Author's Notes: Due to popular demand (and I do mean very popular) I have decided to make my modest little oneshot into a full blown chapter story. Really, all you readers and reviews just rock. 28 reviews for one chapter? I LOVE YOU GUYS! I had no idea there would be so many supporters of CxC! Each chapter will be based off an episode (though I won't do all of the episodes) and I will be rewriting many of the songs for the purpose of the this story. I hope all of you guys enjoy reading more "Candy for Your Thoughts!"

An odd occurrence had taken place on the Total Drama jet- one that rattled and stunned almost every person on board whether they be contestant, crew, or stowaway. They all tried not to stare or pretended to be participating in other small, boring tasks, but in reality, the strange occurrence had taken in every single person's attention as they sat in the dining area.

Cody and Courtney were sitting alone together at a table, cheerfully chatting with one another and playing cards.

It had been a full day since the Total Drama World Tour crew had departed from Greece. It was well known to the every contestant that when they had left Greece, Courtney had been a mess. After discovering her boyfriend had been cheating on her with her teammate and friend, Courtney had slipped away from everyone. Her heartbroken sobs had echoed faintly throughout the plane that night. Even Duncan had been disturbed by the heart wrenching sound and had stayed apart from everyone, including Gwen, lost in his own doubts and musings.

Then, around midnight, the forlorn weeping came to a sudden halt. Puzzled, and but a little relieved, all the contestants had fallen into an unsettling sleep.

None of them were awake to witness Cody sneak back into First Class with Team Amazon, slightly blushing, but smiling as he fell into a content sleep.

The contestants had woken up to see Courtney peacefully snoozing and curled up in seat besides Cody's. They were surprised but weren't very fazed. It made sense that Courtney wouldn't want to take her usual seat besides Gwen.

Sierra had been fuming and gave the Courtney the cold shoulder most of the morning. Courtney didn't notice. She spent much of her time that morning in the confessional.

"Probably crying some more." Gwen said in boredom. "She needs to get over it." Though guilt gnawed at her, the Goth refused to be the one to apology to Courtney for getting together with Duncan. It was not her fault that Duncan had preferred her over Courtney. She looked expectantly at Cody, the only teammate that was still talking to her. Surely he would agree with her.

To her disappointment, Cody looked very concerned. Without replying, he rushed off to fish something out of his backpack leaving Gwen feeling much lonelier than before.

When lunchtime rolled around, everyone had gathered into the dining area to feast on one of Chef's gruesome dishes and had discovered, as stated before, the spectacle of Courtney and Cody playing cards and pleasantly talking with one another.

Tyler had roughly rubbed his eyes and blinked several times to make sure he hadn't been seeing things. The jock quickly saw that he wasn't. The other contestants were just as baffled to see the two contestants hanging out together as well. When had Courtney and Cody ever been so chummy with one another?

Courtney and Cody paid no heed to the stares of the other contestants. They were too focused on their game.

"I win!" Cody cried, throwing his arms up with a big "Whoo-hoo!"

Courtney scowled and threw her defeated hand down on the table, enviously watching Cody snatch up the last of her pennies.

This had been Cody and Courtney's fifth time playing straight poker and he had won every game so far. For all Courtney's talents, she was a horrible card player. Cody, on the other hand, was a natural. He knew many card tricks which he had gladly showed off to Courtney to lift her downed spirits.

Even after losing, Courtney could only smile in amusement when Cody skillfully made three cards roll down his shoulder, arm, and then back into the palm of his hand. After last night, Courtney had warmed up to the techno-geek considerably.

"I want to play again." She demanded, eyeing Cody's reward pile. It wasn't much since neither of them had anything worthy to bet with. Most of it was just loose change, a candy bar, and a couple apples from the New York challenge.

"Why? So you can lose again?" Cody chuckled good-humoredly. "No offense, but you don't really have a good poker face."

"Fine, let's play a new card game then." Courtney said. Her competitive spirit was riled up by his words. "I'm going to beat you by the time this death trap lands!"

Duncan watched the exchange between the two with a face like thunder.


"Dude!" Duncan growled, blue eyes flashing with ill-disguised anger and annoyance. "What's her problem? Last night she was a sobbing, basket-case and now she's acting like a princess at tea time! It's like I don't even matter to her anymore!"

Duncan wasn't the only one upset. Heather was glaring at the two as she sat with the rest of her teammates.


"There is something going on with those two!" Heather hissed into the camera, raising an index finger up. "Cody must had set up a secret alliance with Courtney last night!" The Asian girl growled and curled her hands into shaking fists. "Why I did I have to send Cody out to Courtney? I should have let her drown in her own tears!"

"Isn't it sweet that Cody's helping cheer Courtney up?" Sierra commented in an overly bright tone of voice. It was obvious she was trying not to sound jealous at Cody's sudden attention toward Courtney. "My Cody's so nice to help those whose hearts have been savagely broken. Isn't that right, Gwen?" She hissed, glaring over at her Goth teammate and viciously stabbing a fork in her eggs.


"If Gwen and Duncan hadn't gotten together then Cody wouldn't have to spend so much time away from me making Courtney feel better!" Sierra cried, narrowing her eyes, "And that's ALL Cody's doing with her!"

She paused, lips set in a tight line, for a moment. Then she gave a loud screech.


Gwen gave a sigh and turned away from her bitter teammates to stare over at Duncan. She saw her new delinquent boyfriend staring over at Courtney and Cody with anger gleaming in his teal eyes.

Her own dark eyes started to flash with fury.


Gwen glared at the camera with angry fists jammed on her hips.

"Is he jealous?" The Goth girl seethed.


"Me? Jealous? Of Miss Pole-Up-Her-Butt and the geek?" Please!" Duncan said with an agitated eye roll. "As if Courtney would ever in her right mind be attracted to that pathetic loser!"

Cody coyly glanced over his raised hand of cards to Courtney and, with a smirk, jokingly remarked, "You know, if you get bored with this card game, we can always resort to strip poker."

Courtney gave Cody a painful flick to the head and rolled her eyes, chuckling, "In your dreams, Cody."

Duncan, who had snuck a bit closer, heard the exchange and felt an enraged growl rise in his throat.

"Didn't anyone ever tell you it's rude to spy?" A curt voice snipped.

Duncan turned and saw Gwen standing before him, eyes narrowed and arms crossed over her chest. She reminded him so much of angry Courtney that the delinquent would have chuckled if he wasn't so pissed off.

"Hi Pasty," He said, forcing his usual smirk on his face, "looking lovely this morning-though it looks like you added a bit more red than usual." Duncan joked, noting how her enflamed her pale cheeks were getting the angrier she got.

Gwen was not amused. "Why are you spying on those two!" She hissed, leaning close to him so not to be heard by the rest of the contestants.

Duncan felt a prickle of annoyance. Gwen wasn't quite as amusing when angry as Courtney had been.

"What? Everyone else is staring at them too." He answered, lazily shrugging his shoulders. He tried to make it into a taunting joke. "Guess they're the new freak attraction."

Gwen's expression only grew darker. She wasn't fooled by his jokes. With a scowl, she turned from her boyfriend, hissing, "Whatever!" and stormed back over to her team.

Duncan rolled his eyes in annoyance but decided to let her pout. At least she wasn't yelling in his face like Courtney always had whenever they had fought while dating.

At that moment, Duncan heard Courtney let out a loud growl and turned just in time to see Courtney fling all the cards in her defeated hand at Cody. Cody threw his hands up to protect his face and merely laughed heartily as he was bombarded by cards. He then childishly stuck his tongue out his defeated opponent. The corners of Courtney's mouth twitched as if fighting back a smile.

Duncan felt his stomach tighten. Then again, there were always moments Duncan did enjoy in all his and Courtney's fights…

The mohawked delinquent shook his head and banished away such dangerous thoughts. What was he thinking? His and Courtney's time was over. He was with Gwen now and happy to be with her. Courtney was too much trouble than she was worth- she had proved that during all of season two. Even if he hadn't been able to keep in touch with her all season due to his globe-trotting, Duncan knew there was no way Courtney would act any different this season than last.

Duncan looked up and saw, to his surprise, Courtney staring straight at him. Her dark eyes were full of sadness and longing and, for a moment, Duncan's heart went out to her.

Then he remembered her laughing with Cody and fixed her leering glare and cruel smirk, purposely turning away and strutting towards Gwen.

Courtney turned away with a snobbish "Hmph!" and sternly fixed her gaze down at her hand of cards, determined not to look at Duncan. She continued to glare at the cards even as they slowly turned into a watery blur.

Cody watched Courtney try her best to hold back angry tears and felt a dull ache of sympathy for her. He, of all people, knew how great a pain it was seeing someone you care about betray you for another.

"Don't let him bother you too much. He's just being a jerk." He stated, hoping to perk Courtney up.

"Bothered? Who's bothered?" Courtney growled, shuffling the deck of cards with such aggressiveness that they were a fast-moving blur. "I don't care about that stupid, pig-headed, arrogant, lying, backstabbing..."

All the cards literally flew out of the flustered, enraged girl's hands. They covered the table and floor around them in a messy, scattered heap. Courtney looked down at the mess and her bottom lip trembled.

"I need to go the bathroom." With that, the brunette stood up and hastily flew towards the confessional.

Cody gave a sad sigh as he watched her leave. Even if he was slowly getting over his obsessive crush on Gwen, it was obvious that Courtney's heart still belonged solely to Duncan. Cody was already starting to develop some feelings towards the determined girl, but by the looks of things, he would just be overlooked by a girl once again.

One of the cards that Courtney had tossed was caught in his hair. He tugged it out- it was a red queen of hearts.

"Why do you hate me?" He asked the card with a sigh.

One contestant had been watching and listening particularly close to all the scenes that had unfolded. His green eyes gleamed wickedly from a shadowed corner.


"Alas," Alejandro sighed in a fake sadness, smirking into the camera, "what a tangled web of love this show has weaved. Amazing how overnight a game can suddenly become much more interesting. I'd like to see how this fascinating dilemma places out in today's challenge. Who knows? I might decide to place my own cards down on the table."

"Boy, trust me, you don't want to get involved in that." Chef commented from the pilot's seat.

"Oh, I think I do." Alejandro said with an evil smirk.

"No, you don't." said Chef flatly.

Alejandro frowned. "Yes I do."

"No you…"


"Welcome to Area 52!"

Chris heartedly greeted the contestants with his usual annoying, toothy smile. Courtney wanted to smack him upside the head. Instead, she stood next to Cody and Sierra, arms folded across her chest and staring gloomily around her surroundings.

For some odd reason, their host had decided to make them perform their next challenge at night, in the middle of a, as far as Courtney could see, completely barren desert. She dared to take a glance over at Duncan and saw him standing beside Gwen. A cold wind swept over her heart and she turned away, sickened by the sight.

Cody made a move to get closer to Courtney but a strong pair of arms wrapped around him and pulled him close.

"Oooh, Area 52! Sounds exciting, doesn't it Cody?" Sierra asked, hugging her beloved.

Cody gazed longingly over at the upset, pretty brunette and only groaned.

"Don't you mean Area 51?" Gwen asked.

"That's over there," Chris said, pointing behind the large group. "We're all standing in Area 52….except Duncan."

In unison, everyone turned towards the delinquent and witnessed him get a powerful electric shock that sent him flying back towards the group. Everyone besides Gwen laughed- Courtney and Cody being the loudest.

"The challenge is relatively simple," Chris explained, "I've had a buddy of mine pull some strings and for tonight only, you guys will be allowed to sneak into Area 51 and find an alien artifact to bring back to me in three hours time."

"Piece of cake for a team as brilliant as mine." Alejandro stated with a charming smile towards his fellow teammates. Duncan and Courtney both rolled their eyes at his act.

"However," Chris pointed out, "I only said the challenge was relatively simple. Even though you won't get into any deep trouble for sneaking in Area 51, all the traps and security measures will still be in place." He gave a dark chuckle. "Let's see you guys try to outsmart the US military."


"If the military is anything like they are in all the alien movies I've watched, then it'll be a piece of cake." Duncan stated with an arrogant smirk.

At this point, the two teams hastily separated to go their own ways. Duncan peek over his shoulder and saw Cody grab Courtney's hand and the two ran off to follow after Heather. Why the hell was she treating that loser so nice? Last season she treated Duncan like trash!

Duncan clenched his teeth and forced any thoughts of Courtney out of his mind. He was with Gwen now- the stuck-up bitch wasn't his problem any more. He joined his team in figuring out how they were going to get past the fence.

"So what's the deal with you and Cody?" Heather hissed as Courtney ran along side her. Cody was running in the back away from the girls."If I find out that you two have made a secret alliance, then I want in!"

"Or is it something else?" Gwen dared to ask, trying not to smirk. "You seemed to have gotten over Duncan awfully fast."

Sierra looked furious.


"Oh, she did not just go there!" Sierra growled, snapping her fingers into the camera.

"Shut it, boyfriend stealer!" Sierra snapped viciously, shocking Gwen into silence.

Courtney pulled an annoyed scowl at her two teammate's assumptions. "There is no alliance and no of that other stuff going on between me and Cody! You two can just stick your noses out of our business, especially you traitor!" She snapped at her former Goth friend.

Heather continued to glare at the CIT as they ran across the desert towards the cluster of warehouses in the distance.

"Well, if I do find out- and trust me I will!- that you and that geek have set up a secret alliance behind my back, rest assured, it won't be Gwenny getting voted off, it will be…"

The leader of Team Amazon got no further. As she ran, her foot accidently kicked a pebble out in front of her. It flew a short distance and tapped the ground as it land. Immeditately, a large explosion erupted from the ground, rumbling the earth beneath their feet.

Every single person on Team Amazon froze in mid-step, eyes wide. Their bodies shook with immense fear as the truth dawned upon them.

They were on a minefield.

A single false move- one wrong step, a mislaid toe out of line- and they were all history. Courtney and Gwen shared horrified glances, their dislike for each other momentarily forgotten. Heather stared down at the ground fearfully, leg trembling from the effort not to place it down. Sierra was holding Cody up and hugging him close in terror.

Then Chris shouted out to them from a safe distance.

"I'd hurry it up if I were you! Team I'm Really Really Really, Really Hot has made it over the fence and are in Area 51 now! Time to hustle!"

All of Team Amazon shot the host a venomous glare.

"What does he want us to do? Tap dance across this death field?" Heather snarled spitefully. For once, no one rebuked her. Legs were falling sleep and muscles were cramping up from being stiff. Someone had to the think of something and do it quickly.

"Any bright ideas?" Gwen asked. No one came up with anything and panic quickly rose.

Cody gulped and glanced over at Courtney. If there was any time to tell her about his developing feelings then now was a good time. He wriggled around a bit in Sierra's arms and called out.

"Hey, Courtney, in case all of us get blown to bits, I need to tell you something."

Courtney's pupils rolled in Cody's direction and, not daring to turn her head or move an inch, replied loudly, "Is it important?"

"I guess a bit…" He murmured to himself, then louder said, "Well, I wanted to tell you during our poker game, but never got the chance to, you see…" he was interrupted when Courtney let out an excited shout.

"THE POKER GAME!" Courtney's unexpected shout almost shocked her teammates into moving. Gwen shot her rival an irritable glare.

"Is this really the best time to still be whining about losing a stupid card game?" The Goth girl spat through clenched teeth. First she was still upset about Duncan and now a stupid poker game? Didn't this girl ever let go of stuff?

But to everyone's surprise, Courtney's dark eyes were glistening with excitement. An idea had just taken root in the CIT's mind and she clung to it desperately. There was no other choice.

"Do you still have your winnings, Cody?" Courtney called, trying to keep her voice from trembling. If he didn't then they were all royally screwed.

Cody answered but sounded perplexed by her odd question. "Yes, they're all in my pocket. But I don't see…" Once again, he was interrupted.

"Can you toss some of them out in front of Heather?" Courtney asked. She was relieved by his answer, but her expression was still dead serious. There was a slim chance that her plan would fail and she dared not let her guard down.

Gwen, Sierra, and Heather looked more befuddled than before, but a strange gleam had lit Cody's blue eyes. He finally understood the plan.

"Courtney, you're a genius." Cody grinned and forcefully threw a couple of pennies a fair distance out in front of Heather. The moment they hit the ground an explosion went off. When the smoke cleared, the ground was black and charred but harmless now.

Heather took a flying leap towards the spot and landed straight in the middle of the sooty ground. There was no explosion. Courtney immediately jumped into the spot that Heather had previously been standing in; then Gwen jumped in Courtney's spot, and Sierra, still clinging to Cody, leaped into Gwen's spot.

Cody dug into his pocket and pulled out an apple and tossed it. Heather jumped after it. Team Amazon continued onward in this manner until they were only a few feet away from the first of the storage facilities of Area 51. The moment they were positive that they were on safe grounds, they took off in a fast sprint inside the grim-looking building.

"Nice thinking Courtney." Sierra remarked brightly as they all stood panting and resting inside the dark and vast storage area. She shot Cody an adoring look. "And of course, thank you Cody for saving us! Thank goodness, you're such a champion card player! You're my hero!" She finished, hugging the skinny, blushing boy close.

Even Heather gave her brunette teammates a grateful, if not begrudging, look. Only Gwen remained silent, back turned to Courtney. The CIT bit her lip and glared, determined not to care about her former friend's ingratitude.

Heather stood up, hands on hips, and glared sternly at her teammates. "Okay, here's the game plan," she said voice full of authority. "We split up and meet back here in one hour with any alien item we find. Make sure you don't run into any of Team Loser." Heather glared pointedly in Courtney and Gwen's direction as she said the last part.

"Sounds like a plan." Courtney said, standing up and walked off in the direction opposite of Gwen. The last thing she wanted was to run into Duncan during the challenge.

Both Gwen and Heather left in different directions leaving only Cody and Sierra. Cody wanted to go and look for alien objects with Courtney. He began to walk in the direction that the pretty CIT had gone in, but his arm was caught by Sierra.

"Come on, my sweet Codikins! You and I can go look together!"

Cody groaned as he was unwillingly dragged away.

Area 51 was a very dark and imposing place even for someone like Duncan. It reminded him too much of the jail his dad frequently worked in. There were crates of all different sizes with items, though very alien in nature, were much too heavy or difficult to be carried back even for a guy as strong as Duncan was.

Like Team Amazon, Team Chris Is Very Very Very Hot chose to spread out and search in solitude. Owen and Tyler had gone off together while Duncan and Al had gone solo. After several minutes of poking around different crates and almost having his hand bit off by an alien-like plant, Duncan decided to take a break.

Duncan wiped sweat off his brow and slid to the floor, resting his back against a tall crate. He could has sworn he heard something growl inside it, but ignored it. As he took a breather, Duncan gazed around shadowy area scattered with a jungle of crates. Courtney was around here somewhere, probably fired up and determined to be the first to find something for her team. He knew that that much would never change about Courtney.

But what had changed?

Duncan scratched his small goatee and tapped his finger against his knee in irritation. He had heard Tyler and Owen discussing Courtney before he left the group. Apparently, she and Gwen had actually become good friends after Duncan had left the competition. The Courtney he knew from season two would never befriend Gwen. He also heard from his misfit teammates that Courtney had generally been much nicer person this season…more like her usual self when Duncan and her had first started dating.

Having not been near a television at all after leaving competition in Egypt, Duncan hadn't seen any of Courtney's actions during this season. He was having a very hard time believing that what Tyler and Owen were saying was true.

Then there was the whole Cody thing.

Duncan stood up and gave the crate an angry kick- he instantly jumped back when something inside the crate snarled.

What had gone between Cody and Princess last night? As far as he knew, those two hadn't talked at all since Total Drama Island. It confused him to no end and just made blood boil. He thought that Cody still had a pathetic crush on Gwen. For some reason he didn't care if Cody liked Gwen…maybe it was because he knew that Gwen would never give Cody a sideways glance.

But would Courtney?

"She would never date him." He told himself out loud.

"You're still thinking of her aren't you?" a voice called out.

Duncan was shocked to see Gwen come out from behind one of the crate. Her face was a mask of cold and indignant anger.

"Heya Gwen, shouldn't you be looking for alien probes?" Duncan asked, trying to crack a joking smile to hide his embarrassment.

"Enough jokes Duncan." Gwen snapped, glaring up at Duncan. "You're still thinking of Courtney, aren't you? You told me you were over her!"

"I am over her!" he argued. "I'm sick and tired of her nagging and bitchiness! I want someone more like me…I want you Gwen!"

"Then why are you so jealous of Courtney and Cody hanging out?" Gwen asked.

Duncan's eyes narrowed into burning slits. Without warning, he grabbed Gwen by the shoulders and pulled her into a deep kiss that the Goth girl instantly sunk into. When Duncan pulled away, he looked Gwen straight in the eye.

"I am not jealous."

Duncan said it so firmly that he was almost able to trick himself into believing that it was the truth.

Unfortunately, neither he nor Gwen had heard the small, painful intake of breath that had taken place during their short kiss. Nor did they hear notice the sounds of softly retreating footsteps and muffles sobs as Courtney slunk back into the shadows to nurse the remains of her broken heart.

Cody was having about as much luck as Duncan with finding alien objects to take back for the team. Not that he was putting much heart into the challenge. He was mostly just being dragged around by Sierra.

"Ooooh, let's check in this crate this time! There's gotta be something in here to bring back!" Sierra said climbing up into one of the crates.

"Just make sure it doesn't try burn off any eyebrows…again." Cody sighed, shuddering at the memory of the previous crate they'd checked. He stuck his hands inside his pockets and rocked on the balls of his feet, waiting patiently as Sierra rummaged inside the crate. Suddenly, something a few feet away caught his eye.

It was a silver pod-like machine that was about human sized. Aroused by curiosity, Cody moved closer too it. Peering into the glass panel at the front of the pod, Cody warily tapped the odd machine.

Immediately, the machine hummed to life and a little camera at the top of it shot out a red laser straight at Cody and did a full-body scan on the surprised boy. The silver pod began to violently shake and unleash steam from its cracks.

Cody backed away fearfully. "Sierra…."

"Yes Sweety?" Sierra called, still deep inside the crate.

To Cody's horror, the door of the pod slowly opened and pair of glowing green eyes stared out of him from a cloudy veil of steam. Malicious laughter echoed from its chambers.

"RUUNNNN!" Cody screamed as he was seized up by panic and ran as fast as he could deep into the depths of Area 51.

Sierra popped her head up from inside the crate and looked around. "Run from what?" she asked. No one answered her. "Cody?" She called before spotting the opened pod door.

From within its depths stepped out a being.

Sierra's face lit up with happiness and relief. "Oh, there you are Cody!"

The being indeed looked exactly like Cody- all except for that fact that it had alien-green eyes and there was a smirk of absolute evil pasted on the being's face.

"Cody?" The alien Cody spat in an evil voice that sounded completely different from the real Cody's. "Who this Cody you speak of pathetic earthling?"

Sierra slid down from the crate and ran over to give the alien a large hug. "You are, silly!" she giggled.

Alien Cody cringed and stared at the purple-haired girl in deepest disgust and loathing. The human DNA he had required moments ago –from this Cody person- told him that this was female was a creature to be avoided at all cost. Why the hell was she hugging him?

At that moment, a very familiar chiming sound was heard.

"Oooh, time for us to sing!" Sierra squealed.

"Sing?" Alien Cody scowled, sneering at the very idea. "I am the most powerful being in all the universe, the conqueror of galaxies and destroyer of civilizations!" His slatted eyes glowed a dangerous green and, as he held up a threatening hand, the palm of his hand began to ignite a ball of deadly green energy. "I SHALL NEVER SING! ESPECIALLY FOR THE ENTERTAINMENT OF INSIGNIFICANT LESSER SPECIES!"

Sierra, who was still hugging the alien Cody-look-alike, completely oblivious to how close she was to being blown to bits, cheerfully chirped, "But you have to sing, Cody! If you don't then you'll be eliminated!"

The glowing instantly came to a halt in both Alien Cody's eyes and his hand.

"What was that?" He was questioned after a pause.

"You know," Sierra lectured, letting go of Cody, "If we don't sing when the chime comes on then Chris will eliminate you." She snapped her fingers for emphasis. "Just like that!"

"There's actually someone on this pathetic planet that has that much power?" Alien Cody gasped. He narrowed his green eyes into cat-like slits. "It seems that I must take care of this so-called eliminator." The deathly alien mused out loud. He then glared at Sierra. "I demand that you take me to him!"

"But what about the challenge?" Sierra asked, frowning and tilting her head to one side in a puzzled manner.

"What challenge?" Alien Cody snarled.

"We have to find an alien object and bring it back to Chris." Sierra answered.

A sinister grin spread across the alien's face.

"Oh, I'll bring back an alien object to him all right." Alien Cody chuckled darkly. "I'll bring him back one that he'll be absolutely dying to see! Haha! MUEWAHAHAHAHA!"

If Sierra was at all bothered by Cody's evil laughter, she didn't show it. After all, in her mind, Cody could do no wrong. Smiling, she started to lead who she believed was Cody through the maze of crates towards the entrance of Area 51.

"Don't forget to sing!" she reminded him cheerfully.

Alien Cody glared after the girl and, with an annoyed grunt, murmured out a makeshift song.

"Oh…here…in the desert….I've been found…by an insane girl…with hair so purple and tall….and uh…erm…Ah screw it, I'M GOING TO DESTROY THEM ALL!"

Cody was lost. After several minutes of running blindingly through the narrow, crate filled passageways of the storage facility, the fearful panic had slowly drained away along with most of his energy. He stood alone in a small desert area, bent over and panting with exhaustion.

"What was that thing?" He asked himself, taking a cautious glance over his shoulder. There was nothing following him. Whatever that thing was long behind him.

Suddenly, his previous fear changed into guilt and shame. He had left Sierra with…with…whatever that alien thing was!

"Oh no…Sierra, I'm coming!" Cody called, desperately hoping that his biggest fan was okay. Even if he didn't like her obsession over him, Cody still didn't want her be hurt in any way.

About twenty minutes passed with Cody trying to retrace his steps back to where he had left Sierra, but with no fortune in finding her or any other member of his team. It was almost time for the two teams to be getting back to Chris with their findings. Cody was much less worried about finding an alien object than finding the exit of this eerie place.

"It's like a maze in here." He commented to himself. Cody then paused and stood still.

Were those footsteps he heard? Yes, they were! And they were coming closer too.

Cody peered through a narrow walkway through two giant crates. "Sierra?" He called, "Courtney?"

Without warning, a figure came running straight into him, knocking him backwards and onto the floor with a painful yelp. He rubbed his sore back and heard the other person cursing under her breath. He instantly recognized the voice and opened his eyes.

"Heather? What are you doing?" he asked. The self-proclaimed leader of their team looked beside herself with fury.

"Did you see any of Ale-Jerkface and his team?" She snapped, looming over Cody like a dark storm cloud.

A tremor of fear went through Cody. "N-No! Why?" He stammered, wondering why she was looking for member of the other team. Shouldn't she be looking for her own teammates? "I haven't seen anyone besides you for a while now."

"THEY STOLE IT!" Heather snarled, balling her hands into fists. "I had found the perfect alien object and as soon as I have my back turned, someone steals it! Ooooh, when I get my hands on whoever took our team's object, they're going to pay!"

At least the reason for Heather's fury wasn't him. Cody felt himself calm down a bit. "Well, I'm sure that Gwen and Courtney have found something by now."

Heather glared at him, but her anger seemed somewhat cooled. "That's true. Go find them and meet outside with Chris. Time's almost up." She ordered as she sprinted away from him.

Cody watched her leave and sighed at the task ahead. What did she think he'd been trying to do for the last half hour? Knowing that sulking wouldn't help him find any of his teammate sooner, he set out to randomly pick a path and trudge onward.

But then he heard something- a strange murmuring sound like someone talking to themselves in the distance.

Cody took a step back from the path he been pointing too and gazed curiosity down another one.


Like a comet, Cody raced down the narrow passageway, following the inaudible sounds until they got louder and louder. When Cody erupted out of the passageway, he was greeted with unbelievable sight. The lanky teen froze and his mouth fell open.

There, in the vacant middle of the chamber, Courtney stood. Her lovely face was twisted in a frightful expression of hatred and jealousy and her arms were raised up high above her head. Clutched in her grasp was a large, grey saucer-shaped object- the alien object that Heather had found earlier…

…And Courtney was about to bring it crashing to the ground.

Cody finally found his voice.

"Courtney!" he shouted, though it came out as more of a squeak.

Courtney's body gave a short spasm of surprise as she jerked her head in Cody's direction, blinking in shock at seeing her friend there. Cody had to find the urge to back away by the fury radiating from Courtney's dark glare. It was on the borderline of maniac.

"I-Is that Heather's object?" He asked, pointing at the UFO-like item that Courtney was clutching in her hands.

Courtney's onyx eyes narrowed into slits, burning like tiny dark fires. "What if it is?" She spat hatefully, "We're on the same team so it's mine too!"

"Well, you can't destroy it!" Cody said, panicking. "We'll lose and we'll have to vote someone off!"

Courtney's arms shook, but remained raised to their fullest, ready to fling the strange, alien-object to the ground with crushing force.

"I have to do it, Cody!" The girl cried, dark eyes blazing with a passionate, crazed fury, even in the dim-lit area. "Our team can't win this challenge! I can't have that witch on our team any longer! Both she and Duncan have to go!"

"But if we win, then Duncan's team might vote him off!" Cody persuaded. He couldn't let Courtney do this. He didn't want Gwen to be voted out and if Heather found out then Courtney would be in deep trouble.

"You don't know that! It could be Owen! Or Tyler! You can't guarantee that Duncan will be voted off!" A gleeful, almost insane chuckle erupted from Courtney's throat as she fixed her gaze on the ground. "But I can guarantee that Gwen will be voted off! Heather hates her! Sierra hates her! You hate her! And I…" Her eyes narrowed in spite. "I want her gone so that I can never see her kissing Duncan again!"

She squeezed her eyes shut and prepared to throw down the object to destroy any chances of their team winning.

"I don't hate her!"

Courtney froze in mid-toss.

Her eyes, wide with shock at Cody's unexpected words, slowly found their way to Cody's face. Though his eyes were pleading, Cody's expression was relatively calm and sure as he spoke.

"And I don't think you hate her either." He continued in a sad voice, "Or Duncan. She was your friend and you're just hurt that they both betrayed you and were able to hurt you so much so easily. And now you want them to know how much pain you're feeling. You want them to feel it themselves."

The crazed light of fury melted away from Courtney's eyes. It was replaced with heartbreaking sorrow.

"H-How…How could they do this to me? It's not fair that those two can have each other and…l-leave me all alone." Her voice cracked and Courtney could say no more. All her defenses had fallen away and a single tear fell from her closed eyes.

Then a warm hand touched her arm.

Courtney opened her eyes and found Cody's smiling sadly at her.

"You're not alone." He assured her, giving her arm a gentle squeeze. "I've been hurt too. I know how you're feeling, but we'll find a way to get through it together. But this," Cody gestured towards her still raised arms, "isn't the way. You're much better than that. The Courtney I know would never give up on a challenge. Don't let Gwen and Duncan have the pleasure of changing that about you."

For a few seconds, Courtney could only stare at Cody, pondering over his sincere words.

Then, ever so slowly, she lowered her arms.

The purple-haired female would be the first to be blown to ashes as soon as the Eliminator was destroyed- Alien Cody was quite sure of that. After five minutes of hearing that infuriating earthling's mindless chatter was enough to make Alien Cody want to blow his own head off.

"Oh look! Everyone's already made it back." Sierra commented pointing towards the large group of people waiting a short distance away.

Besides the real Cody and Courtney, everyone had made it back and none looked too happy. Team Chris Is Really Really Really Hot had found an alien object but it had been accidently blown up by Tyler. The poor jock cowered under the glares that Duncan and Alejandro were shooting him. Heather was busy berating Gwen who had brought back nothing.

Chris was standing in the middle of it all, enjoying the anger radiating from the teams. The host was the first to see Sierra and Alien Cody arrive.

"I see Sierra's back and…" Chris paused and took a good, long stare at Alien Cody. "Dude, when did you get green contacts? And where's the alien object?"

"Cody said that he has an alien object." Sierra cheerful explained.

"Oh, he does, huh?" Chris turned to Cody, smirking in amusement. "There where is it?"

The smirk on the handsome host's face fell when a glowing green hand was thrust in front of his face.

"Here it is, Eliminator!" Alien Cody said with an evil smirk.

"Wha-?" Chris was cut off by a green blast in the face that instantly sent the smoking host flying several feet away. The rest of the contestants slowly turned to stare in shock and horror at Alien Cody, jaws dropped and speechless.

Alien Cody smugly blew away from steam from his hand. "Well, that was relatively simple enough. Back to business." He turned his attention to all the gaping teens and cocked an amused brow, grinning evilly at how absolutely terrified they all looked. Aw, it was so nice being feared!

"I'm not much a guy for introductions so I'll get straight to the point and say in a manner in those of primitive, less intelligence can fully understand…" the alien paused to make sure that they were fully listening and, still smirking, spoke.

"I am going to take over this planet, kill most of your friends and families, and implant alien eggs of my species inside all of your gall-bladders so that in a few days time, baby aliens will be bursting out your inners like a half-naked bitch from a cake at a frat-boy's bachelor's party. Is that perfectly clear?"

There was a horrified lapse of silence following the alien's disturbing announcement.

"Yep, it's clear." Owen confirmed. Everyone shot him an annoyed glare. "What? It was pretty clear!"

"You can't implant us with alien eggs!" Heather spat. "That's disgusting!"

Alien Cody chuckled. "Oh, it won't be all of you. It will be all of you except you." He pointed a finger at Al. "You're much too pretty for that."


Alejandro had his hands clamped together and was happily sending up grateful prayers in rapid Spanish.

"No, I'm just going to kill you now, skin you, and hang your pelt in my spaceship." Alien Cody finished. "It'll be a nice decoration."

The relief instantly died from Alejandro's face and his tan skin paled into a fearful ashen gray.

"You can't do this to us!" Tyler shouted out in a quivering, fearful voice.

"Oh I beg to differ." Alien Cody sniggered and shot a blast of green energy out of his hand towards Duncan. Duncan dodged it with a fearful squeak and glared at the alien.

"What was that for?" He growled.

"I'm not quite sure." Alien Cody said with a sardonic grin, holding up another green energy ball in the palm of his hand. "Must have been my human DNA acting up again. This human must not like you." He shot at Duncan again and laughed evilly as the delinquent dodged. "Oh, this human must really hate your guts cause that felt really good!"

All the humans, including Chris, had all huddled together in a fearful group as Alien Cody slowly approaching them, both hands lit up in a glowing, deadly green. With green eyes narrowed and an evil smirk on his face, Alien Cody pointed his hands towards the group.

"So, earthlings, any last words before I capture you and turn your gallbladders into incubators for alien spawn?" the evil alien conqueror asked.

Owen raised a hand. "Yeah, you're an alien right?" the chubby teen asked.

Alien Cody frowned. "Yes."

"Then when you get angry does your hair turn all spiky and blonde?"

There was a long, pause the following the utterly ridiculous question. Even the terrified contestants were giving Owen weird stares. One of Alien Cody's eyes twitched and his expression was of deep loathing and annoyance.

"…Just for that, I'm just going to kill all of you right now. Good-bye."

The contestants all squeezed their eyes shut and waited for the end to come. Then a voice rang out.

"What on earth is going on?"

The contestants' eyes shot open and Alien Cody turned to two figures approach. It was Courtney and the real Cody. Courtney was holding Heather's alien saucer item. Alien Cody first spotted the real Cody and he sneered, promising himself to destroy the little weakling in a moment. But then his green gaze drifted over to Courtney.

His evil green eyes grew wide with surprise as, for the first time, he saw true beauty. His jaw fell open and, in the deepest, most human part of his mind, Alien Cody found the words he was looking to say….

"HAND OVER THE BRA OR DIE TEMPTRESS!" Alien Cody demanded, whirling around so that his dangerous, laser-like hands were pointing towards Courtney.

"WHAT?" Courtney looked enraged.

"YOU HEARD ME! GIVE UP THE /censored/ BRA!" Alien Cody looked genuinely shocked. "Where the hell did that just come from?"

"Dude, you have Cody's DNA." Duncan dryly remarked.

"SHUT THE /censored/ UP, IMBECILE!"

At that moment, the alien machine in Courtney's hands began to shudder and shake. A moment later, a small antenna popped out of a small opened and it pointed itself at Alien Cody. A robotic voice spoke.

"Extraterrestrial being spotted. Prepare relocation."

Alien Cody blinked. "What the hell did that thing just say?"

A red laser beam shot out of the small antenna and hit Alien Cody. The alien being immediately was covered in a red light.

"NO! I CANNOT BE DEFEATED! NOOOOO…!" His scream of defeat was cut short as the alien was teleported elsewhere else.

An awkward silence followed. The obviously very much shaken contestants and host all stare dumbly at Courtney and Cody.

Cody gave a nervous giggled and gestured towards the alien object in Courtney's arms.

"Hehe, we found your alien object, Heather. So do we win?"

Team Amazon did indeed win that night. Tyler was voted to be sent home, much to Owen's dismay. The poor fellow didn't have many more friends left on the plane. Heather appeared to believe the story that Cody and Courtney had cooked up about finding Heather's alien object hidden behind a couple of crates. However, Cody was sure that he caught Heather glaring suspiciously in Courtney's direction several times.

It was nighttime again and Cody and Courtney were playing one last game of cards before bed. Since all of their betting material had been destroyed in the minefield, they just settled on playing "Go Fish."

"Go Fish." Courtney said after Cody asked for some threes.

First class was actually pretty peaceful at the moment. Only her and Cody were still awake.

Cody took a card out of the dwindling pile and placed it in his hand. "So exciting day huh?"

"You can say that. Got any fours?"

Cody handed her a few and asked, "Wonder where Chris is taking us tomorrow? Got any fives?"

"Go Fish. Somewhere dangerous and life-threatening no doubt." Courtney answered. She looked down at her lap and sighed.

"What's wrong?" Cody asked.

"I got nothing accomplished today." Courtney answered with a sad shake of her brunette head. "Gwen's still in the game and so is Duncan for who knows how long." She gazed at Cody sadly. "You don't know how badly I want those two to get voted off."

"Well, not even you can win every battle." Cody sagely remarked. "Those two will get voted off in due time. You just worry about yourself."

Courtney offered him a faint smile. "Got any queens?"

Cody looked down at his hand and said, "Well, I wouldn't say today was a complete waste of accomplishment for you."

Courtney stared at her friend, blinking her lovely dark eyes in puzzlement.

"What do you mean?" she asked.

Cody's round face broke into an irresistible grin.

"You just beat me in a card game."

Without further ado, Cody handed Courtney his red Queen of Hearts.

Meanwhile, deep in Wawanakwa Forest, locked inside a certain outhouse confessional, a familiar alien being ranted.


I adore Alien Cody...especially since when I write him, I always envision him having voice of Vegeta from Dragonball Z. To me, that 's the best thing ever. Haha, I really would love to bring him back into the story at some point if only just for a cameo and to hear him demand for Courtney's bra again. Gwen and Duncan are such pains to write in this story because I want them to act they do in season one and two, but season three just screwed up their personalities so much. I'm fighting an inner war here. Hopefully, it'll get easier writing for those two as the story goes on.

Well, anywho, I hope you guys enjoyed the second installment! Please read and review!