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Chapter 10

Third person POV

The gang was grouped around the cliffs, hanging around and watching the water.

"So, you're really going to go then?" Jesse asked. Jacey nodded, not making eye contact with him. Jesse sighed dejectedly. "And we only got to see you duel once."

Jacey rolled her eyes. "Why am I not surprised that bothers you?" she asked. Jesse laughed.

"Sorry. But you're most certainly in the wrong place if you don't care much for dueling," Jesse said, putting his hands up in defense.

"I say she duels now, against one of us," Alexis said from nearby, leaning against a tree.

"I want to see her duel Jaden," Chazz said, looking up into the sky.

"Did someone say duel and Jaden?" no other than Jaden asked, peeking out from the branches of a nearby tree twenty feet away.

"How did he even hear that?" Bastian asked.

"It's Jaden. You should've learned there's nothing he can't hear when it comes to dueling," Jacey said, shrugging. Bastian sighed and nodded. This was very true.

"Well? Did someone say that?" Jaden said, flipping out of the branches to the ground, whacking himself in the face with a branch in the process.

"We did," Chazz said. "We want to see you duel Jacey, before she leaves."

"Okay. Jacey, get your game on!" Jaden said, pulling his duel disk out of seemingly nowhere. Jacey sighed and stood up, brushing the dirt off her pants. She was in her regular clothes again.

"Alright Jaden. Calm down," Jacey said, taking a duel disk out of her bag. She slid her deck into place as Jaden did the same with his, walking away from the others for more room. Jaden had a huge smile plastered onto his face. They drew their five cards.

"You can go first," Jaden offered, knowing she wouldn't. Jacey smiled.

"Oh no, I insist that you go first."

"No, no, ladies first," Jaden said. Jacey glared.

"Either you go, or I won't duel," she threatened. Jaden chuckled and drew his card.

"Alright, alright, I'm going. Let's see, I'll start by summoning Elemental Hero Avian in defense mode."


"Next I'll throw down a face down and call it a turn," Jaden said. A card glimmered face down for a moment before fading into the ground.

"Then let's get this started," Jacey said. She drew her own card. "I'll summon Masked Water dragon in attack mode!" A blue dragon with an ornate mask over it's face came into existence in front of her.

(Atk- 1600)

Jacey was about to declare an attack when she noticed a smirk on Jaden's face. It wasn't much, just the slightest twitch of his mouth, but it was enough.

"I play one card face down and end my turn," Jacey said, surprising everybody, especially Jaden. He just shrugged it off.

"My turn then," he said, drawing his card. He smiled. "Perfect. I play the field spell Skyscraper!" A city built itself around them. "And now I'll switch my Avian to Attack mode and attack your Water Dragon!"

"Not so fast! I play the trap card Reversal!" Jacey called out, her facedown showing itself. Avian stopped in mid-attack before returning to Jaden's side of the field, hitting Jaden in the process.

"And part of Reversal is that you take 500 points of damage when it's successful!" Jacey said.

Jaden-3500 Jacey-4000

"Well, okay then. I'll throw down a facedown and call it a turn. You're up sis."

"Well thank you bro," Jacey said, drawing her card. She smiled, and Jaden's concern grew. He was learning to be wary of her when she did that. "I play the spell card Turncoat!"

Jaden groaned. Avian was forced to go to Jacey's side of the field.

"I know you remember these little gals. I summon Earth Fairy in Defense mode!" Jaden groaned again. The little buggers always managed to find a way onto her field some way or another.


"And now, Avian, direct attack!" Jacey called out.


"She is not playing smart," Jesse commented from the sides.

"No kidding," Alexis added. "She should have played that fairy in attack mode and had the fairy attack Jaden first to see what would happen with his facedowns. Then she should have had Avian attack him."


Back on the field, Jaden did indeed activate his facedown, "A Hero Emerges! Now you have to pick a card from my hand, and if it's a monster, I can summon it!"

Jacey sighed and rolled her eyes. "The far left then."

"Not bad. Necro Gardna, come on out!"


"Well, Avian's attack can still go through," Jacey said.

"No it can't, not since I'm activating Mirror Gate! This switches the fields our monsters are on!"

And indeed, that's what happened. When Avian's attack destroyed Necro Gardna, Jacey took the damage.

Jaden-3500 Jacey-2600

Several cards and combo's later….

Jaden-3000 Jacey-1600

Jaden's Field: Skyscraper, two facedown cards

Jacey's Field: Masked Demon (Attack), Water Fairy (Defense), Masked Water Dragon (Defense), three facedowns

"Alright, my turn!" Jaden yelled, drawing his card. He smiled, and Jacey grew all the more anxious. "I summon Sparkman in attack mode!"


"And I'll equip him with Sparkblaster! Now Sparkman, switch Water Dragon and Water Fairy to attack mode! And now Sparkman, attack that dragon!" Jaden yelled. Sparkman leaped into the air.

"Not so fast! I activate my facedown, Fake Blood!" Jacey yelled. When Sparkman attacked, there was still an explosion though. When the smoke cleared, Water Dragon was unharmed, and Jaden was frowning. Jacey, however, was smiling. "Fake Blood makes it look like your attack went through, when in fact it didn't!"

"I end my turn," Jaden said. He did not like the way this was going. His deck never failed him!

"Good. Then I'll take mine!" Jacey yelled. She drew her card. "And I'll start with Pot of Greed, which, as you know, let's me draw another two cards!" And so Jacey drew two more cards. And the smile that was on her face threatened to split it.

"I don't think I like that smile," Jaden said.

"Oh, you shouldn't, because you've lost!" Jacey yelled. Everyone gasped. Jacey, Jaden's younger sister, who's inexperienced and doesn't even like dueling, is about to beat Jaden, the older brother, who's only lost twice at Duel Academy and lives to duel?

Not possible.

"First I'll destroy Skyscraper by playing Masquerade!" A ballroom like field surrounded them, but Jacey didn't pause to admire it. "Now I play Mask of Death, which destroys all your facedowns!"

"Oh boy," Jaden muttered as skull mask swept over his facedowns, destroying them.

"And are you ready for this? I sacrifice Masked Demon and Masked Water Dragon, in order to summon….MASKED HORNTAIL DRAGON!" Jacey called out. A bright light engulfed the field, and when it cleared, a magnificent dragon with a black mask and gold engravings stood there, glaring at Jaden. Jaden gulped.


"You don't often get him out," Jaden said. Jacey smiled.

"Which means you probably don't remember that his special ability wipes out all other monsters on the field," Jacey said. Sparkman burst into tiny particles. "And because of Masquerade, my Horntail has another 500 attack points. Now Horntail, end this!" Jacey yelled. The dragon roared and spewed out a steady stream of fire at Jaden, depleting his life points.

Jaden-0 Jacey-1600

Jacey Wins


"Whoa," Jesse said, staring at Jacey in awe. Everyone's jaw's were to the ground in amazement. Jaden had just lost…to his little sister…and he did not look happy about it.

He was in a sour mood as he walked over to them.

"Lighten up Jay," Syrus said. Jaden smiled a little bit, but otherwise remained annoyed.

"I don't get it. How did you beat me?" Jaden asked. Jacey looked at him.

"I got the right cards and I got them quickly. As it was I think you were going easy on me, which gave me the chance to get the cards."

Jaden shook his head, still disbelieving.

"I don't think he was taking it easy," Hassleberry whispered to Atticus.

"It was one duel Jaden," Jacey said. "Get over it." She shoved his arm the way only a little sister can.

"But you're my little sister! You're not supposed to beat me ever!" Jaden complained. The others all laughed.

This is the Jaden we all love, the one that we met in first year…Alexis thought. The carefree, young, and spirited duelist.

"Hey, we have great blackmail against him now," Aster whispered to Chazz. Chazz grinned.

"You have no idea," Chazz said just loud enough for Aster to hear him.

Jaden and Jacey's parents walked over to them then, hand in hand.

"Well Jacey, ready to go?" Mrs. Yuki asked. Jacey nodded. "Off to the docks then. The boat is leaving soon."

The group walked down to the docks. Cell numbers and emails were given to Jacey so she could stay in touch.

Jaden hugged Jacey one last time before she climbed aboard the ship. Mrs. Yuki followed. She had tried to hug Jaden, but he had strategically turned around to look at something.

Just when Mr. Yuki was about to climb aboard, Jaden pulled him aside.

"Jaden? What is it?" he asked. Jaden had that hard look to his face, and his eyes were starting to get flecks of different colors in them.

"I may be civil to you in front of others, but just so you know, I don't trust you now, and I never will. If you go near my sister, do anything to her, or make her feel unsafe in any way, you will regret it. I'll make sure you never come back to our family again. Got it?" It was hardly audible, but there was slight undercurrent of a stronger power in his voice.

Mr. Yuki stared at Jaden. Not in the did-you-really-just-say-that way, but in the you-don't-trust-me-but-I'll-prove-you-wrong way.

"I won't hurt Jacey," Mr. Yuki said.

"You better not. Because I will come after you if she gets so much as a bruise."

Mr. Yuki nodded. Without saying anything, he climbed aboard the ship, putting an arm around his wife. Jaden softened his features a little as he waved good-bye with the rest of his friends. They immediately picked up on the raw anger coming from him.

"What was that about?" Jesse asked. "With you and your dad?"

"Oh, nothing much. Just making sure he knows what's going on," Jaden said, switching moods faster than lightening. "Anyone else hungry? Let's go get something to eat!"

And with that, he took off running to the Slifer cafeteria. The others stared after him in amazement before laughing and following him.

End Chapter

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