Before the Doors Opened

There's an Easter egg for all of you who have read the recent chapters of the manga. With 82 out, the beginning of this story is no longer in the manga cannon.

Chapter Two: Of Bird Chasing and Flowers

A young Haruhi was walking towards her destination, carrying a brown basket. The basket wasn't all that big, but it still threw her off on walking because her arms would get tired of carrying it and slump down enough so that it would touch the ground. Even though this basket caused her trouble, she still carried it because it was what was going to use at her destination to entertain herself. The basket was perfect for her to use to try to catch birds, and usually this activity would take place at the garden that her apartment building had. However today, she was having to go further because too many people had been at the garden, and the place she was going to had just as many birds as the garden did.

When she reached her destination, a field, she lifted the basket high above her head and sprinted forward past a plot of flowers at the entrance heading towards a far corner of the field. The particular corner she was going to was one that attracted plenty of birds and had a nice tree that provided shade for her to hide in. Reaching the corner, she sat the basket on the ground and rested for a bit, closing her eyes. It had been awhile since she had to sprint or run.

When she opened her eyes after her unexpected nap, she saw matching sets of golden eyes looking at her. "Hey, don't cha know," said the holder, a boy, of the golden eyes on the right.

"That you shouldn't fall asleep alone here?" Asked the other boy holding golden eyes on the left.

She looked at the two boys and realized that they were twins, identical twins. "I didn't mean to fall asleep," she said before leaning down to pick up her basket.

"Why do you have that?" The twins asked in unison.

"It's too big for you to carry when walking," said the twin on the left.

"It's for bird catching," she said.

"Bird catching?" Both asked.

"Yes, bird catching," she said before walking past them leaving them behind confused.

She had been sitting around waiting for quite some time without a bird to catch. Only one had been close enough for her to trap, but she wasn't able to catch it. Without nothing to occupy her time, she thought about those twins she had met earlier. She had never met twins before and now regretted not asking them to play with her. Lost in thought she looked to the sky and didn't notice that someone took her basket for a few minutes. By the time she was out of her thoughts, her basket was back with flowers along its rim.

When she saw the flowers, she wished that they could be saved but didn't know how. Gently she picked up the basket and revealed that it was covering more flowers arranged beautifully. Picking up these flowers, she found underneath them a ring of flowers that was big enough to be slipped over her head. Carefully, she picked up the ring of flowers, after putting down the other flowers, and slipped it over her head. Then she picked up the flowers that she had sat down to get the ring of flowers and left the field with her basket in her hand that wasn't holding the flowers.

The dried ring of flowers crackled beneath her fingertips as Haruhi pulled it out of the box of things from her elementary school years. As she looked at it, she knew there could only be one set of twin boys with golden eyes who could have done a ring of flowers. Hikaru and Kaoru. She put the ring down and peered into the box again, searching for more dried flowers. When her eyes found them, she picked them up and laid them down next to the ring of flowers. "Maybe I should start that school work," she said to herself getting up and leaving everything out on the table.

Hope you guys like it. Sorry about it being short. I have no clue what to do with Kyoya, Honey, and Mori, so I may not update for quite sometime. Just check my profile if you want to know if I have an ideal and started to write the next chapter.

Edited: 9/2/2011