truth ladies, does the sexy, tropical goddess style look good on me?"

Bridgette giggled at LeShawna's antics. "You'll have Harold drooling. Right Gwen?" The blonde girl asked, turning her warm green eyes to the Goth girl.

Gwen forced a tight smile on her sullen face. "Ha…Ha…yeah." She looked down at her lap where her lei wreath laid half finished. The purple flowers were piled in a messy heap. A dark hand touched her shoulder.

"Everything okay, Gwen?" LeShawna kindly asked.

Gwen sighed heavily and glumly pushed the flowers onto the ground. Her heart wasn't into lei making. "Duncan talked to me earlier."

Bridgette stopped stringing a pair of pink hibiscus together and glanced up to stare curiously at Gwen. "Oh. Well what did he say?"

Gwen shrugged her shoulders in a half-hearted manner. "What you'd expect. He apologized for what happened. Told me why he did it. Asked if we can still be friends again." She flung a flower to the ground. "Like a broken record repeating itself…"

LeShawna and Bridgette shared worried glances. "What did you tell him?" Bridgette asked.

"I slapped him." Gwen said with the fainted hint of a smirk. She then sobered. "I didn't want to forgive him, but I decided that if Courtney was willing to forgive both Duncan and me, then I would give it a try too."

"Then why did you still look so miserable?" Bridgette asked.

"Because nothing will ever be the same again." Gwen said, resting her chin in the palm of her hand. "I might be able to forgive Duncan, but I doubt I'll ever see him a close friend ever again. Not only that, but I'm positive that most of my friends and fans back home still hate me. I'm always going to be known as the boyfriend stealer of Total Drama!"

"But Courtney forgave you." Bridgette pointed out, hoping to cheer Gwen up. "And she's your friend again."

Gwen shook her head and muttered darkly. "I don't know why. What I did was just as bad as what Heather did to me in season one. Worst even! Heather did it to an enemy. I did it to a friend." For weeks she had fought so hard to hide behind a thick wall of denial on the true terribleness of her betrayal and appalling treatment to her friends. Since finally confronting Courtney and embracing the truth, Gwen had conquered some of her inner guilt, however the full consequences of her actions and everyone else's reactions still haunted her. "I treated everyone horribly this season, including you two."

The Goth girl felt a hand cup her chin and raise it up until she was looking into LeShawna's face.

"Yes, you did. And we all forgive you." LeShawna said. She picked up one of the rumbled blue flowers and tenderly tucked in Gwen's raven-dark hair. "And now it's time for you to forgive yourself."

Gwen managed to give her two closest friends a small, but sincere, smile. "I'll try to."

A short distance from the trio of girls, the three members of the Drama Brothers Trent, Justin, and Harold were starting to set up their instruments. A small stage had been set up in the clearing for one last performance of the season and the Drama Brothers would be the ones providing the music. Well, the Drama Brothers with a surprise member as well…

"Now tell me again why we're letting Courtney join our band? I mean is it really a boy band if there's a girl in it?" Justin asked Trent.

Harold turned to give Trent a look, "He does have a point."

Trent, who had been helping Harold set up his drum set, stopped working and stood up straight, giving his two band mates a stern look. "Because it's about time we stop being a boy band and start being an actual band. Courtney's very talented and will help us with that."

Justin gave his tambourine a shake and muttered, "You're just saying that cause she's Cody's girlfriend now."

"Ooh! Does that mean LeShawna can join too?" Harold asked. A dreamy expression spread across his freckled face and he unleashed a lovestruck sigh. "Imagine having her a backup dancer? Gosh…"

Trent and Justin shared a cringing look and shuddered in unison at the thought. Justin took out a hand mirror and smiled into his reflection, making sure Hawaiian humidity wasn't ruining his hair. He spoke to Trent as he primed himself. "Odd, isn't it? You and me, the two best looking members of the band are also only ones without any girlfriends now. Such a shame if you ask me!"

The unofficial leader of the band playfully rolled his green eyes at Justin's vanity. Trent turned slightly so that he caught sight of Gwen sitting with Bridgette and LeShawna a short distance away. A blue flower was woven in her short, black hair and in the moonlight she looked as lovely as ever.

"Yeah," Trent said, smiling and keeping his eyes on the Goth in the distance, "It's a total shame…"

A little ways away from the rest of the cast, Cody and Courtney lounged under an overhanging bough, looped with draping vines of lovely, blooming flowers. Cody. Cody reached up and picked a pale yellow blossom from the vine and wove it in Courtney's brown hair.

"A flower for m'lady." Cody suavely said with a gap-toothed grin.

Courtney giggled and swatted at Cody's long, chestnut bangs. "Well, well, look at you. Who knew you were such a romantic?"

"Oh, well, I've had tons of practice." Cody replied with a slick smirk.

Courtney gave him a deadpan look and the smirk slipped from his face.

"Welllll…I've had a lot of time to fantasize about practicing…heh." Cody admitted truthfully with an embarrassed blush.

His girlfriend gave a light laugh and, with a smile, leaned lovingly against Cody's shoulder and brightly asked, "So, when's our first date?"

"First?" Cody asked, staring at Courtney in bewilderment. "You mean none of what we've gone through this season counts as a first date?"

Courtney rolled her eyes and shook her head, giving her boyfriend a playful smile while saying in chiding tones. "Oh Cody, you may be a whiz at computers, but you have a lot to learn about dating." She flipped her hand around, airily saying, "Let's just call all the life-threatening events of this season…impending, but wonderful moments leading up to happenstance of two like-minded and sound of heart individuals meant to be dating."

Cody blinked. "…Uh….sure…we can call it that."

"A first date has to be normal and casual." Courtney continued. "So we can get to know each other more." She smiled at her new boyfriend. "How about a picnic for two when we get back home?"

Cody recalled how he had once planned a surprise picnic for himself and Gwen back in season one and smiled. That seemed so long ago now. It was about time that old idea of his was put to good use. "Sounds wonderful, Court." He told her. An excited look crossed his round face. "How about for our second date we go to the upcoming comic convention?"

Courtney jerked away and stared at Cody with a frown. "A comic convention?" There was a hint of a scoff in her voice. Comic conventions weren't actually Courtney's cup of tea.

Cody bobbed his head up and down, oblivious to the distaste in Courtney's tone. "Yeah! It's really fun! There'll be people in costumes, and fan booths and book signings!" He prattled on excitedly. Cody then noticed the unsure look on Courtney's face and added, in sly tones, "There's also…you know…competitions."

Cody had spoken the magic word. Courtney visibly perked up, looking interested. "Competitions?" she repeated. If there was one thing the CIT could not resist was the tempting call of a challenge.

"So you wanna go?" Cody asked, staring at Courtney with large, pleading blue eyes. He gave her his widest gap-toothed smile and begged like an excited little kid. "Please? Please? Pleeeaassee?"

Despite her strong will and resistance, the tan brunette found it impossible to say no to the adorable dork. With a light laugh, Courtney leaned close to Cody and kissed him on the temple. "We'll see."

The endearing moment was cut short by the sound of someone loudly clearing their throat. The couple glanced up and saw Duncan standing expectedly a few feet away. Like everyone else, he had changed from his usual attire into some summer clothes and had on some black and green swim trunks and no shirt. Before the party, Bridgette had patched up most of Duncan's injuries, particularly the stab wound. Duncan had proudly showed off his wounded chest which was neatly wrapped with white bandages. Many suspected the delinquent was actually hoping for a lasting scar. There was a trademark smirk on his face and an odd gleam in his eyes as he asked, "Mind if I have a word with the egghead, Princess?"

"Can't you ever call anyone by their real name?" Courtney asked with a mock scowl. She was having too good of a night to get too riled up by Duncan's antics.

The last thing Cody wanted to do was leave Courtney and her sweet kisses. However, being the polite teen he was, Cody stood, promised Courtney he'd be back in a second, and followed Duncan as they walked off out of earshot of the girl they both liked.

Cody was about to ask Duncan what he wanted to talk about, but the delinquent beat him to the punch.

"Okay, listen closely to pipsqueak, I know you and Court are an item now, and I'm cool with that." Duncan told Cody as they two walked forward. The delinquent stopped and looked at his rival. "But before things get serious, you and I need to get a few things straight."

Duncan came to a halt and stood in front Cody. Though the punk was only a bit taller than Cody, Duncan still seemed to tower over him. Cody gulped. "Okay…and that would be…?"

Duncan held up a finger. "First off, you're not allowed to call her princess. Only I can call her princess. Me. You can call her anything else but that's mine territory."

That request wasn't too unreasonable, Cody figured. He had never once addressed Courtney by that nickname anyway. He either called her by her full name or 'Court.' It would feel much too awkward.

"Fine by me." Cody responded with a civil nod. "Anything else?"

Duncan raised a second finger. "Second, I'm still going to hang out with Courtney." His eyes shifted around in an awkward manner. "In a…you know…a look and don't touch kind of way. Gotten used to our arguments you know and…"

Cody held up a hand to stop him. "Listen, I understand. If you guys want to hang out as friends then fine. Trent never had any problem with me being friends with Gwen when they were dating."

Duncan raised a confused brow. "You hung out with Gwen?"

Cody's shoulders slumped down in a depressed manner. "Well…I attempted to." He mumbled.

Duncan wisely changed the subject. Though there was a smile on his face, his blue eyes hardened into a dangerous glint. "Okay, one last thing. If I ever find that you're doing what I did to Courtney this season, I can honestly tell you that nobody will ever find your body."

Cody attempted to chuckle lightly. "Haha, I'll be sure to remember that."

The deadly smirk remained on Duncan's face. "I'm serious. My parents are police so I know all the tricks. They can look all they want and they won't find you."

The chuckle died in Cody's throat. "Er…yeah…I promise not to cheat on her."

"Any piece of you for that matter."

"Umm…okay…I understand…"

"I'll feed you to my dog."


"Duncan!" Courtney sternly scolded as she walked towards the two boys, dark eyes narrowed.

"Relax," Duncan said, throwing a friendly arm around Cody, "He knows I'm just kidding." A smile was still pasted on Duncan's face as he hissed quietly to Cody. "It'll be my neighbor's cat."

"WHA- ARGH!" Cody squealed when Duncan pushed him right towards Courtney. Cody stumbled to a halt right before their faces could collide. The couple was nose to nose, blinking in surprise and cheeks blushing.

Duncan chuckled and waved them off. "Enjoy the party, lovebirds."

As the couple left, Courtney turned her head back to Duncan. She blinked her dark eyes and offered her former love a grateful smile.

Duncan returned it and watched Courtney and Cody walk off side by side, hands brushing against each other. He could hear the two speaking to one another.

"So, about this...convention event…what kind of competitions will they be having?"

"Oh, plenty that you'll be good at."

"Such as?"

"Card games."

Duncan watched Courtney jokingly punch Cody in the shoulder and heard the lanky boy give a good-natured laugh. The delinquent waited until the couple had walked off before he allowed the smile to slip from his face and a down-hearted sigh to come forth.

"Enjoy your peanut butter-filled life, Princess. Bout' time you earned it." Duncan whispered, sadly recalling the very first night he and Courtney had first gotten together after stealing food from Chef and Chris. Though his heart continued to ache at the memory, Duncan knew that he would never forget it.

DJ saw his delinquent friend standing alone with his mohawked head hanging with depression. The compassionate boy made a beeline towards Duncan.

"That was a good thing you did, Duncan." The black teen said, placing a large, comforting hand on Duncan's drooping shoulder.

Duncan shot DJ a melancholy sideways glance. "Deej, I'm not really the expert on doing good deeds. Can you tell me how long it will take before I stop feeling as if I ate ten helpings of Chef's mystery meat?"

"Give it time, man" DJ replied with a smile. "But you should be proud of yourself. Thanks you, both Courtney and Cody have found happiness. And, sooner or later, you will too."

Duncan stared around at the party going on, observing all the happy faces. Besides Alejandro and Heather, no one looked upset. Everyone was grouped with their friends, hanging out, dancing, and basically having a great time. Lindsay and Tyler were kissing under a palm tree and Katie and Sadie, along with Beth, were giggling gleefully over something. Sierra was gossiping with an enthusiastic Izzy and a surly Eva, probably talking about her upcoming date. Noah had joined Owen and Ezekiel at the buffet table. Even Gwen looked happy as she hung out with LeShawna and Bridgette by the waterfall, stringing together lei wreaths of flowers. Then Duncan saw Courtney. Cody had led her over the Drama Brothers and she was now smiling and laughing along with Trent, Justin, Harold, and Cody. The CIT had finally found a place she truly belonged.

Duncan found himself smiling slightly at the scene. Despite all his ill mistakes, good had happened and the delinquent's heart felt much lighter because of it. Duncan's path of action may still be long and difficult to fully understand but he was starting to. Bit by bit, he was starting to understand.

Duncan looked at his giant friend and grinned. "Thanks, Deej."

The tall, black boy returned the grin. "Anytime."

Duncan was almost knocked over when Geoff bowled into him, swinging a friendly arm around his spiked neck. "Bra, what's with the long face?" Geoff asked, grinning and playfully ruffling his best friend's mohawk. "We're in Hawaii, there's a party, and you're hanging out with the two coolest dudes in all of Canada!"

"Really? Can you point them out then cause I don't see them." Duncan retorted with a good-natured growl, pushing cowboy hat wearing partier off of him.

Geoff shot his delinquent friend a mellow grin. "Cheer up, bra. Mocha may be with the Codemeister but look on the bright side- now you are a free man!" Geoff happily exclaimed, hoping to cheer Duncan up. "There are places to party at and girls to party with in your future! Now, as the saying goes, 'the world is your lobster!'

"Oyster." DJ corrected.

"No thanks, bra. I can never get rid of the aftertaste." Geoff politely declined, still smiling obviously. He missed the amused glance that DJ and Duncan shared. Geoff's blue eyes grew wide and his smile stretched as a sudden idea took hold.

"Whoa, just had a wickedly sick thought!" The mirthful partier proclaimed, looking between DJ and Duncan. "How about the three of us awesome Killer Basses go on our own world tour? I mean, the summer's still young and Duncan you still have the million from last season. No parents, no girlfriends…it'll be like the ultimate summer vacation!"

Both DJ and Duncan looked a bit unconvinced.

"Jeez, I don't know." DJ said with a hint of nervousness. "All summer's a long time and Mama always gets awfully worried when I'm gone too long."

Duncan crossed his arms over his chest and said "You only want to do this cause you were left behind all season."

"Not true!" Geoff argued, refusing to let his idea be put down. He threw an arm over both DJ's and Duncan's shoulders. "Come on you guys, it'll be a blast! Imagine…partying in Rio," He leaned over towards Duncan and said, "picking up hot, exotic chicks from Spain?"

Duncan raised a brow at the idea.

Geoff then leaned towards DJ and added, "Or maybe getting to see adorable, little lemurs in Madagascar?

DJ gave a rather unmanly squeal of happiness at the suggestion.

"And you know we can even bring our little furry dude Mohawk along too." Geoff added, his smile turning smug as both his friends started to buy into the idea.

Duncan blinked and jerked back from Geoff. "Speaking of which…MOHAWK! COME HERE BOY!" Duncan stuck two fingers into his mouth and let loose a sharp whistle. Seconds later, some leafy bushes in the jungle rustled and a ginger, furry head popped up from the greenery. The chow-chow mutt rushed through the jungle and over towards his master, curled tail wagging. Mohawk, in all his furry glory, sat in front of Duncan's feet and gave a whine.

Duncan noticed something clamped between his dog's jaws. He stooped down and took the item from Mohawk's mouth. A look of amazement stretched itself along the delinquent's face.

"My knife!" he exclaimed, smiling widely. His treasured flip knife that Alejandro had stolen and lost during the two's vicious fight. Duncan had thought that the knife would be lost in the rainforest permanently. Duncan affectionately ruffled Mohawk's fluffy head, scratching behind the dog's ears. "I can't believe you found it! Good boy, Mohawk, good boy…"

"Wow, that dog has one killer nose." DJ commented, fondly patting the ginger dog's back.

Geoff chuckled. "Or he really likes Duncan's knife." It seemed to be the only item Mohawk ever fetched for anyone.

Mohawk merely gave the three a doggy grin and pressed close to Duncan's hand, whining in pleasure.

Duncan tossed his favorite knife in the air and caught it by the handle with the ease of an expert. He grinned- finding his trusty flip knife seemed to be a sign that things were starting to look up. Duncan turned to Geoff.

"You know what?" he said, still grinning. "A vacation is starting to sound really nice. I think I'll take you up for that offer."

Geoff looked ecstatic. "AWESOME BRA!" Finally, he'd get his chance to travel around a bit this summer!

DJ looked mildly surprised by Duncan's change of decision, but smiled and quickly said, "Well, if you two are in then so am I. Mama would never forgive me if I let you two go off on your own."

The colored teen's statement caused a laugh to ripple from his companions. Duncan felt himself feel better than he had for weeks. He knew that Geoff had suggested the trip as an effect to help him get over Courtney and for that he was grateful. So he'd lost the girl, but Duncan still had his two best friends and a road of endless opportunities before him. Courtney had found her new beginning and it was time for Duncan to find his, wherever the journey may lead him.

Duncan snatched up three sliced coconuts filled with milk and tossed two to his companions. "This calls for a toast." He held up his coconut shell and proclaimed loudly, "To Spain!"

Geoff held up his. "To Rio!"

"To baby lemurs in Madagascar!" quipped in DJ, beaming.

Both Duncan and Geoff shot their animal-loving friend an odd glance for a couple seconds, but all three burst out laughing and clicked their shells together. Mohawk's happy barks rang along with three friends' laughter.

The trio was completely unaware of a pair of green eyes glaring at them from the shadows a short distance away. The narrowed emerald orbs were burning with hatred and rage at the friends, their fiery most focused on that of Duncan.

"Don't think this is over yet, Duncan." Alejandro spat with pure menace in his voice. "When my injuries are healed, I'll make sure you pay for the humiliation you caused me! You will curse the day you ever stepped into this competition! I shall break your spirit and make you crumble or my name is not Alejandro Bur-ACK! HEATHER! MY LEG! OUCH! PUT IT BACK!"

With a scowl, Heather placed Alejandro's casted leg back onto fold-up chair that it had been resting on. Alejandro had not escaped the fight with Duncan with only light injuries. The delinquent had spared no mercy in carrying out revenge on the silver-tongued snake for all the terrible deeds he had done this season. Alejandro was covered head to toe in bandages, with one arm in a sling, an eye patch over a black eye that was swelled shut, and his right leg was in a cast.

"Stop making death threats and moving around! You're just making it worse." Heather snapped, glaring at Alejandro. She was lying in a fold-up chair beside Alejandro's. "Besides, this is all your fault we lost anyway." She grumbled.

Alejandro shot his girlfriend an incredible look. "My fault? MY FAULT? Dios por encimas! Woman, how is losing my fault? Remember, I am not the one who got on the bad side of the stowaway Tarzan!"

"Well, if you hadn't been so focused on looking all mighty and macho by beating that stupid delinquent instead slowing Cody down, then we could have won!"

"My dear, a Burromuerto always finishes a fight!" Alejandro argued heatedly. "You should have thrown the doll into the volcano instead of boasting like puffed up pavo real!"

"Augh! You're absolutely useless, you know that?" Heather spat to him.

"And you're an ill-tempered bruja!" Alejandro shot back.

"Says Mr. Dead Donkey." Heather retorted.

Alejandro unleashed a loud, shocked gasp and pointed an angry finger at Heather. "That was below the belt, Senorita!" He gave his beloved a deeply offended look and turned away, saying in a cold voice, "I believe the two of us should refrain from speaking for the rest of the night!"

Heather crossed her arms over her chest and gave a sniff of disdain. "Fine by me!"

The two bitters losers continued to look away from each other, eyes narrowed and scowling, both too proud to admit their part in the failure. Several moments of bitter silence passed. Then, in one sudden movement, Heather thrust a slice of pineapple in front of Alejandro's face. Not even looking at him, she grumbled, "Here. Eat a pineapple."

Alejandro stared with wide eyes at the piece of fruit in front him, then at Heather, and then at the pineapple again. A cool smile slid across the handsome teen's face. He accepted the peace offering with his uninjured hand. "Gracias, mi hermosa." Alejandro purred in his most flirtatious voice.

Heather swatted his hand away and hid a smile. "Cut the talk and eat the fruit, donkey boy."

A benevolent full moon hung in the nocturne skies over the party. Red and blue lights shone on the makeshift stage that had been set up earlier. Almost all the food had been eaten (mostly between Owen and Ezekial) and gossip had all been exchanged. Now all the contestants and crew of Total Drama World Tour were crowded around, gazing earnestly up at stage with excitement. On the stage itself, were five people. In the back beside a drum set was Harold, waving a hand towards LeShawna in the crowd. To the left of Harold, basking in one of the spotlights and smiling handsomely into the crowd of adoring fans was none other than Justin. To the right of Harold, standing besides his keyboard, was Cody, looking happy to be reunited with his band mates again. Standing in the middle of the stage stood two figures. Trent, the leader of the band, stood with his trusty guitar around his neck and beside him stood the newest member of the band, Courtney, smiling proudly and holding her head high amidst the cheering crowd.

The heated whispers and murmurs hushed among the crowd as Trent strode up to the front and center of the stage, microphone in hand. Everyone grew complete silent when the Drama Brothers leader began to speak.

"Well, looks like we've all survived another and, hopefully last season, of Total Drama." Trent said, earning a couple of chuckles from some people. "And even if some of us like myself didn't get a chance to compete, believe me when I say this season has definitely effected every single one of us here." The raven-haired musician swept his warm green gaze towards Gwen in the audience. "Hopefully for the better." He added with a smile.

Gwen looked shocked that Trent had sought her out and immediately lowered her gaze bashfully to the ground. Trent did not miss the lovely smile that now graced the pale girl's face.

"Before we get the music started, let's here again for the unexpected winner of the season and the two people who made it happen!"

A round of cheers went up for the unexpected season winner Ezekiel. The prairie boy was relishing in the attention, waving at the former contestants with a giant, wide smile on his filthy face. Only Heather, Alejandro, and Eva were not cheering, the latter only because she was still angry and blushing over the surprise kiss from earlier which Izzy was still teasing her about. But even Eva joined in to give Cody and Courtney a round of much deserved cheers. The newly formed couple beamed at the recognition and held hands on stage, signifying their new relationship.

It took a while for the cheering to die down. Once it did, Trent spoke again. "Now, before we start rocking out on this party, I say it's only fair to allow the newest member of our band to start us off."

The crowd cheered as Courtney took Trent's place, microphone in hand. "Who's ready to rock with Courtney and the Drama Brothers?" she shouted to audience, hoping to pump them up.

"We never agreed that new name!" Trent interrupted, sounding a bit annoyed.

Courtney turned to him and shot him an irritated look, hands on hip. "Well, what did we agree on then?"

"We're going to be called the Drama Brothers and One Psychotic Sister!"

"That's too long!"

"I thought we were going with my idea of being called HTJ Double C!" Harold wheezed from his drum set.

"No." Both Trent and Courtney answered in monotone.

"How about my 'Five Flavors of Cotton Candy' idea?" Cody piped up.

"Not even your girlfriend liked that one." Trent deadpanned.

"I'm still voting for being called 'Justin and the Four Justians'." Justin said. The others didn't even bother to give answer to such a ridiculous name. They all just threw their microphones at Justin.

"Okay, let's all just take a vote on which one's best…" Trent calmly suggested before Courtney interrupted.

"What's the point? We're all just going to vote for our own ideas." She pointed out crossly.

"I'll vote for yours Court!" Cody said earnestly to his girlfriend.

"Not fair!" Both Justin and Harold shouted in unison. "Guilty of Courtneymandering!" Harold added in an accusing tone.

"Gerrymandering." Courtney corrected a dryly.

"Don't try and trick me! I know what your name is! Gosh!" Harold retorted causing Trent to slap a hand to his forehead and Courtney to roll her eyes.

"JUST GET ON WITH THE SHOW!" LeShawna shouted up to them from the audience, sounding extremely impatient.

The five band members took a quick glance at each other, looking slightly fluttered and embarrassed, then back at the audience. Trent cleared his throat and nudged Courtney. "Er…go ahead."

Courtney blinked and refocused. "Oh…right!" She swept her arm out and gestured towards the crowd, shouting brightly, "Duncan, mind doing the honors?"

The entire crowd turned their heads towards the back, blinking their wide eyes in shock to see Duncan standing next to set of beautiful, golden chimes- the same set of chimes owned by Chris and used throughout the season to announce an upcoming song sequence. There was a wooden bat in Duncan's hand and he was grinning wickedly. He saluted to Courtney. "Pleasure's all mine!"

With that, Duncan gently tapped the chimes causing a gently ring to echo through the air. Once. Twice. Then on the third time, Duncan swung the bat as hard as he could and smashed the chimes to pieces with an ear-splitting 'CLANK!' Again…and again…and again.

When the task was complete, Duncan stood up and wiped some sweat off his brow, grinning smugly. "Don't know how long I've been dying to do that." He said to no one in particular. He pointed up at the stage. "HIT IT!"

With that signal, the music began. Harold started by slowly beating the drum in a steadily rhythm which steadily got faster as Justin began to shake his tambourine, letting its sound rattle the air.

Courtney stood in the center stage with Cody and Trent slightly behind and on either side of her. All three of them were bobbing their shoulders and swaying their bodies with the music.

"Let's hear for the reprise!" Cody called out with a gap-toothed grin. He, Trent, and Courtney immediately started up a chant.

"Come fly with us!" Courtney sang.

"Come fly with us!" repeated Trent and Cody on either side of her.

"Come fly with us!" The entire band sang out loud.

"COME FLY WITH US!" echoed the audience, raising their hands in the air.

"Come fly with us! Let us soar away! Forget everything we have known! The sky above is calling and we know the path is right. So let love be our wings tonight!" Courtney and her male band mates loudly sang.

The music took an upbeat twist with Harold and Justin playing there instruments fast and Trent starting on his guitar. The contestants in the crowd were beginning to dance along with the upbeat, party music.

"Come fly with me, I've been grounded for too long." Courtney sweetly sang, weaving around Cody.

With a playful, toothy grin, Cody allowed Courtney to grab his hand and drag him onto the spotlight. "Let's fly away! I'll take you where you've never been! See all there is to see!" Cody sang, as he and Courtney faced each other, circling one another as they danced.

"I've seen these sights before. Come on boy, show me more!" sang Courtney, smiling. She twirled in front of Cody and he grabbed her hand and pulled her close as they both sang loudly.

"You make my heartbeat soar!"

In that instant, the music suddenly went off in a whole different direction. A surprise look passed through the couple's faces as they glanced to the right side of the stage. For some reason there was now a DJ stand with Izzy blaring out some heavy beats, similar to rap music.

Harold was ecstatic. "YES! This is my jam!" He tossed the drum sticks to Justin and rushed over to center stage.

Duncan had similar ideas. "Oh yeah! Now this is the music we should have playing all season!" With that the punk leapt on the stage and slid to the spot along side Harold.

"Here comes H-Bomb and Delinquent D in the house!" Izzy announced, "Let's get the drama started! WHOO!"

"C and D to Double C, seen a bit of that CIT! This season got down and nice since candy sweet met miss hot as spice!" Harold rapped, shaking his skinny form as a blue spotlight shone down on him.

Duncan slid smoothly up beside his red-haired companion and a red spotlight blazed down as he began to rap. "Rocking in Hawaii, we party night and day. And all the hotties in bikinis make the Canadians all say 'Eh!'" Harold, as well as Geoff and DJ, joined in chanting, "Eh! Eh! HEY!"

Among the female contestants, some like Lindsay, Katie, and Sadie all giggled and squealed at this part while other like Gwen and Courtney playfully rolled their eyes.

Duncan and Harold were now dancing back to back, taking turns rapping out the lines. "This is how we roll! From Quebec to Ontario!" Duncan rapped and Harold took over, "When it comes to life, we move our feet and dance to the top!"

"Now Brazil has their samba," Harold sang, moving his hips and shaking his fists to imitate a samba move.

"And the US with their hip-hop!" added Duncan, preparing a swipe break-dancing move, holding his entire body up with one hand on the ground. His buddies Geoff and DJ were stomping their feet to the beat behind him. He flipped back onto his feet and rapped, "But we Canadians got them beat!"

All four boys slid together and shouted, "Our parties are filled with drama!"

While the audience cheered at the rap, Courtney gave a groan and shook her head in agitation near the background. "Ugh, am I the only one thinking that there is too much testosterone on this stage now?"

To the CIT's surprise a feminine voice answered back. "You're not the only one." The tan brunette turned around to see Gwen standing before her with Sierra, Bridgette, and LeShawna climbing on the stage as well.

Duncan and the rest of the guys were still basking in the applause of the crowd when suddenly the sound of rapid guitar chords being strung. The rapper guys turned their heads to see Trent playing his guitar, the music having an almost Spanish genre to it. Trent stepped to the side to reveal Courtney with group of girls behind her: LeShawna and Gwen were to her left and Sierra and Bridgette on her right.

"Holy mohawks, Batman…" Geoff gasped, ogling the group of beauties on before him, particularly Bridgette. He wasn't the only guy who was wide eyed and slack-jawed.

Courtney, whose head was down, slowly raised it to reveal a seductive smirk, "Vuela conmigo, boys."

"You want to fly with us?" Gwen sang, singing in as low and sensual voice as Courtney's. The girls followed their examples.

"Want to see us soar?" sang LeShawna.

"Step back boy and ask no more." Sierra sang.

"Cause once your eyes meet up with mine." Bridgette sang, catching Geoff's gaze and winking.

Courtney took over and sang up to heaven, head raised and voice as sensuous as ever as if fell in tune with Trent's guitar playing. "You and I…are…going…to… flllllllyyyyyyyyyy!"

As Courtney's last high note shimmered through the air, the girls behind her started to stomp their feet in a rhythm and the contestants in the crowd started to clap in tune to the girl's stomps.

"Flyyyy-i-i-i-i! I-i-i-i! Flyyy-i-i-i! I-I-i-i-i!" Courtney sang with her group echoing her chant as they, as a triangle formation with the CIT in the lead, danced towards the guys. Duncan and Cody looked at each other then at Harold, DJ, and Geoff. All five guys gave a nod of mutual agreement and got in the same formation, with Duncan in the lead, and stomped in beat to the music, dancing forward to meet with the girl group.

"Flyyyy-i-i-i-i! I-i-i-i! Flyyy-i-i-i! I-I-i-i-i!" The girls continued to chant as the two parties met in the middle of the stage, forming two lines.

"Vuele con nosotros!"

Each person grabbed the person opposite to them and pulled them into a dance. Duncan grabbed Courtney, Cody grabbed Sierra, Harold grabbed LeShawna, Geoff grabbed Bridgette, and DJ grabbed Gwen.

"Volar con ella!"

The dancing couples swung around to switch places with the couple next to them and twirled around the girl in their arms.

"Volar con el!"

As the twirl ended, the boys caught their partner and dipped them down. Then they lifted them back up and both the boys and girls began to stomp together for the chorus.

"Flyyyy-i-i-i-i! I-i-i-i! Flyyy-i-i-i! I-I-i-i-i!"

Down in the audience, everyone was up on their feet and dancing. Katie, Sadie, and Beth were off to one side shaking their hips to try and imitate the girls on stage, though their movements were much more out of control. Though Noah was only tapping his foot to the beat, his best friend Owen right beside him was going all out on the dancing.

"Come on little buddy, let's dance!" the cheerful blonde said, waving his arms around wildly like a teenager girl at a concert.

Noah gestured toward his tapping foot. "I am dancing." He flatly proclaimed.

"That isn't dancing!" Owen cried. "You gotta feel the music! Move with the beat! Shake you're what momma gave you!" The fat boy jiggled his own body for emphasize causing his oversized gut to bounce.

"My mother didn't give anything that I'd want to shake around in public." Noah retorted, crossing his arms. He didn't notice that Owen was ignoring him and still shaking his butt along with the music. "Besides dancing is only another method of making a fool out of one's sel-ACK!" Owen's large booty slammed into Noah and sent him flying into a tree trunk.

When the sarcastic bookworm unattached his flattened face from the tree bark, there were practically stars floating around his head. He attempted to walk away but only stumbled away in an awkward manner, still dizzy from the impact.

"Er…When did we get two stages?" Noah asked, swinging around in place. He was still out of sorts from the impact.

Owen saw his best friend stumbling around and laughed in delight. "Now you're getting the hang of it! Smooth moves buddy!"

Up on stage, Trent and Justin were still going strong with their instruments to keep up with everyone dancing on the stage as well as the singing girls. In the center stage, Cody had just swung a giggling Sierra away with a cheerful laugh when someone bumped into him from behind. He turned around and was met with Courtney's surprised, freckled face.

The sight of Courtney, looking even more beautiful in the white spotlight, caused the air to flee from Cody's lung and left him speechless. All he could manage was an awkward grin and a strangled, "Hey…"

"Hey to you too. You lost your partner?" she asked noting Sierra's absence.

Cody shrugged. "Guess so. How bout yours?"

Courtney smiled coyly and took his hand. "Actually, I just found mine."

The happiness that shone on Cody's face could have lit up the moon and stars for the rest of the night. The couple was so focused on one another that they were completely unaware of the singing and music still going on around them.

"Come fly with us!" The crowd and singers chanted and clapped. "Come fly with us!" Clap. Stomp. "Come fly with us!"

The audience and people on stage all sang out loud together.

"Come fly with us! Let us soar away! Forget everything we have knownnnn! The sky above is calling and we know the path is right. So let love be our wings tonight!"

The music started to slow down and the crowd grew quiet as Courtney and Cody began to sing to one another.

"So let love be our wings…toooniiiiight…" The couple sang with love in their voices and shining in their eyes.

All as one, every single person raised their voices to the heavens and sang out in perfect harmony for all the island to hear.


As the last note, died, Courtney and Cody shared a kiss on stage that sent the already cheering crowd into a wild applause. After all, as Owen had said so long ago, every good musical (or musical season) always ends with a song.

But a kiss makes it even better.

Just like every season has to reach its last episode, there are parts in a person's life that also come to an end as Courtney, Cody, Duncan, and many other of contestants had been forced to learn throughout Total Drama World Tour. Relationships can change, friendships can break, and mistakes can happen that will seemingly shatter the world around you.

However, change, dearest readers, though inevitable, is nothing to be feared. When met with dignity and courage, the darkest of paths can hold a flicker of light at the end, even if one is unable to see it quite yet. Courtney and Cody found their light and it will lead them onward to a new journey that they will walk for years to come hand in hand. For them, as well as Duncan, Gwen, and all their friends the road to a new beginning is just opening up, filled with troubles and happiness, terror and excitement, and love and friendship…

Let those words be candy for your thoughts.

Now, as all good tales, it is time for this one to come to an end….



The scene cut back to Hawaii, away from the party and back towards the sandy beach where a lanky figure was standing, gazing into the rainforest and narrowed, glowing green eyes.

"That's right!" Alien Cody spat, grinning evilly. "This doesn't end until I have completely eliminated all those who dared to oppose and thwart my schemes! Muwhahah!"

The Cody-lookalike alien curled his hand into a fist and allowed it glow green with deadly plasma. His glowing fist shook as he growled under his breath. "It took me days to fly from that latrine prison and over this insufferable pit of salt and water to get here, but it'll all be worth it as long as I get a chance to exterminate the pathetic earthlings that dared to defy me!" He pounded his glowing fist to the palm of his other hand and sneered, "Then once my enemies are obliterated off the face of existence…well besides the temptress,…I shall continue with my plan of becoming absolute ruler of these pathetic planet! MUEWAHAHAH! MUEWAHAHAHAHAHAH!"

The alien invader's evil laugh was interrupted by a large ocean wave coming down on him. As the wave drew back to the ocean, a wet and spluttering Alien Cody stood back up. There was a large crab stuck in his mouth which he quickly spat out with a gag.

"YUCK!" Alien Cody wiped off his tongue and growled angrily at the crab which was starting to scuttle away in the sand. The wet, enraged alien stretched his arms out in front of him and prepared to blast the creature to bits. "How dare you crawl away from me! I'll make a boiling mess out of you! I'll- wait why are my hands red?"

Indeed, Alien Cody's hands, which were usually the peach color of Cody's, were now covered in red splotches. The redness had also spread to his face.

"And why am I so itchy?" The alien conqueror growled, beginning to scratch his face. "My bottom feels funny as well…." Alien Cody turned around and let out a horrified gasp, "BY ALL THE FIRE PITS OF MORDOR!"

His butt had swollen three times bigger than normal. And it was very itchy.

"WHY SORT OF TRICKERY IS THIS?" Alien Cody snarled, pointing a finger at the oblivious crab while scratching his stomach.

The crab remained silent.

Still scratching himself and his red splotches with vigor, Alien Cody glared at the mute crustacean and snarled. "Fine! Then if you wish to be silent then I shall silence you forevermore!" He raised up his hands, which were blazing like emerald flames, and roared, "PREPARE TO DIE!"

With that, he thrust his arms towards the crab, expecting green plasma rays to shoot from their centers to turn the crab to a pile of ash.

However, the glow in his hands immediately died to a sad little splutter with only a couple of green embers sparking out.

The crab wiggled its eye stalks in an almost smug manner.

Alien Cody stared at his hands in a dumbfounded manner. Never in his life had something like this had ever occurred.

"What…the…hell…just…happened?" He managed to hiss out through clenched teeth.

The explanation was actually quite simple. It wasn't really the crab's fault though the small crustacean did offer a small role in the situation. But really, the one person to blame was Cody…or rather Cody's DNA which Alien Cody shared. Cody, as most fans of the season would know, has a large list of allergies ranging from insects to plants. Unfortunately one of these allergies happened to be seafood.

Such as, one can guess, crab.

When the crab accidently got stuck in Alien Cody's mouth, his body reacted almost instantly with the usual symptoms that Cody goes through when confronted by an allergy such a hives, itching, and swelling in some parts of the body.

Apparently, temporary lost of power was a symptom unique only to Alien Cody.

The now powerless alien ruler plopped to the ground next to the crab, snarling in rage. "Well, ain't this so damn peachy! Not only do I have to look like that damn weakling…BUT I HAVE TO BE A WEAK AS THAT DAMN WEAKLING TOO! CAN THIS ENTIRE CONQUEST GET ANY WORSE!"

The crab crawled toward the alien and tapped him on the knee with it claws. Once Alien Cody looked down at it, the crab pointed in a direction with its other claw. Alien Cody raised his head to stare off into the direction that the crab was pointing at. His lime green eyes grew wide and his jaw dropped in shock.

"Is that…" He started but was unable to finish.

A short distance away, there were two small, wooden shacks. They were used as separate changing rooms for tourists visiting the beach to change out of regular clothes into bathing suits. The Total Drama contestants had all used them to change out of their regular clothes into summer wear. There was cloth lines hung up on the outside to hold up any clothes that had gotten wet to dry. And among the variety of clothes hung on the line was one particular dark purple bra.

It was Courtney's bra.

As Alien Cody stared at it, a cloud parted in the sky and, despite the fact that it was in the middle of the night, a beam of golden light fell down upon the bra and a chorus of angels seemed to sing out in ecstasy. And it sparkled. By god, it sparkled.

Alien Cody was stunned into speechlessness and barely aware of himself slowly walking towards the beautiful piece of lingerie. The moment he touched the sacred object, it was like sparks flying into him.

"Can this really be it?" He spoke out loud in an awed voice. The alien sniffed it and gasped. "It is! I have found it! I HAVE FOUND THE TEMPTRESS BRA!" He unleashed a maniacal laugh to the heavens. True, he did not know why the bra was so important, but something deep inside his being longed for it. A primitive instinct locked within his new, borrowed DNA told that with this foreign mythical object anything was possible! And now it was his! All his!

Laughing like a savage maniac, Alien Cody lifted his prize up in the air and crowed out in victory. "WITH THIS MOST GLORIOUS BRA, I SHALL CONQUER ALL! MUEWAHAHA! MUEWAHAHAHAHAHAH!

Then, out of nowhere, a sea gull came flying down and snatched up the bra in it beak with a loud squawk before flying away.

Instantly, the golden beam of holy light and chorus of angelic singing switched off like a light switch and all that was left was Alien Cody, frozen in the position that he had been except his green eyes were wide with shock. The only sound that could be heard was the sound of ocean waves hitting the shore and the soft clicking of the crab scuttling across the sand.

The awkward silence grew and one of Alien Cody's green eyes began to twitch.

Finally, after several moments of shocked stupor, the alien conqueror slumped to the sandy ground next to the crab once again. With a groan of irritation and defeat, Alien Cody muttered only one statement.

"Forget it! Just end this stupid thing already…."