I apologize for this taking so long, i really hope you like it.

Again I woke but I had no idea where I was. I tried looking around to see, but I only saw darkness. Then in the distance I saw a light, it was only faint, but it was coming in my direction. I tried to move my arms to get out of here, but I couldn't. My arms were strapped to the table, along with my legs. The light was getting closer and closer, and I struggled even more, but nothing could help me now.
Then I heard laughter. It was the same voice from before in the woods, when they all surrounded Harry and me.
What had they done with Harry? I had no time to think about this because the person was here next to me. I looked up and the most familiar face was looking down at me. I had forgotten about him. Draco Malfoy.
"Of course it's you. Why didn't I think of it?" I said.
"Hello Granger." Draco said, with a devilish look in his eyes.
"What do you want Draco?" I spat at him.
"Nothing," he said walking around the table that I was laid upon. He ran his hands along my legs, I shivered. He chuckled. "Well there is something." Keeping his hand on my leg, he stopped walking.
"What Malfoy, what is it? What is so important that you need me, and are delaying the works of you know who."
He laughed at me. "Why is it Granger, that you could say his name before all this and not be afraid, but now you won't? I mean it's just a name, you told my father that."
I closed my eyes; I didn't wanna have to look at this pig. But his voice stilled echoed in my head.
All of a sudden a cold hand was gripping my chin.
"Look at me Granger!" Draco yelled.
Reluctantly I opened my eyes. His face was right in front of mine. His eyes looked up and down over my face.
Without another second, his lips touched mine, smashing down on them. I kept my lips closed, but he forced them open and darted his tongue in my mouth.
I bite down hard on his tongue, he cried out in pain.
His lips left mine, I coughed and turned my head away.
Draco let go of my chin. I thought it was over, but then his hand hand came down hard on my cheek. Tears fell from the force.
"You know Granger, we could have a little fun, before I hand you over to Voldemort."
I turned my head and looked at him, he grinned. I saved whatever spit I could and shot it right at his eye, but I missed and got his cheek. His lips fell and his eyes lit up in rage.
"It does not have to be like this Granger, I could've let you go; I could have saved you from him. Of course you wouldn't have left here, but you wouldn't have had to die." Draco stopped, I think he waited for me to plea with him, to beg him for mercy. I would've rather died than stayed with him.
I kept quiet, I just wanted him to leave.
"But I guess Granger it does have to be that way."
I heard Draco's footsteps leave, but there was one thing that I had to ask, even though I knew he wouldn't answer the question.
"Where is he?" I asked him, he would know exactly who I was talking about.
"Who Voldemort?" he said sarcastically.
"Where is Harry?" I screamed at him.
He chuckled, "You will never see him again."
I cried out.
"Take her away, to Voldemort." Draco said as he left. Then several people entered, it was the Death Eaters.