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A kid about 11 or 12 years of age was resting against a large boulder on a beach near the famous professor rowan's Lab with a Lucario. The boy had a big round red hat that appeared to have a green poke ball on top, had black hair, A white jacket and black jeans With brown shoes.

"So… What do we do now? Rukario?" The boy asked the blue wolf like pokemon next to him. But before the pokemon replied with a usual grow or something It's eyes shot open and it quickly got up. It was running around the beach for a bit as though in search of something.

"Rukario… what's wrong?" The boy asked getting up, Lucario then ran to the waters edge and growled out to his owner. The boy quickly ran over to see what his pokemon got so worked up over, but what they found was shocking to say the least.

"O-Oh my god! What happened to it?" The boy yelled. Meanwhile, in another town in shinnoh, a 11 to 12 year old girl was packing her bags ready to leave home. She had long brown hair with gleaming green eyes. She wore a white and pink cap had a blue sleeveless shirt with a black t-shirt underneath and a red skirt. She was trying to force her bag shut, but had no avail due to the large amount of clothes she tried to pack.

"Trisha! Are you almost ready?" The girl's mother yelled out to her.

"A-almost!" The girl resorted to sitting on her suitcase and closing it shut. She ran downstairs to greet her mother goodbye before she left for her journey.

"Alright, mom I'm heading off now!" The Girl said rushing out of the house until her mother stopped her.

"Honey… you can't go around with that huge bulky suitcase, besides it looks like it could explode open at any given moment." Her mother said looking at the bag.

"Oh, don't worry mom, I'm a great packer, there's no way this bag will-" Just as she was about to finish her sentence the suitcase popped open with shirts, skirts and under clothes flying all around the room.

"What were you saying about being a great packer…" Her mother asked taking one of her daughter's bra's off her head. Trisha chuckled nervously with a pink pair of panties on her head.


"Alright, mom, this time I'm off for sure!" Trisha said with a small backpack on her shoulders as she left out of the house. She was currently in Jubilife city, which was the most technolized city in the whole region of Shinnoh.

"Alright… I have to take a boat down route 213, then take a blimp at canalave city to rowans lab… I could have just walked there from here, but my mom was so worried that I'd be attacked by wild pokemon…" Trisha said to herself as she walked towards 213

"seriously, I could have just bought some repellant and it would've been alright." Trisha said to herself. However, the only reason she didn't get any was because the LAST time she tried that. About a month ago, she was going to start her journey and just bought some repellant to ward off pokemon… or so she thought. She had mistakenly bought perfume that smelled like honey and well… I'm sure you can guess what happened after that.


Trisha found herself in the canalave city's air port. She was waiting on her flight to arrive which was running rather late and decided to just decided get something to eat from one of the nearby restaurants in the airport. After getting herself a drink, she returned to her flight section where she noticed the boy mentioned earlier. He ha his Lucario with him and was holding something small covered with a blue cloth. She would've ignored such a thing but Trisha could've sworn she saw a tail coming from whatever was in the cloth. It looked long, grayish white and was very furry.

"That's odd…" Trisha thought to herself. The Boy suddenly stopped and gave the clothed item to his Lucario.

"Sorry, Rukario, but can you watch this for a bit, I seriously need to pee!" The boy said as he ran into the nearest men's room. His Lucario just sighed and waited outside the restroom with the clothed Item. Trisha really couldn't help but wonder what was under that cloth so she decided to get a little closer and closer to the Lucario, staring at the tail that was coming out from the cloth. Trisha remembered buying a can of pokemon food for her new starter pokemon, and grew a mischievous smile as she hid behind a pillar and took the lid off the can. She took out a small pellet of food and threw it so that it was right under the Lucario.

"Rm…?" Te Lucario saw the small pellet on the ground, but what ever he was holding in the cloth was starting to move around inside. Lucario tried to keep the pokemon under the cloth, but he couldn't as a small grey blur escaped from it's grasp as swooped up the pellet. Trisha's eyes widened with shock as she saw what kind of pokemon came out.

"W-what kind of pokemon is that?" Trisha asked looking at the small pokemon eating. It was a small chinchilla like pokemon with huge ears huge brown round eyes and a little hair sticking up from it's head. It had really stubby limbs, but it's small arms were long enough to feed itself the pellet.

"T-that's so cute!" Trisha said to herself as Lucario tried to put the cloth back on the chinchilla pokemon, but it didn't take long for other people to notice the two pokemon.

"Hey what kind of pokemon is that?" "I 'v never seen it before…" These were some of the things people were saying as they began to crowd around the two pokemon. The boy finlly came out from the bathroom rubbing his stomach.

"Alright… I have no Idea what I could've eaten this morning, but I'm NEVER having it again…" The boy then realized that he along with his pokemon were surrounded by hords and hords of people, many of them taking pictures of them with their camera's and phones.

"What the- WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?" The boy yelled not believing the dire, yet utterly cliché and predictable situation he was in.

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Lucario: type: fighting and steel, the aura pokemon

Chillarmy: Type: normal, the chinchilla pokemon