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Before the Doors Opened

Chapter 6: I Met You All Before Middle School

When Ryouji "Ranka" Fujioka returned from work in the early morning, he was about to utter his customer greeting to his only daughter when he saw the table cluttered with stuff and his daughter was fast asleep at her desk. It wasn't often that he found his daughter sleeping at her desk, but the things scattered on the table told why she probably had fallen asleep. Deciding it was probably worth it, he decided to get her and his futons out. As he was walking his way to the closet that stored their futons, he noticed the old passport and opened it.

What was inside stunned him enough that he almost dropped to the floor hard enough to wake Haruhi, but he did drop to the floor, however, not that hard. The picture of her with the insect when he was younger in France was not the most shocking thing for him, but the letter was. His dear deceased wife had compared him to that insect. He did not want that insect to be dating his daughter, but now that he knew his wife saw him in that insect, he really did not want his daughter to date that boy. However, he glanced at his daughter and then to his wife's picture. Like mother, like daughter, huh, he thought as he looked at his wife's picture. Kotoko, what did you see in him to compare him to me?

Realizing his eyelids were starting to drift closed, he went off to the bathroom to do his before bed routine before returning ready for bed and to get out the futons for both his daughter and himself. Once the futons were laid out, he slid the sliding doors to get the room to half of its size before setting himself to the task of getting his daughter into her futon.

Of all the options, there was none that could get her the desk chair and to the futon without waking her up, but he was hesitant to use the option that he decided upon. As soon as the courage to wake her returned to him, it left him when she muttered that one word in her sleep that gave him the most pain. Right now, he didn't need to hear that word because it made him remember when he had to wake her up on that sad day, but he decided to settle upon running his hands through his daughter's shorten hair. "Wakey, wakey. I won't want you complaining about having a sore back," he said somewhat loudly even though he knew she probably wouldn't even complain if her back was sore.

She stirred slightly but didn't show any other signs of being awake. He sighed lightly realizing that she needed more than a voice and a hand running though her head. He placed a hand on her shoulder and gently shook her until he was rewarded with his daughter's tired eyes looking at him. "Dad," she said in a mumble.

"Come on now, you need to get to bed if you don't want to have pain in the morning," he said to her softly before helping her to stand up.

She walked over to her futon and laid down quickly without taking time to cover herself. He chuckled to himself a little before going to sit on his futon next to hers. "I can't sleep," she muttered to herself.

"Then I'll rub your back for you," he said as he knelt by her futon.

She turned on to her side to allow him to do as he had offered to do before she began to mutter slightly about her plans for the next day. At first, he wanted to kill the insect, but hearing about how the other host club members would be coming later changed his mind slightly. When she slowly began to get quieter and quieter, he stopped rubbing her back for a few minutes to smooth out her hair. Before he could even return to rubbing her back, her eyes had already closed, and she was finally fast asleep.

Today, she felt unusually giddy and mischievous that it made her feel like a different person. Haruhi didn't reject this difference, but her dad was quite suspicious of her, always asking her if she was fine. As he was leaving, he and her boyfriend met at the door exactly at the time that her dad opened the door. Thankfully, she was able to intervene and stop anything that would cause the neighbors to frown upon them. Once she had gotten her dad to go to work, she dragged her boyfriend inside and shut the door before initiating a kiss with him.

When they pulled apart, he looked at her with surprise in his purple eyes, but she quickly turned and went to her desk. He didn't take long to follow her, but once he saw what she had in her hands, he became child like. "You have a passport!"

"It's old, Tamaki-senpai," she replied dryly.


"Look at it," she said before handing it to him.

He did as his girlfriend told him and was shocked by the photo that was tucked inside the passport. "Is this why you wanted me to call the others over today for dinner? You can call me Tamaki," said her boyfriend finally catching her little mention of senpai.

Haruhi rolled her eyes and slowly began to raise one of her legs causing her boyfriend to gulp and fear for his life. "There's more than that photo," she said before lowering her leg and going over to one of the closets and opening it. "Can you get those items on the top shelf for me?" She asked before giving a smile to him that would make him do it after hugging her to death.

Hikaru and Kaoru were very surprised when they saw Tamaki open the door of Haruhi's apartment, but when he greeted them exuberantly and Haruhi reminded him not to say something or else, the twins knew something was up, but they didn't know what until the rest of the host club had appeared.

Honey and Mori arrived after the twins, and both perceived this gathering today was going to be something different, just based on the twins.

When Kyoya arrived last, he knew something was up but only knew that because of what Ranka-san had told him. However, he was confused as to why a gathering involving everyone should be about a memory about Tamaki and Haruhi's actual first meeting.

She grabbed the box that a charcoal eyed boys placed on her head and walked into the traditional Japanese room. Gazing at all the boys, she spotted the one that she wanted and with a quickness that no one knew about, she placed the box on the top of a one Kyoya Ohtori before running back out. Kyoya surprised by the box took a moment before he took it off of his head and noticed something about the box he had taken off of his head. It was then that he realized he knew why everyone was gathered.

By the time Kyoya had made his realization, Haruhi was seated at the table with a box in front of her and Tamaki on her right, who had an arm draped around his shoulder. "I bet you are all wondering why I called you here," she said before throwing an annoyed glance at Tamaki as she reached into the box.

The boys became alert when they heard slight crunching from the box. As the ring of dried flowers was placed gently on the table, the twins stared at it with fascination before any words dropped from their mouths. "It was you at that field," they said in unison.

The other boys around the table all looked at Haruhi but found the boyish-looking girl not having much concerned about the revelation. "What?" She said sensing all the eyes on her.

"You met all of us," said Kyoya pushing up his glasses, "before that day you happened upon the music room."

She smiled at Kyoya before pulling out a menu, a feather, and a notebook and laying each down next to the flowers. "Kyoya-senpai is right," she said before she tugged on Tamaki's arm to get him to bring his ear near her so that she could whisper something to him.

Tamaki's face lit up, and he rose to his feet and walked to a closet before returning with the fake cake. When the inked bunny shapes on the fake cake was seen by the boys, they all dropped their mouths opened except for Kyoya and Mori. "Do you still go to that bakery, Haru-chan?" Honey asked once he recovered from seeing the cake.

"Some times, but not often," she replied as Tamaki went back to the same closet again.

"Then how did you meet Mori-senpai?" Hikaru asked when Tamaki came back with a big book about animals.

"That should explain it," she said as Tamaki sat the book down and sat himself down next to her.

" saw me free that swan," said Mori in somewhat a mumble.

"Haru-chan, if Kyo-chan said you met all of us, how did you met Tama-chan?" Honey asked again.

"I met Kyoya-senpai at the eye doctors, Mori-senpai at a field, you at a bakery, and Hikaru and Kaoru at the field I met Mori-senpai at a year later," she listed off.

"Tono, you know the answer, don't you?" The twins asked in unison.

"Tamaki, you can show them," she said before leaning against Tamaki.

Tamaki smiled down at her before he placed the old passport on the table and opened it with the picture's backside showing everyone the neat handwriting adorning it. Everyone else leaned inwards including Mori and Kyoya to read the handwriting and once they all finished reading it, they all looked at Tamaki before flipping the picture over. "How old was you in this picture?" Kaoru asked.

"I can't remember when it happened exactly, but mom took me along so I wasn't alone for the vast part of the day," she said.

"You met him before the twins, Honey-senpai, Mori-senpai, and me. Am I correct, Haruhi?" Kyoya said.

"Yes," she said before the twins began laughing.

" your dad," the twins said between laughs.

"So?" She bluntly asked, not getting anything the twins were saying.

"Haruhi, I think they were wondering what his reaction is," said Kyoya pushing his glasses up, using the light to not show his eyes.

"I haven't told him, and I'm not planning to."

"Oh, but he has seen it," said Kyoya with that smile on his face that she had associated with her debt being raised.

"Just great," she said before her head met the table.

"Um...Haruhi?" Tamaki questioned.

"What, Tamaki-kun?" She replied.

"Weren't you going to fix a meal for all of us? And," Tamaki leaned down to her to whisper what only she should hear, "will you let me stay over tonight? The weather isn't going to be that great after everyone leaves."

Shyly and stealthy, she slipped her hand into his hand giving it a squeeze to let him know that she had agreed to the second part, no matter how much she hated the reason that was why she needed him. When he squeezed back, she knew that she probably answer the first question and she lifted her head from the table and looked at each of the boys around her table. "Do any of you mind if you get leftovers? There's a lot of stuff in the fridge that's going to go bad soon," she said.

"Leftovers?" The twins and Honey said in unison.

"I've had some before and they are not bad," said Tamaki.

"So is that what you guys want?" Haruhi asked, knowing what would probably be the answer.

"Yes," answered the three boys.

"Then I trust you all know how to know a microwave because you can warm up whatever you find in the fridge," said Haruhi.

"Normally, I wouldn't expect you to give us that freedom," said Kyoya.

"Tamaki-kun was able to get it on the first try," she said with a smile that was so big that she closed her eyes.

The twins immediately darted towards the kitchen and the fridge ready to show they could do better than their tono. Mori, Honey, and Kyoya got up and followed the twins much more quietly than the others leaving Tamaki and Haruhi alone for a few minutes. "Are you happy that I'm staying tonight?" Tamaki asked her quietly.

"Yes," she responded in a whisper.

"Do you want me to warm up some food?" He asked again quietly.

"Not this time," she said as they heard the microwave go off.

"Then shall we go and find ourselves some food?" He asked as he stood up and offered her a hand to her.

"Yes," she responded as she took his hand and stood up.

When Ranka returned from work, he was somewhat worried about the state of his daughter, considering there had been a thunderstorm right at the time of when she usually went to bed. However, those worries disappeared when he saw his daughter with her arms tightly wrapped around the insect. Although, he didn't like the insect, seeing his daughter with arms wrapped around that boy made him know that he couldn't do a thing about it. Even his anger didn't flare to life because he knew the insect would be sore the next morning. That was enough for him to be happy because his daughter wouldn't be sore.

As he got out his futon, he would occasional look at his daughter and take how her and the insect was laying. The insect was leaning against the wall but not leaning so that his daughter's hands would be squished between him and the wall. A few cushions were underneath both of their bodies, and a blanket was draped over Haruhi but had slipped down to her waist revealing that the insect had wrapped his arms around him. They both looked peaceful, and his daughter's peaceful look on her face made him happy even though he could see the earplugs in her ear that helped her get that way. Ranka couldn't help himself and went over to the two of the them to pull the blanket that had slipped to be draped on his daughter's shoulders. As he got into his futon, he smiled, knowing that he would have to get use to this sight occurring more often. If his dear Kotoko had approved of them, then he shouldn't stop them from being a couple. With that final thought, he fell asleep with a gloating joy that he would get to tease the insect about how he had deluded himself for so long.

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