This is the first Legend of the Seeker fanfiction I started writing. For some reason, like a lot of others, I saw a great amount of romantic/sexual chemistry between Cara and Kahlan (it was actually because I started reading Cara/Kahlan fanfiction). And because of this, I decided to write a story featuring them. I describe this as The Blue Lagoon meets Legend of the Seeker. It was originally in a partial script format, but has been transferred into complete prose format for those who will like this story much more in this format and/or didn't given the original a chance because of the partial script format. You will get more insight into the characters' thoughts this way, as pieces that weren't there before have been added, and some of the wording has been refined as well. The partial script format is still available for reading, on LiveJournal under the same user name, but only up to Part 12 because that is where it last left off before the revamp and I am not interested in writing any more of the story in that format. The interlude is the only aspect of the story that has not been revamped. The mature parts of the story — in this case the explicit sex scenes— are also on LiveJournal under the same user name, both the non-prose and complete prose versions. This is the PG-13/TV-14 version of the revamp. And without further delay, it begins as follows:

Memories Guarded in Blue Paradise

It is harsh and hard — this cold atmosphere of snow and frost under the timid sun. Trees sway wildly. Grass struggles to be seen. And the sounds brought on by the howling winds are reminiscent of those made by the most heinous of creatures. But every now and then, there is a reprieve from this harshness, brief stillness allowing the tiniest bit of warmth, as Richard Cypher, Kahlan Amnell, Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander and Cara Mason all sit around a fire joking and laughing.

The group have thought of visiting Aydindril, have thought of ways to best take care of Darken Rahl, but he has suspiciously been on "good behavior" for months now. For reasons they feel no need to voice, the group have decided to continue traveling together for the time being, helping to combat the occasional criminal and to simply lend a helping hand. The interactions are often accompanied with praise for their part in having defeated the Keeper, although Richard is quick to state that they were only doing what needed to be done. He and Kahlan, though blissfully in love, have not yet made a successful move to consummate their new-found freedom. Every time one of them approaches the subject, it ends awkwardly. Richard knows not the reason for this, and neither does Kahlan. But he hopes that changes tonight.

"Oh c'omn, Zedd," Richard, sporting a scruffy beard and covered in a fleece, smiles his way, "it's not that cold. I would think a wizard of the First Order has been through worse." He holds his hands over the fire.

Zedd, also wearing a fleece, his long robe showing beneath, frowns as he pulls his arms close to his body for warmth. "My boy, when you're as old as me, your body starts to behave in ways you never expected. Why, just last night, before succumbing to my slumber, I released air more foul than a dozen rotting banelings."

The group laughs.

"Good thing your bedroll was far enough away from the fire, Wizard. Or else you might have incinerated us all," Cara says, appearing quite serious.

Kahlan giggles besides her, nudging the woman with her leg for good measure.

Cara, in her usual Mord-Sith attire, is the only one not protected in some kind of extra clothing to shield her from the harsh winds. Kahlan has on two layers of leather fabric over her usual "Confessor wear."

"I only speak the truth," Cara tells them.

Kahlan watches her female companion in wonderment, trying to place just when it was that she developed the ability to read the woman so well. Mord-Sith or not, there are things even Cara cannot hide from her. Like the fact that she is most assuredly freezing to death, despite her protests. Being a D'Haran, the blonde isn't exactly as used to the cold as she is, and yet they sit here as contrasted by clothing as they are by personality. "I don't know what I would do without all of you," she says, turning to the group.

"Well," Richard starts, "Zedd here is the all powerful wizard. If he's that cold and hungry, the least he could do is summon better heat along with a handsome feast."

"Richard, Richard," Zedd says, waving his hands about, "while eating to my heart's content is most tempting, I learned in my gorgeous youth not to use my powers for what is not needed...or trivial. Cara has managed to gather enough meat for everyone; I'm just a greedy old man who loves to eat. And, as you have made abundantly clear, we are not exactly in peril."

Kahlan smiles, and glances over each of her friends "Isn't this great? The four of us here, just enjoying life, without any threat of Darken Rahl or the Keeper?"

Richard frowns. "Rahl is still alive. And as long as he is, that will always be a threat."

"Yes," Kahlan says, "but for now, things are...easier."

Zedd scratches his chin. "So it would seem."

Cara stretches her arms. "I don't know about any of you, but I need some fresh air." She looks at her surroundings and corrects herself. "Fresher air. My legs aren't the same without some form of healthy movement every now and again," she says, standing. "Besides, I should scout the area again."

Kahlan looks up at her. "I'll come with you."

Cara nods, walking off in the direction of the wooded area, with Kahlan trailing close behind.

Zedd looks after them. "They sure have gotten close, haven't they?"

Richard smiles. "Yeah, they're like sisters now." He holds his hands back over the fire.


Cara and Kahlan walk side by side, Cara surveying their surroundings closely. Woods provide excellent cover, and she knows all too well how easy it can be for an enemy to spring up on them. "You didn't have to come, you know," she tells Kahlan.

"And why wouldn't I?" the brunette replies. "I've started to enjoy our silent bonding moments."

"Then why aren't you silent?"

Kahlan laughs.

Cara attempts to move ahead, but Kahlan grabs her by the arm, forcing her to look at her. "What's wrong, Cara? Ever since we defeated the Keeper and you had Zedd restore your memories of being rebroken, you haven't been quite the same."

Cara removes her arm from Kahlan's grasp and again moves forward, Kahlan deciding to follow instead of protest.

"Strange that I have memories of things that never happened in this world," Cara says. "Now I know what Richard must feel like. Powerful magic, it is."

"That's our Zedd for you..." Kahlan opines. "But why did you ask for it? It only seems to have caused you pain. Misery even."

"I needed to know... Not just hear about it, but truly know." Cara stops and turns to her. "What I did..."

"It wasn't you."

"But it was. And with my memories intact, I know that for certain now."


Kahlan touches a hand to the blonde's shoulder and Cara's hand instinctively moves to rest on top of it. She initially seems intent upon removing the brunette's touch, but ultimately decides against it. Staring into the woman's eyes, she lets a rare emotion shine through. "I also wanted to remember Dahlia... Our time together... You don't need to know the specifics, but she was important to me at one point in time. Very."

Kahlan's features soften, first into confusion, then into sorrow, but she only listens.

"How could I forget that?" Cara questions. "My time with someone that I..."

"You didn't just forget."

"Still... Memories are what shape us, what we fall back on when we need to remember who we are... Those of meaning to us." There is a flicker of something unfamiliar to Kahlan as Cara seems to deepen the gaze between them."I don't think I could ever not remember you like that," the blonde says.

Kahlan appears warmed by those words, until Cara continues, "Or Richard, or Zedd," and Kahlan is then left with a faint hint of disappointment.

The moment is interrupted, however, by sounds of screams reverberating in the distance. It's the sound of men in pain, swords clashing.

Kahlan's features turn to panic. "Richard."

Cara and Kahlan rush back from whence they came.


Richard and Zedd fight at least ten to fifteen D'Haran soldiers, their speed matching that of the soldiers' with almost little effort. Richard spins left, avoiding a blade aiming for his gut. Zedd blasts a few of the men with his wizard's fire.

It isn't long before Cara and Kahlan arrive and immediately engage in battle. Their backs to each other, Cara uses her agiels to disarm and kill two soldiers at once; Kahlan moves off her to gracefully twirl her daggers into two more enemies.

Richard is nicked by a blade to the face, but quickly plunges his sword into a plump D'Haran.

Zedd spots Kahlan now some distance away from Cara, an enemy lunging for her from behind as she fights off a scraggly fellow; he blasts the D'Haran, sending him some feet back. Kahlan finishes off her current opponent.

Cara is busy poking and whipping four men with her agiels; she kills one with a blow to the neck, two others with a stab to the chest. She fatally injures the final one, and he does not have long to live. Quickly, he reaches beneath his armor and pulls out a small, glowing orb, which changes colors as he holds it up. He looks to a comrade, the only other D'Haran left, trading blows with Richard. "Samuel!" he yells.

Cara watches the man curiously as Kahlan runs to her side. "What's going on?" the brunette asks.

"Samuel!" the soldier yells again.

The other soldier, young and determined, clashes his sword against Richard's one last time before jumping back. He looks across to his fallen friend as he speaks once more: "It's up to you now."

And with that, the fallen man throws the orb to the younger soldier. "They're already together," he tells him. "Do"

As the man dies, the younger soldier quickly turns his gaze to Cara and Kahlan. "J'ahan, Nae, Tae, Wah-lu," he speaks.

Peculiar mist starts to rise from the ground, the orb glowing more intensely, changing colors at a lightning pace.

Richard surveys the action transpiring before him, and Zedd moves beside him to assess it as well. "What magic is this?" asks Zedd.

Cara and Kahlan look from them to the young soldier.

The young soldier holds the orb up high. "J'ahan, Nae, Tae, Wah-lu!" he repeats. He throws the orb down in front of Cara and Kahlan with such force that it smashes at their feet, a tornado-like fog suddenly engulfing the two.

Cara starts to fade first, the bottom half of her body seeming to disappear before everyone's eyes, the rest of her slowly following afterward. Her eyes display a subtle fear as she watches the Mother Confessor, and she speaks one last thing before she is gone completely. "Richard! Get to Kahlan."

The same thing that happened to Cara is already happening to Kahlan. Just as Richard rushes toward her, she disappears, her face the last thing to go and her mouth whispering "Richard" as he swipes his hand through the air where that face last existed.

Richard's eyes are ones of disbelief. "Kahlaaaaaan!" For a few moments, he heaves in place, clearly distraught. But with a sudden movement, he looks over his shoulder at the young soldier, tears in his eyes."What did you to her? To them?" he asks, swiftly moving toward the young enemy.

Seeing Richard approach, the young soldier wastes no time stabbing himself in the gut, falling to the ground dead.

Zedd moves over his body, quickly looking to Richard. "I fear the worst has only begun," he says.


Dust rises near a shore, an image taking shape with it; it is Cara, her body reforming with the aid of the tornado-like wind. Kahlan soon appears beside her, reforming completely as well.

Cara checks her own body, as if to make sure she is all there, then moves in front of Kahlan in a defensive stance, her agiels out as she scans their surroundings.

Kahlan looks around as well, a hand to her head and a lost look in her eyes. "Richard!"

Cara takes in the view: The land, the strange-looking trees, the ocean of water behind them, the bright blue sky with the sun beaming down and framing it all; while not many Mord-Sith would care to appreciate the scenery, Cara can see that it is quite beautiful.

"Richard! Zedd!" Kahlan continues to call out.

Cara touches a hand to Kahlan's arm. "It's no use, Kahlan." She sighs, looking around. "Wherever we are, Richard and Zedd are far, far from here."

Kahlan stops to finally take in the complete view, gazing behind them at the water stretching for miles.

"Look at the bright side," Cara adds. "We won't have to worry about being cold here." She moves forward, toward the trees before them, with Kahlan following.


Richard kneels before the young soldier.

Zedd paces back and forth in front of them, hand under his chin, obviously in deep thought.

"What could possibly be worse than losing Kahlan?" asks Richard. Frustrated, he stands, raking a hand through his hair. "And what about Cara? She was right, you know. It was stupid of us to stop for rest in an open field, even if for a bit." There is silence as they look around. "I don't understand this, Zedd. What's happened?"

Zedd stops for a moment."In all my years of wizardry, I don't believe I have ever sensed a transportation spell as powerful as that one."

"Transportation spell?"

Zedd begins to pace again. "Yes, it was certainly that."

"But to where?"

"That is what we must find out, and soon. I fear dark magic may be at play here. That spell was primal. But there was also something..."

"What?" Richard's voice is eager.

"Something serene about it, "Zedd answers. "I can't explain, except to say that a wizard knows. Or even..." He stops in front of Richard, both seeming to have reached the same conclusion.

" ...a witch," Richard says.

"Shota," they agree in unison.


Cara moves through the jungle-like atmosphere, with Kahlan trailing close behind.

"You think Shota had something to do with this?" the brunette asks.

"Why not? That witch has been a thorn in our sides for quite some time."

"I just don't get the point. Why would she do this?"

Cara stops, holding up a hand in signal for Kahlan to halt as well and to look straight ahead.

Kahlan opens her mouth in awe at the sight.

They see a brilliant plunge waterfall spilling over into the massive lake before them. Rich, green grass frames the area, and green patches offset the waterfall. Birds can be heard chirping in the background. And a heart-stopping light, as if sent from the Creator herself, shines down over it all.

"I... I've never seen anything so beautiful," Kahlan confesses.

Cara smirks. "It'll do. Let's go," she says, moving forward.

"Where are you going?"

Cara stops to look back at Kahlan. "You may want to stay there and coo and awe over some water spilling over a big rock, but I most certainly do not. If you haven't noticed, the heat here comes close to rivaling that of the Underworld. It's clear we'll need to cool down at this area often. Good shade, nice source of water, pleasant place to bathe. Yes, it'll do." She attempts to head for the lake again.


Cara halts once more to turn to Kahlan. "What, you want to speak of Richard and Zedd some more? I'm not sure what has happened, but it's like I said, they'll find us. I know it. The least we can do is be alive when they do." She starts for the lake again.

"Well, why do you always have to lead?"

Cara stops yet again. Stares at Kahlan with amusement, and then ushers toward the lake with her hand, in a signal that Kahlan may step ahead. "After you, princess."

Kahlan is taken off-guard by the endearment, but it perplexes her as to why. It's not as though Cara means it that way. Maybe hearing it from Cara's lips is what is odd? Kahlan thinks. "Ha, ha," she replies sarcastically, ignoring the feeling that it has incited in her as she leads the way.


Richard and Zedd storm in through bronzed doors of a relatively dark dwelling harboring only the bare necessities, Zedd's magic dissipating all around them.

They quickly spot the all-powerful witch Shota emerging from the shadows to peer at them. Her long, auburn hair contrasts vividly against the cloak wrapping her body like a second skin. Her almond eyes show depth that only one who has lived many years could reflect, but also of one who knows more than they should. "I've been waiting for you, Zeddicus," she says.

Richard moves close to the woman, sword in hand and teeth grinding. "What did you do?"

"I did nothing. It is not me, but what you have not done," Shota replies. She looks past Richard, to Zedd. "Looking as stoic as ever I see, Zeddicus."

Zedd moves closer now. "Skip the pleasantries, Shota. If you have been waiting for us, then you know why we're here."

Shota arches an eyebrow. "Your Mord-Sith and Confessor have gone missing."

"What do you know of it?" Zedd asks.

"Simple, Zeddicus. A new prophecy has arisen."

"A new prophecy?'

"With memories deeply cherished, the Mother Confessor's love for another wills the world to perish," the witchwoman answers.

Richard lowers his sword, confused. "Another prophecy about Kahlan? Love for another?"

"For another, other than you, Seeker," Shota nods cryptically. "The Mother Confessor will fall in love with another."

"That's impossible!" Richard counters, frowning.

"Good spirits!" Zedd exclaims.

Richard is just thankful to have Zedd with him, someone else to confirm the insanity of the witchwoman's words. "Exactly," he says, "Kahlan would never -"

" - No, not that," Zedd interjects. "This is the first time a prophecy has forever; this has to be unprecedented."

Richard sends an "Are you serious?" look Zedd's way.

Zedd gets the point, clearing his throat. "I mean, what of this prophecy?" he amends his previous statement.

Richard cannot be bothered with this any longer. "It doesn't matter. She's lying." He sneers.

Shota moves closer to them both, eyes showing that offense has been taken. "I assure you that I have never been wrong about a prophecy. I think you would know that by now, Seeker. And I have no reason to lie." She moves to a mysterious-looking bowl, set atop a table in the middle of the floor. "This love will be a dangerous one...for it will keep the Mother Confessor from fulfilling her most honored and most important duty of all - protecting the Seeker."