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51 Things That Tsubasa is Not Allowed to Do

Under Any, I repeat ANY Circumstances

1. Tsubasa is not allowed to go to Mikan and Co.'s classroom with his hair all messy and wearing nothing, but boxers and declare that Natsume and Ruka are really crazy bitches in bed.

2. Break into school in the middle of the night, decorate the school with hanging raw sausages, and when students and teachers come to class in the morning, declare that he chopped off every males' 'sausage' in the middle of the night and he wanted to show the school that he has a lot of fun in his room.

3. Come to class wearing a pretty pink tutu and say he borrowed it from Natsume.

4. Be a camera whore every two minutes.

5. Hug Mikan in front of Natsume.

6. …Then attempt to take her to his bedroom.

7. Give Youichi the URL to a porn site and say it's actually a web site will pictures of Mr. Bear.

8. Take over Natsume's shadow and force him to dance a routine from Dancing with the Stars.

9. Buy a Kung Fu movie and declare to be Kung Fu Panda.

10. Prank call every facility of the academy.

11. … With Mikan's cell phone.

12. Go up to every girl in school and say he like them big booty bitches in a funny Peter Chau accent.

13. Tell Ruka that if he doesn't bend over for him, then he will force Anna to cook Usagi.

14. Come to school with a seventy-two foot long blonde wig and tell everyone to call him Rapunzel and that he wants Natsume to save him from that crazy Mother Gothel, AKA Hotaru.

15. Sneak into Misaki's room, steal all of her undergarments, and blame it on Natsume.

16. Team up with Koko to draw pictures of Natsume and Ruka making out on all the walls of the Academy.

17. After Anna makes an entire five course meal for Yuu, eat all the food right in front of her to see if she'll start over again.

18. Run up and down the hallways screaming that Mikan and Hotaru are having hot, crazy, mechanical sex in the classroom.

19. Hump every Ruka and Natsume picture in Hotaru's secret blackmailing room.

20. Create carbon copies of Narumi cut-outs, carry them around school, and say that he and Narumi are in a secret gay relationship.

21. Paint himself green and announce that he is the Amazing Tsubasa Hulk, so bow down to him and his greenness.

22. Force Nonoko to create a potion that when sprayed on a person, it causes them to pee their pants.

23. … And make the first test dummy victim Yuu.

24. Team up with Koko and Kitsune to unleash a deadly unbaked pie attack on Natsume to see if he'll bake the pies for them.

25. Whisper to Ruka that his nipples are hard for him.

26. … And so is the raging rabbit in his pants.

27. Come to class in a tight, white tank top and tight, white shorts, and then dump an entire bucket of water over himself.

28. Tell Narumi that pink really isn't his color.

29. Sneak in to Mikan's room while she sleeps, crawl into her bed and take pictures of them together.

30. … Then wave the developed pictures in Natsume's face the next morning.

31. Declare that every Tuesday is, "Slap Ruka's Ass Tuesday."

up in a Spider Man costume and spray every girl he sees with spider webs, AKA silly string.

33. Go up to Narumi and say every cheesy pick up line in an ever so cheesy pick up line book.

34. Force Yuu to make an illusion that makes himself look like he got major boob implants.

35. Tell Sumire that Ruka and Natsume are having hot and heavy make-out session in a classroom, but actually lure her into the evil clutches of angry kindergarteners.

36. Tell everyone that he is shadow raping them in the belly button.

37. Fill the girls' bathroom with stink bombs.

38. … And then blame it on Koko.

39. Announce to the entire class that he and Mikan are actually engaged to be married.

40. Dress up in a ninja costume, and run down the hallways, whacking students on the head with crusty baguettes.

41. Jump out randomly out of nowhere, while playing the Pokémon theme song, dressed as Ash, while yelling, "I choose you, Pikachu!"

42. Come in to class singing, "Friday," by Rebecca Black.

43. Photo copy pictures of him and Narumi making out and post them all over the school.

44. Bring the entire class outside, control their shadows, and force them to dance routines from High School Musical.

45. Bring the entire class outside, control their shadows, and force them to dance routines from all the Bring It On movies.

46. Bring the entire class outside, control their shadows, and force them to dance routines from anything. PERIOD.

47. Kidnap Narumi, knock him out, and dress him up in actual manly men clothes.

48. Critic Anna's cooking like the guy from Hell's kitchen.

49. Tell Natsume that Mikan is waiting in the janitor's closet, while actually luring him in to a closet full of hormonal teenage girls.

50. Switch Ruka's shampoo with ranch dressing mixed with raw, dead animal meat.


"Okay, I think we are finally finished!" Exclaimed Ruka as he looked over beautiful list that was just created. He sighed to himself and turned around to see his friends. They were all currently standing outside of their classroom, eyeing the list.

"This better do it because if he doesn't stop I'm going to feed him to angry kindergartners!" Screamed Sumire as she stomped her foot on the ground, "Why does everyone have to give me to angry kindergartners?"

Mikan went to Sumire and gave her a tight hug. "Yeah, Tsubasa has a problem right now, but maybe it will pass." Mikan said, trying to comfort one her best friends. "It will never pass! Who is going to feed me to them next?" Sumire panicked, fanning her face with her hands, sweat was starting to form on her forehead.

"Yeah, but have you noticed that most of these things about Narumi-Sensei? It's kind of freaky. Maybe they are in a secret gay relationship!" Koko laughed as he held on to Ruka for support. There was a stern 'ahem', behind Koko and he stopped laughing. He turned around and was face to face with Narumi, who had a questioning look plastered on to his face.

"Oh, Koko, you know I'm standing right here, yet you treat me like poop anyway! You're too harsh!" Narumi cried with pity tears welling up in his eyes. Narumi instantly ran over to Mikan and hid behind her attempting to block Koko's so called, 'harsh' words.

"Koko! Be a little nicer to Narumi-Sensei! It's not his fault that Tsubasa-Senpai used him as a main target, besides you used poor Ruka as your main target!" Mikan told Koko sternly holding on to Narumi tightly as he cried on her shoulders.

This time there was a stern 'ahem', coming from behind Narumi and Mikan. When they both looked up, they instantly met with some extremely pissed off looking crimson eyes. Natsume glared down at the two who had their mouths gaping open. There were slight gasps and snickers coming from the gang, who were trying to hide their enjoyment from watching this little scene.

Narumi instantly let go of Mikan and ran terrified for his life, straight in to his classroom. Mikan glared at Natsume for a while, until they heard a bloody scream coming from the classroom. Mikan dropped her eyes and ran straight to the door of the classroom and slammed it open. The gang quickly followed after her and instantly saw the shocking scene.

Narumi was on the floor, holding on to his knees, rocking back and forth in his little spot. In front of Narumi were scraps and shreds and large pieces of girly, fancy looking cloth all over the room. The fabric covered the chairs and tables of the classroom, but it also covered the person who was guilty. Sitting there in a pile of the girly fabric was little Youichi, with a pair of very sharp, pointy scissors, that were currently busy cutting more of the fabric.

Youichi looked up innocently, like he hadn't done anything wrong and pointed at the back door of the classroom. There, trying to make is stealthily getaway, was Tsubasa, holding an empty box. He looked up surprisingly and inched for the handle, nervously. Then, just like that, Tsubasa bolted out of the door, dropping the box behind him as Koko, Kitsune, and Yuu bolted, just as fast, out the door. Mikan sighed, walking over to Narumi attempting to get him to stop hyperventilating. Natsume went over to Youichi, picked him up and gave him a high five and a satisfying smirk. The others were just looking at the sad, sad scene as they tried to help pick up the poor fabric that didn't have a chance.

Ruka walked quietly outside of the room and walked to the list. He sighed and took a black sharpie out of his pocket and wrote down one final rule.

51. Tsubasa is not allowed to steal all of Narumi's girly clothes and leave Youichi with all the clothes, unattended. With a pair of sharp, pointy scissors.


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