Okay, here's a new idea for a story. Prologue, details, and the first chapter. Read the EXTRA INFO it tells you just about everything you need to know.


Christian took Dimitri's place, but instead of being seven years older, than Lissa he's only two years older.

Dimitri is a fire using Moroi.

Rose is a Moroi, that uses spirit.

Adrian still uses spirit. But is Rose's older brother, and likes Lissa, like he likes Rose in the real books.

Christian and Lissa are Dhampir.

Christian trains both Lissa and Rose.

The bond works both ways.

Ozera is no longer a royal name… it's Belikov, instead.

The Belikov family is like it is in the real books. Dimitri's still Russian.

Christian's parents still turned strigoi, and he had to kill them. So he is disgraced.

Tasha is still Christian's aunt. And is twenty six? And is a Dhampir.

The bond makes it so Lissa and Rose share abilities and strengths and weaknesses. So, Lissa can control spirit, and has Moroi senses, but Rose is strong and capable as a Dhampir at defending herself. Rose can do everything Lissa can, and Lissa can do everything Rose can.

They didn't run away, spirit is now an official element. It is just extremely rare, so all spirit users go to St. Vlad's.

Rose takes Dhampir classes half the week, with Lissa, and Lissa takes Moroi classes half the week with Rose, because of the bond.

Lissa needs to drink blood, even though she's Dhampir. She drinks less often, and needs it in a cup, since she doesn't have fangs.

Lissa falls for Christian, and Rose falls for Dimitri.

Rose and Dimitri are the same age.

They're seniors.
Adrian lives on campus to look after the only family he has left: Rose.

Rose and Lissa share a dorm room, though they are Moroi and Dhampir. It is because of the bond.

The teachers still hate Rose and love Lissa.

Rose and Lissa have a mentor because they only take Dhampir classes half the time, and Moroi the other half, so they miss out on some training and such.
Rose can heal, dream walk, see auras, and all kinds of other stuff. Since spirit is semi-understood, they can do more with it.

And Rose and Lissa can go in the sun. Dhampir strengths are stronger than Moroi weaknesses. Same with Moroi strengths. So they're super special.

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My name is Rose Hathaway. I am the last female left of the Hathaway family.

So that makes me Princess Hathaway. And my brother, Prince Hathaway.

I'm seventeen, almost eighteen. Two more months. Female. Moroi. I have control over the element spirit.

My best friend is Vasilisa Dragomir. Lissa. She's Dhampir.

My parents, Lissa, and I were in a car crash two years ago. I brought Lissa back from the dead. She's shadow kissed. We have a bond.

I have the abilities of a Dhampir, and she has the abilities of a Moroi. It's confusing. I know.

But that's my life.

Chapter One:

Rose? You're late for our session again. Lissa's mental voice came through crystal clear, rousing me from my deep sleep.

Shit! I'm on my way. I said back, not up to opening my eyes yet.

Well, hurry, because Christian is getting pissed. She told me, and exited our mental conversation.

I groggily forced my eyelids open and looked to the clock.

Shit, I was five minutes late, wasn't dressed, and was exhausted. I didn't like having Guardian Christian Ozera mentor us. It was fun and all, learning how to fight, but we had to wake up super early, and it made me tired. I loved my sleep.

Why didn't Lissa wake me up, you ask? Because I slept later than she did. I could get ready in five minutes, but my alarm hadn't gone off, because I had forgotten to set it.

Slowly, I forced myself out of bed, and walked to mine and Lissa's closet. I threw the doors open, grabbed a pair of my black sweatpants, a red tank top, and a sports bra. Quickly, I put the clothes on my curvy body (which was rare for a Moroi, but all the muscle Lissa got, I got too). So we shared clothes, and everything else. It was pretty cool.

I grabbed a black hair tie, put my hair in a messy ponytail after running a brush through it, and applied deodorant.

My Pink Floyd converse tennis shoes were by the door, and I slammed my feet into them, grabbed a granola bar, bag of clothes, and bottle of water, and ran to the gym.

By the time I arrived, I had finished the granola bar and half the bottle of water.

Lissa was already halfway through her laps when I arrived. I ran into the gym, threw down my water bottle, announced my presence to Christian, and went to start my laps.

I stretched for a few minutes and looked up at Lissa. She was a little over eleven laps, and I thought I could catch up.

Lissa was going at a decent speed, but I started running full out. Two laps in under a minute. I kept going, we were supposed to run twenty before practice.

When I caught up to Lissa on laps, I matched her step for step, and grinned. One lap left to go.

"Thanks for waking me up," I told her sarcastically.

She rolled her eyes, and pushed a little bit of stray blonde hair from her jade green eyes. "You hate when I wake you up. Did you forget to set your alarm again?"

"Yes. You should remind me to set my alarm. Or even better, set it for me," I was only half joking. I would have loved for her to set my alarm for me.

"Next time you're late, every day for a week, I am waking you up with me," she threatened. She woke up almost forty five minutes earlier than I did.

I widened my eyes in horror. "You wouldn't!"

"I would."

My frown turned to a grin. "Race ya."

Then I applied a burst of speed, that Lissa matched. We always tied, because we had the same leg muscles, and the same ability.

She matched my steps, and we crossed the finish line together.

We walked into the gym together, laughing and slightly out of breath. Christian was waiting for us, standing in the middle of the gym, a small grin on his face.

"Late again, Rose," he said. "You really should be on time, at least once."
"I know, I know," I sighed. "But Lissa forgot to wake me up."

Lissa frowned and laughed. "I never wake you up. You just get angry, kick me, roll over, and go back to sleep. Then you're even more late, and you're mad at me for disturbing your sleep."

"Hey! It's not my fault I need a lot of sleep," I countered.

Christian and Lissa just rolled their eyes.

See, Christian and Lissa liked each other, and had kissed a few times, but nothing more. Christian wouldn't let it go further, and Lissa was too shy to press it.

But I had the feeling eventually something would happen, and they'd be together and happy.
Well, I hoped.

"Alright, let's spar. Lissa, you're up first," Christian looked to Lissa. She'd go first. Then me. Then me and Lissa would spar, and neither of us would win, seeing as we could see each other's moves, and had the same strengths, and same moves.

But it was fun.

Lissa stood up and smoothed back her hair. She and Christian took their poses and looked to me.

"Oh, go," I said, and watched every move they made.

They circled each other for a moment, and then Lissa made the decision to lunge.

Me, I kept an eye on his every move and told her what was coming. She did the same. Christian hadn't realized this yet, and we'd done it since the beginning of training.

Lissa landed a quick blow to Christian's head, and he stumbled backward, but regained balance quickly.

Lissa and I were really strong. If both of us did one exercise, we got double the benefit. Physically, we were both the same… mentally, I was quicker.

Christian came at Lissa with a kick to the stomach, but she didn't falter. Instead, she tried to get his feet out from under her.

His fist was coming at her, and she wasn't seeing it.

Liss, duck! I shouted at her mentally. She ducked quickly, without question, avoiding a nasty blow to the head. Christian's hand went right where her head had been, and Lissa, thinking quickly, grabbed it, and twisted it. Hard.

He grunted in pain, and Lissa slammed him to the ground. She straddled him, and staked him with her finger.

I stood, and Lissa went to sit where I had just been.

Christian and I took our stances.

"Go," Lissa called.

I didn't hesitate. I went for Christian, and kicked him in the ribs. Hard. I didn't hold back like Lissa.

He flew backwards, and I slammed him in the jaw. He didn't fall, but he came close.

His fist flew at my face, but I ducked, just in time. He missed, and I swept his feet out from under him.

I sat on his stomach, and he struggled violently from underneath me, grabbing my hand. At the last second, he slid out from under me, and stood up. I jumped up, and ducked out of the way of a kick of his.

I saw things coming faster than Lissa, so I usually didn't get hit.

My legs moved fast, lightening fast, and I moved out of the way, just in time, before his legs connected with my shins. I kept moving, came up behind him, and kicked him onto the floor in front of me.

He was on his stomach, so I put my 'stake' on the point in his back that would connect to the heart.

"Dead," I proclaimed, grinning.

I loved winning.

Lissa walked to me, grinning.

"Good job, Rose!" she cheered.

"Maybe one of us will win this time," I grinned.

She and I took our stances.

"Go," Christian told us.

She came at me, trying to surprise me, but I did some sort of backflip, and landed on my feet. I put up my mental walls, which I had been working on, and hadn't shown Lissa how to do. She stumbled, not feeling anything from my head, and I lunged.

I shoved her backwards. She flew backwards, and tried to come at me, but I could still reach her thoughts, because she didn't have walls up. I ducked out of the way again, and came at her from behind.

Since she was so confused and off guard, I ended it pretty much right there. She turned around, and I tackled her and 'staked' her.

"What the hell?" she asked. "How did you do that?"

"I blocked you out," I sang. I had done it! I hadn't been sure if it would work, but it had!

"Teach me!" she begged.

"Nope," I grinned. "I'm kidding! I'll teach you… eventually."
Christian watched in amusement, he must have figured it out. He looked at Lissa with longing, and I ran to get a shower, leaving the two of them behind.

I threw on the clothes I had in my bag, and put on makeup. I was ready to go, and Lissa was a moment or two after.

We walked to breakfast together, with Lissa talking five miles a minute.

I got food, doughnuts, and pancakes, and we sat at the table with our friends. They were novices. Mason and Eddie. And Adrian sat with us a few moments later.

"How do you do it?" she demanded.

"Just imagine walls, blocking me out," I laughed. "It's not hard."
She frowned, and tried it.

I couldn't feel her for a moment and panicked flashed through me. It was weird. Two years of us feeling each other. Now I realized why she had been so freaked earlier.

She let the wall down after a moment, and I relaxed and wolfed down my food.

"So, little sister, what's up this morning?" Adrian asked.

"Oh, I beat Lissa in training this morning. And Christian," I told my brother. "It wasn't hard."

Adrian flashed me a grin. "That's great. I figured you could beat their sorry asses. No offense, Lissa."

Lissa rolled her eyes and grinned.

Mason looked at me. "Did you two hear about the new exchange student from the academy in Russia?"

"No, I didn't!" I exclaimed.

"Me neither," Lissa shrugged.

"His name is Dimitri Belikov," Eddie butted in.

"As in the Royal family of Belikovs? The ones who aren't crazy about politics?" I asked.

"Yep," Adrian told me.

I smiled and looked around. The doors opened to the cafeteria, and I looked up. In walked a kid I'd never seen.

He was tall, really tall. He had shoulder length brown hair pulled into a short ponytail, and he wore a brown duster. He was heartbreakingly gorgeous, and had brown eyes. His eyes met mine, and I looked at my plate.

That had to be Dimitri Belikov. Without a doubt.

I looked up and he was standing at my table.

"Rose Hathaway?" he asked.
I nodded. "That's me," I was confused as to why he was talking to me.

"Headmistress Kirova said you have to show me around."

I nodded again.

I had to show Dimitri Belikov around the academy!

My mood and pulse went up, and I couldn't contain my grin.

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