If you do not want to be spoiled on the story, do not read the following part. If you have finished the story, then read away.

Like I stated in the comments section for this final entry at LiveJournal: I knew that the ending would be a "love it or hate it" kind of thing. I knew that years ago. The title of the story says it all. One of my readers (gostode) came close to guessing how the story would end based on the title. You can see that at CARA AND KAHLAN: MEMORIES GUARDED IN BLUE PARADISE, PART 2 OF PART 13 at LiveJournal in the comments section.

Before I wrote the story, I already knew how it would end (some writers, especially in screenwriting, are taught to know the ending before they know the beginning). So going into the story, I knew that I didn't want it to be a happy ending tale, at least not a full-on happy ending, and I was comfortable with that. I knew that Cara's and Kahlan's memories of their time on the island would be stuck (guarded) on that island. I knew that I wanted a bittersweet, sort of tragic, ending, and I stuck with that. Not all of my stories, whether it's Cara and Kahlan or some screenplay I'm working on, are going to be a happy ending. I like being flexible in that way, and it allows me to grow as a writer. With the ending of Memories Guarded In Blue Paradise, you can see that I did attempt to soften the blow. I had considered writing an alternative ending, like I've been considering for Fire Ignited, so that readers will have a purely happy ending for Memories Guarded In Blue Paradise, and I might still do that. Thanks for reading and enjoying what parts of Memories Guarded In Blue Paradise you did enjoy, if not all of it.

Oh, and regarding the ending of this story, I might have been inspired a bit by the I Will Remember You episode from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off series Angel. I recall wanting so badly for Buffy to remember, and being struck in the gut by that ending, despite more so wanting to see Spike and Buffy pair up in the romantic/intimate sense. That ending is so beautiful and yet so tragic; whether my ending conveys the same type of punch is something I'll leave up to the readers to decide.