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Chapter 2: Nine Years

Jaden's POV

I couldn't fall back asleep for the rest of the night. Part of it was just that I wasn't tired anymore. Part of it was because I didn't want to have that dream again. A large part of it was because my head hurt too much to allow for sleep.

So when Syrus's alarm went off, I nearly banged my head again. It was incredibly loud and annoying! How in this world did I sleep through that every day?

Syrus climbed down from his bunk and yawned, reaching his hands above his head. He rubbed his eyes and seemed to be doing anything to avoid turning that alarm off. And it really is incredibly annoying.

"Hey Syrus, you ever turning that thing off?" I finally asked. He jumped, and Hassleberry, finally awake and climbing down, laughed.

"J-Jaden?" Syrus asked. He turned and looked at me, eyes wide.

"Um…what? Do I have something on my face?" I asked.

"You're never awake before I turn the alarm off," Syrus explained. It's still going, by the way.

"We usually don't get you awake for another fifteen minutes," Hassleberry added. I slid my legs of my bunk and stood up, stretching.

"Well, I'm up now, so let's get ready to go. I'm hungry!"

"You're always hungry, Jay," Syrus said. He finally turned the alarm off.

"Not when I'm sleeping."

"Fair enough," Syrus said, grabbing his towel. I grabbed my own and Hassleberry grabbed his, and together the three of us made off for the bathhouses.


"You're early," Alexis commented as we walked into the Slifer cafeteria. The others weren't even there yet.

"I guess we are," I said, walking over to the start of the food. I grabbed a plate and started piling it up.

"Jay was up with the alarm today," Syrus explained. "Save some food for the rest of us!" he directed at me. I looked down at my plate. I was only halfway through the line and it was full. I suppose I could go eat this, give the others time to get some food, and then finish the line.

I went and sat down next to Alexis as Chazz and Atticus came in. They started when they saw me there already. Atticus just smiled and went to get his breakfast, Chazz gaped a few moments longer before grumbling under his breath and doing the same. I started eating.

Syrus sat next to me and Hassleberry was across. We all heard voices outside of some people arguing. I could make out…Blair…and…Bastion I think…maybe Aster as well…

The door opened to show a red faced Blair. She didn't say anything as she stormed over to the food line and started piling food on a plate. Bastion and Aster were behind her (Was I good or what?), Aster had an amused smirk on his face, Bastion more of confused.

They were both confused when they saw me there.

"Is me being awake right now really that big of a deal?" I asked. Blair nearly fell over at hearing my voice. Apparently she hadn't realized I was there.

"It kind of is Jaden," Atticus said, sitting down across from Alexis. Chazz sat down silently beside her. "Maybe you have a fever."

"What, I'm not allowed to get up early unless I'm sick?" I asked.

"Yeah, kind of," he replied. I scowled at him. He laughed. "Come on Jaden, you have to admit that it's odd you're already here." My response was to shove a pancake in my mouth.

The door opened, and Jim walked in. He and Jesse had both transferred back to Central Duel Academy for our fourth and final year, but Jesse wasn't coming in until tonight.

"G'day mates," Jim greeted, getting in the line for food. Bastian and Aster were…discussing something about the food. Blair was just standing by them, head cocked, staring at them in disbelief.

Blair finally noticed Aster and Bastian were holding everyone up, so she grabbed Bastian's arm, who was closer, and yanked. He stumbled back a step and seemed to finally realize what was going on around him. With a sheepish smile he moved on and took a seat next to Blair, who had sat down next to Atticus. Aster sat down next to Chazz. Jim sat next to Syrus.

"So how did Syrus get you up so early?" Atticus asked. I groaned.

"Jay woke up on his own," Syrus said. Everyone at the table grew silent and stared at me. I looked from side to side.

"What? I have been known to do that," I said.

"Yeah, but that's during the day and in class usually," Blair said, spooning some eggs into her mouth.

"What woke you up?" Alexis asked.

"Well, I wasn't really asleep, actually," I started, searching my brain for an excuse.

"I thought you went back to sleep?" Syrus asked, worry starting to fill his grey eyes.

"I tried to," I lied. So much for an excuse!

"Fall back asleep after what?" Hassleberry asked. "What did I miss soldier?"

Syrus and I sweat-dropped. "Well, Jaden had a nightmare," he started. And here's where I panicked and covered his mouth with my hand, sending my fork flying in some random direction.

"Hey!" Jim cried out, rubbing his shoulder. I guess that's where my fork went. Shirley growled at me from beneath the table. I jumped a bit, not having realized she was there. I should have expected it though.

Syrus just looked at me, a look of total confusion on his face. Everyone was staring at me.

"Hehe," I said, slowly moving my hand.

"I thought you said you couldn't remember it anyway because of how hard you hit your head?" Syrus asked. I completely froze.

I had said that. And not only that, but now the others knew I had hit my head. Syrus's eyes widened.

"Did you remember?" he asked.

"Ah…" I started. What do I do? I'm not ready to tell them about my father yet! "No…"

"Oh," Syrus's face fell. I started eating again.

"I'm confused. When did Jaden hit his head?" Atticus asked. No! No, no, no, no, no!

"He woke up screaming and then jolted upright I guess and slammed his head into the bottom of my bunk," Syrus said.

A few of the others winced in sympathy. Chazz just laughed.

"How did I miss this?" Hassleberry asked. I shrugged.

"You okay now?" Alexis asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine. That's what I've been trying to tell you all morning."

"You don't seem fine," Aster said. Grrr, why did he have to be so dang observant? I shrugged.

"Other than a headache, I couldn't be better," I said.

"You sure? You seem kind of…tense," Atticus said. I glared at him.

"Why can't you people just let it go?" I asked, standing up and throwing my plate out, not caring about the food still on it. I was going to pay for that later. I walked out of the cafeteria and up to my dorm, grabbed my books, and started walking towards class.

Which I'm just now realizing is going to take forever because I don't plan on sleeping through it for once. And that is only going to arouse more questions. Arghh!

Why did that memory have to come back? Why now? It was nine years ago, couldn't it just leave me….

Nine years. It's been nine years. I stopped walking and looked up at the sky.

"I'm an idiot."

"That's a matter of opinion," a familiar voice said from behind me. I jumped and turned to see Alexis. She had a smile on her face. I smiled back.

"Hey Lex."

"Why are you calling yourself an idiot?" she asked, catching up to me. I started walking again but slowed my pace.

"Just realized something is all."

"Would it have anything to do with your nightmare?"

…she's good.

"It might," I said.

"So you do remember it."

It wasn't a question. It was a statement, one that she knew to be true.

"How'd you know?" I asked, not even bothering to try and hide it.

"I could see it in the way you acted. Most of the others know too."

I sighed. "And let me guess, you're not going to let it drop until I tell you what happened?"

"I won't press if that's what you're asking. You'll tell us when you're ready, and until then, we need to be patient."

I smiled my goofy grin at her. I loved her for that, right there. She understood!

"How's your head?" she asked, somewhat changing the subject.

"Been better," I admitted. She laughed a little.

"Did you put any ice on it?"

"Yeah, that was the first thing I did. Thank God Chumley left that mini-fridge of his here when he left," I said. Alexis smiled.

"If it starts bothering you, you should go see Ms Fontaine."

"I know, I know."

"Well I'm glad you know. Now good luck getting through Crowler's class."

I laughed. "This'll be torture," I said, noticing finally that we were right outside the door. I didn't even remember walking into the building.

Shows how observant I am!

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