I woke up that morning to loud voices all around us, outside the tent. They were shouting every evil spell imaginable. I knew what it was, I knew what had happen. They had found us, the death eaters. I shook Harry awake, he was always able to sleep through anything, the loudest of noises couldn't wake him up. His eyes sprung open, I mouthed the words to him. "They found us, they are here." Harry held me in his arms for a few seconds, trying to calm me down. But nothing could shake this feeling that we were surely about to go to our deaths. We had escaped before, barely, but now with so many death eaters it would be almost impossible. Harry found his clothes and started putting them on. I did the same. I wasn't sure what Harry was going to do now, he just stood there. But then he pulled out his wand.

"No!" I whispered to him, I tried pulling him back. This was suicide. He got out of my grip and began to walk to the opening in the tent. I wasn't about to let him do this on his own. I found my own wand and followed him. He realised what I was doing and pushed me back, put I pressed on. Harry was the love of my life, it he was going to battle I wasn't going to stand by and watch him die, in a battle we were sure to lose. I wasn't thinking very positively right now, which isn't always the best of things, but how could we win. We could try to fly away on our brooms but they aren't fast enough to get away. And in no time I'm sure the death eaters would find us again, taking us away to Voldemort.

Since his rise into power, neither Harry nor I have spoken his name, no one has. Anyone against him hasn't even done it, because I fear that if I do say his name somehow he hears it, and will find us. A bit of a stupid theory but I'm not willing to see if it's valid or not.

Harry was about to step out of the tent when all the spells stopped. We couldn't hear anything anymore. I thought maybe the death eaters had gone away, but they were cunning. Who were we to know that the death eaters had surrounded us and waited for us to come out and play?

Harry stepped out of the tent; I quickly followed which may well have been one of my biggest mistakes yet. The death eaters pointed every wand at us, staring at us. There was no use to fighting back. I dropped my wand. Then from out in the crowd of death eaters came a voice.

"Ha! Look Granger is giving up. Well done missy, now Potter put down your wand and this can be over quickly." No one stood up to claim the voice of this death eater. But at this point who cares, its not like we will live to see the face of this one.

"Come on boy! You can't win, not here, not now." A person stepped out in front of the death eaters. We couldn't see his face from that ridiculous mask that they wear. But I felt like I knew who that voice belonged to; I just couldn't put a face to it.

I didn't know what Harry was about to do, so I leant up so I could whisper in his ear, "I love you."

I saw a tear roll down Harrys cheek, and he dropped his wand. Squeals and yells were heard all throughout the clearing. The death eaters moved forward covering us. We couldn't move with them all around now. Hands shot out from everywhere grabbing at me and Harry, burning hot on my skin. I broke out then in tears. Hey flowed from my eyes like a waterfall.

"Take them to Malfoy manor; we have some people who want to talk with them before Lord Voldemort destroys them for good!" The same voice again, I wanted to know who has sentenced me to death, but who would be at Malfoy manor wanting to talk with us, delaying lord Voldemorts wish to kill us. But I couldn't think anymore, at that moment everything went black. I was knocked out cold.