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"It'll be perfect." Face soothed as they neared the apartment. "Just you and me, and a bottle of good champagne, some chocolate fondue and fresh fruit..." he was unlocking the door. Face had planned the entire evening. It was the last night of her stay in L.A. and he wanted to make it a memorable one.

What he didn't count on, was a loud sneeze when he opened the door. It didn't come from him.


"Mmm, sounds absolutely – " The rest of her sentence was drowned out by the loud sneeze coming from the pilot. She was dressed in something nice, a little black dress and heels. Her hair was free and slightly curly; the way she knew he liked it. She blinked at the pilot who looked like death warmed over. "Murdock, are you sick?" She moved towards him but stopped really not wanting to catch whatever it was he had.

"Oh, dear." Murdock sniffled, keeping the Kleenex at his nose. "Don't come too close now. I'm afraid I've caught something that turned my nose red and my fingers blue." he said sadly, showing her his raw face.

Face groaned to himself. "I hope it's not serious...?"

She made a small face at the redness of his nose and looked to Face, "Do you have any Nyquil or something?" She moved into the kitchen and put some hot water on, instantly going into caretaker mode, "How long have you been sick, Murdock? You seemed fine yesterday." She rummaged around for some tea she knew she had left behind last time.

"Got it this afternoon. Don't know what happened. All of a sudden it's like I got hit by a bus! Just started sneezin', and then it was all over." He sighed unhappily, fetching the medicine from the bathroom cabinet.

She nodded slowly. "You poor thing." She slowly approached him and lightly touched his forehead to see if he had a fever. "Well you're a little warm to the touch, but not too much so that's good." She returned to the small kitchen and washed her hands thoroughly just to be safe. She had a stellar immune system but still – better safe than sorry. Soon the kettle whistled and she poured the Captain some tea and brought it to him. "This will help." She looked at Face as she sat down and kicked her heels off. "Now what?" Obviously the rest of their evening had been axed.

Face sighed and opened the champagne. "Well, I for one am not going to let this ruin things. Let's still get out some glasses."

Murdock grinned a little. "I know! We can have a party! Let's play party games! Oooh ooh. Truth or dare, we have to play truth or dare!"

She shifted a little on the chair she was sitting in and tucked her legs underneath her, "Go for it." She said to Face, as he talked about not letting this ruin the evening. At Murdock's suggestion she quirked a brow; maybe if they did this the time would pass and the cold medicine would finally end up knocking the pilot out. "I'm game."

Murdock took the Nyquil and settled back in his chair. "All righty I'll go first. Faceman! Truth or dare?"

"Truth. I'm not taking one of your crazy dares. Knowing you, you'll have me climbing out the window."

Murdock pouted. "Okay, fine." he thought up something. "What's your favourite Disney movie?"

"Oh no..." Face groaned.

Charissa covered her mouth with her hand as casually as possible at Murdock's question and waited to hear the answer as she took a glass of the champagne from Face and took a sip, unable to hide the smirk across her lips as she did so.

"Come on! You gotta tell Cap'n Sosa!" Murdock grinned with glee.

"All right, all right! It's...it's Cinderella."

"Go on Face, tell her how you like to watch it when you're sick and sing along with the mice!"


She just about fell out of her chair at that and had to shift so her legs hung over the arm as she laughed, "Really? Cinderella?" She amused and stored that little piece of information away for later usage if needed, "That's…adorable, really."

"Never speak of it again." he glared at Murdock. "So!" he said, turning to Charissa. "Truth! Or dare...?"

"Gee, how did I know that was coming?" She tapped her chin lightly in mock thought. "Truth, no way in hell am I taking one of your dares." She folded her arms and waited wondering if Face would behave himself in front of Murdock or push at a few buttons anyways…she was pretty much figuring on the latter.

Face smirked, glancing back at Murdock for a moment. The pilot had no idea. "First kiss with another woman." he leaned on an elbow. "And I want details."

She narrowed her eyes, looked at Murdock and then back at Face. "How do you even know I've even kissed another woman?" She quirked a brow curiously.

"Because I know you have." Face said, grinning broadly.

"Faceman? Why d'you wanna hear about her kissin' a girl? You kiss girls all the time; you know what it feels like." Murdock pointed out.

She rolled her eyes, "College. Sophomore year…it was on a dare and I was a little tipsy." She admitted, hoping that she'd answered his question well enough. She then looked between the two of them, trying to decide on her first victim.

"Come on. What was her name?" Face pried, grinning broadly.

Murdock sneezed again and blew his nose. "I don't get you, Faceman..."

"Hell, I don't remember…" She was being serious and then looked at Murdock, "Okay, your turn Murdock. Truth or dare?" She smiled nicely at him.

"Oooh. Um." he thought for a moment. His mind was kind of hazy. "Truth! They're more fun, anyway."

Face poured himself some more champagne. The bubbles tickled his nose and he sneezed a little himself.

She nodded slowly and thought for a moment. "Okay…your favorite funny story about your best friend over there." She smirked, still getting even with Face and without asking him the fated question of the game.

"Oh yay!" Murdock clapped his hands, even as Face turned in desperation to stop him. "This one time, see, we had to hypnotize B.A. to get him on a plane. Face was all skeptical-like, he didn't believe it. So we had her do him too." he nodded. "Whenever we'd say 'bingo', he'd start doin' a dance and squawkin' like a chicken!" he laughed. "Oh and we forgot to take it off, too...went down the mission and realized it was a games night...people screamin' Bingo all over the place!"

Charissa snickered and took a sip of champagne an amused expression across her features as she sat back. "Fascinating." She eyed Face out of the corner of her eye and then looked back at Murdock wondering if she'd get questioned or if he'd go for Face again.

Murdock smiled back at her. "Truth or Dare, Cap'n!" he paused. "Uh...d'you mind me callin' you Cap'n? It's just that I don't really know...callin' you Charissa, that's sort of Face's thing..."

She smiled, "Captain is fine, Murdock." She smiled, "Whatever makes you comfortable, and truth." She knew better than to take a dare from Murdock; she'd take one from Face before she'd do that.

Murdock grinned. "Best prank you ever pulled on somebody, and did you get away with it."

She sat back and thought for a moment. "Well there was this one time on a cruise ship and I stole this really good looking guy's shorts… but there's one better. There was this chick who was my worst enemy in the Academy so I glued her gun together; then when she had to take it apart for inspection, she couldn't; and yes I did get away with it." She said smugly.

Murdock laughed excitedly and clapped his hands. "That is amazing, that is, I'm glad I never pissed you off nowhere, I'd have woken up with all my supplies glued to the ceiling!"

She laughed. "I don't think you can piss me off, Murdock, I like you too much." She promised and sat back, her eyes sliding slowly over to Face. "Your turn, lover-boy, truth or dare?" She asked with a devious grin.

"Truth." he said, with some confidence. After Murdock's little scheme, there was little else he was really embarrassed about.

She bit her lower lip for a moment or two and thought. "Hmm, the most embarrassing thing you've ever done, and don't try to lie because I'm sure we have a witness in this room." She warned him and waited with an almost gleeful look across her face.

"That's - that's not fair!" Face protested, his cheeks going pink at the thought of that lacy white dress. And the matching...parts. "You, you have to be specific!"

Murdock cackled. "That's not in the rules, Faceman, you gotta tell her!"

"Oooh, I think I hit a nerve. Come on Face, spill it." She smirked. "You can do it, it will only hurt your pride just a little." She taunted.

"Fine." Face muttered into the table, as he hid his face in his hands. "There was - there was this one mission where we had to go undercover. And - and there was this big, this big poufy white lacy wedding dress, and it wouldn't fit Murdock, so I had to wear it."

Murdock crowed with delight. "Oh Faceman, tell her about the matching garter belt and stockings and veil you wore, even though you didn't have to!"

Face moaned and tried to slide under the table.

Murdock leaned over. "I think he liked the feelin'."

She let her head fall back in sheer laughter. "How cute; you were a blushing bride," she teased, "you didn't happen to get pictures of that, did you Murdock?" She grinned hopefully at the Captain.

Murdock shot a sideways glance at Face, who was desperately waving his hands in the air. "Well..."

"Please, please, Murdock, no! I'll - you can have whatever you want! I'll - I'll let you stay up as late as you want every night and jump on my bed and drive my 'vette and eat my food, but don't - please!"

"There are pictures!" She hugged her middle as she fell into another fit of laughter and sagged in the chair she was occupying. "Show me the pictures and I'll take you to Disneyland next time I visit." She challenged.

"I don't know, Faceman, Disneyland..." Murdock moaned.

"I'll take you to Disneyland!" Face exclaimed. "I'll take you to Disneyland every day for the rest of summer! Just please, please don't show her those pictures!"

Charissa backed off and gave Murdock a small sly wink. "Okay boys, moving on. Your turn Face. Pick your next victim." She sat back, taking a drink of champagne and waited.

Face glared at Murdock. "Truth or dare."

"Why don't you give me a dare, Faceman." Murdock said happily.

"Fine, I dare you to tell Charissa what El Diablo means."

Murdock's eyes widened. "B-but Face..."

Charissa blinked. "Face." He was being mean and as much as she wanted to know why Murdock had an obsession with the song she didn't believe this was the time to go about it, especially considering Murdock wasn't feeling well. "Ask him something else and be nice. We're all just having fun here." She chided him.

"No, no, I have to...that's the rules of the game, you can't change your dare after it's done decided." Murdock was pale. "Uh, El Diablo, uh, that's as you know, Spanish for the devil. And that's song's singin' about the Devil walkin' about...when he comes near..."

She nodded slowly. "Okay… so I don't get why you keep humming it around me…" She admitted, completely missing the point. "But it doesn't matter for now, you answered the question."

Both Murdock and Face blinked at each other, then visibly sagged in relief, letting out identical happy sighs.