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51 Things That Koko is Not Allowed to Do

Under Any, I repeat ANY Circumstances

Koko is not allowed to tell everyone in the entire school that Narumi-Sensei is having a secret gay relationship with Misaki-Sensei.

… Or with Jin-Jin.

He is not allowed to chew a massive amount of bubble gum, blow a massive bubble by Sumire's hair, and pop it, just to see if she'll shave herself bald.

Tell Natsume that Ruka was having really perverted thoughts about Mikan.

Tell Natsume that Tsubasa was having really perverted thoughts about Mikan.

Sneak in to Sumire's room in the middle of the night, steal her underwear, and wear it to school the next day on top of his head, and claim to be Captain Underpants.

"Accidently " break one of Hotaru's inventions and blame it on Mikan.

Explain to Youichi in GREAT detail, where babies come from.

And that he saw Natsume and Mikan trying to make a baby.

Secretly pass out love letters to random Natsume fan girls, pretending to be Natsume, saying that he will be waiting for them in his bedroom tonight.

Blackmail every single student in class about their deepest and darkest secret, while pretending to be Hotaru's apprentice.

Stand up on a table in the middle of class and announce that Ruka is having hot, kinky, animal sex with his animal friends.

Declare that every Monday is "Throw a Banana Cream Pie at Jin-Jin Day"

Place carbon copies of the Mad Hatter's Hat on to everyone's head and tell them that he is magically controlling their minds with it.

Run up and down the hallways screaming, "NATSUME AND RUKA WERE MAKING OUT IN THE JANITOR'S CLOSET!"

Force Nonoko to create a scientifcal potion that he can pour on to random food items, so they can come alive and become his army of loyal food minions.

Use his loyal food minions to storm all of the principals' offices and take over the entire Academy.

And when his loyal food minions don't attack the principals, throw his loyal food minions at them.

Tell Mikan that Natsume's been secretly stealing her undergarments and has an entire closet in his room, full of all her missing undergarments.

Come to school in a Cinderella costume and tell everyone to call him "The Prettiest Most Beautiful Sexiest Cinderella Bitch Alive"

Announce to everyone that he is actually Ruka's long lost fiancé and they are to be married at Disney Land with a Sexy Cinderella theme.

Crank the air-conditioning in the Academy all the way up in the middle of the night, and when the entire school is covered in snow, claim it's a snow day so there should be no classes.

Switch Sumire's hair conditioner with year old marshmallow fluff.

Attempt to smack Mikan's butt when Natsume's around.

Start pelvic thrusting on Ruka in the middle of class to show that Ruka is all his and no one else allowed to have him.

Team up with Kitsuneme and stalk random girls in their class with creepy old men pedophile costumes just to see if they will crap their pants.

Starting singing and dancing to "Womanizer" by Brittney Spears in the middle of Jin-Jin's class.

Start singing and dancing to "My Milkshake Brings All the Boys to the Yard."

Sing and dance anywhere. Period.

"Borrow" a bow and arrow from the archery club, place a Howalon on top of Iinchou's head, and start shooting at him to see if he can hit a bull's eye.

Hide inside a snowman, and jump out of it just to scare poor defenseless students.

Dress up in a hunter's outfit and shoot peas from a straw at random students and teachers.

Hang from a ceiling fan in the middle of class and throw cookie dough balls at random students.

Drink milk during lunch, shoot it out of his nose, right on the front of Ruka's pants.

Then announce to the entire high school division that Ruka was just having too much fun with himself under the table.

Grab Mikan, while she is walking to class, severely mess up her hair and wrinkle her clothes, then come in to class with her and start panting, and say "This bitch is good."

Turn off all the lights in class, close the curtains so everyone can see that he has glow in the dark briefs, and that he painted, "I Had Sex with Ruka Nogi" all over his body in glow in the dark paint.

Sneak in to Natsume's room while he is sleeping, and dye his hair rainbow colors.

Photoshop pictures of Yuu as a 'gangsta' and post them all though out school.

Wear faux animal fur around Ruka.

Tell Sumire that green really isn't her color.

Kidnap Pengy and tell Hotaru that she must pay the 'every incriminating pictures collection' by the afternoon, or else he shall feed poor Pengy to the angry 'sharks'. A.K.A angry kindergarteners.

Roast marshmallows over Natsume's head when he is extremely angry.

"Accidently" blow up the chemistry lab, by "accidently" mixing the wrong chemicals together.

"Accidently" blow up the home economics room, by "accidently" using the oven.

"Accidently" blow up any room in the entire Academy.

Jump up and down in the middle of the hall ways, screaming, "OMG! It's Hannah Montana, bitches! Throw bananas at her!" every time he sees Narumi-Sensei.

Team up with Kitsuneme and gather every type of raw sausage known to man, and wiggle it in front of girl's faces'.

Go to the pool while Ruka is a life guard, fake drowning, just to get CPR from him, in front of everybody.

He is not allowed to dress up as Kelly from YouTube, and walk around the school saying, "Let me borrow that top, betch!"

"There, done! That should do it, I think." Mikan said, stepping back from the wall to admire her and everyone else's handiwork. Mikan and the gang were in the hall way by the newly constructed home economics room.

"Probably not, but at least we can try! We've placed these rules all over the damn school! I can't stand him! He's trying to kill me, socially!" Ruka exclaimed, clenching his fists, remembering all the times that Koko had humiliated him.

"Yeah! He's trying to kill me, too! My hair smelled like year old marshmallow fluff for a week!" Sumire screamed, punching the wall as if it were Koko. Mikan rubbed her back trying to soothe her.

"Did he really do that?" Nonoko questioned, also trying to soothe Sumire from beating the crap out of the wall.

"Yes! To make it worse, kindergarteners kept attacking my hair! It was horrific! They just wouldn't stop climbing on me!" Sumire shuttered remembering those psychotic five year olds. She still wakes up in the middle of the night, screaming at them to get off of her.

"Those kindergartners tried to rip Pengy to pieces, so I had my rabid dog robot go after them." Hotaru said emotionlessly while everyone looked at her nervously. Damn, the kids really are crazy! Though Hotaru is right up there with them on the crazy meter.

"Maybe that bastard will listen if we're lucky." Natsume said coldly, wrapping his strong arms, protectively, around Mikan's slender waist. She relaxed in his arms, comfortably and sighed. Sometimes Koko freaked her out so much, she had to go to Natsume's room to get comforted.

"Yeah…" Everyone agreed in unison, and all of a sudden sounds could be heard from the home economics room.

Bam! Crash! Crack! Break! Scream.

The gang, minus Scooby Doo, slammed the door to the classroom open, to find that Anna had screamed and that almost every kitchen utensil and equipment had been smashed on the ground. Shard of glass, broken plates, and cups had surrounded the person that did this in question.

Koko. He looked at everyone nervously as he scratched the back of his head.

"Here." Natsume said, his voice laced with annoyance, holding out a black pen out to Mikan. She sighed as she took it from him. She removed the cap with her teeth and scribble down one last rule on the paper.

Koko is not allowed to juggle Anna's cooking utensils and equipment. Which includes glass bowls, plates, cups, frying pans, blenders, sharp pointy knives, and even spoons.


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