Trisha's POV:

Hello, my name is Trisha Harper, Today I was supposed to be at professor. Rowan's lab selecting my starter pokemon to start off my journey with. But while I was at the airport to go to his lab, I met a very rude boy named Tyler, who was trying to get a never before seen pokemon back home to it's trainer in another region. Because of my Curiosity, I caused more problems for Tyler and we soon encountered a thief who tried to kidnap the lost pokemon. Tyler won the battle, but the thief still had a pokemon left and froze us behind our backs. Now we are both tied up in some sort of storage room for a flying saucer or whatever heading to who knows where so probably be killed, or worse…. Why didn't I just stay inside and play video games like everybody else? I mean I-

"Can you stop talking like that? It's getting annoying!" Tyler yelled.

"I want my mom…" Trisha pouted. Just as Trisha said, the two were tied up, back to back from each other in a air craft's storage room. Though it wasn't that big, as they were right behind the pilot's room, where The Trench coated man kept Chillarmy in a steel cage and Lucario in it's poke ball while in a small steel box. Blastiose was standing right in front of the door, but it wasn't paying attention to what was going on inside through the small square window.

"What are we going to do now? That guy never told us where we were going, Nobody knows what happened to us, and he took your pokemon! we're doo-"

"Shut it!" Tyler yelled slamming the back of his head into Trisha's causing her face to hit a steel wall.

"Haven't you heard of woman empowerment or some crap like that? Start showing some damn empowerment and stop whining!" Tyler yelled.

"Oh, I'm sorry, but what the hell do you expect me to do when I'm tied up?" Trisha asked with irritation in her voice. But Tyler just shushed her.

"Alright, listen…" Tyler whispered. " I'm going to try and loosen your ropes, That guy only tied up our arms, not our wrists. Plus I noticed that he tied us with a knot at the back." Trisha turned and saw the back of Tyler's ropes they were in fact tied in knots. She then saw Tyler shifting his arms from his side to his back, and scooted himself backwards to he was directly behind Trisha. Tyler tried to get the feeling back in his hands, but as he was moving them, he accidentally tapped a place that should never had been tapped.

"Hey! What where you're touching you pervert!" Trisha Whispered

"Shut up, it's hard to move your hands properly when your tied up and their behind your back!" Tyler snapped back. He lowered his back to that he could reach the knot and started pulling on it. In a matter of minutes, Trisha was completely untied.

"Wow, I can't believe that actually worked…" Trisha said.

"Yeah, yeah, now hurry and untie me before that guy or his blastiose notice!" Tyler said. Trisha then turned, but grew a mischievous smile. Tyler was waiting for Trisha to untie him, but instead he felt a sharp pulling pain to his cheeks.

"You really think I was gonna let you pulling my on my cheeks slide?" Trisha said in a evil tone as she pinched.

"Cut that out already, this is serious!" Tyler yelled as quietly as he could as Trisha then let go.

"Look, Just untie me so I can- wha-?" Tyler's eyes widened at what Trisha took out next.

"OH HELL NO!" The man who now had on a black shirt with black pants heard this and groaned.

"Annoying brats…" He seat to himself as he put the ship on auto pilot and got up to walk to the door and slammed it open.

"Will you brats keep it down, I'm trying to-" The Man then froze at the unbelievable sight he saw.

"I swear, If you draw on my face I WILL kick you!" Tyler threatened as Trisha was kneeling holding a permanent marker to his face. The two then turned and saw the man starring at them, and there was a awkward silence.


"It looks like I kidnapped one of those perverted couples…"

"WHO THE HELL ARE YOU CALLING A PERVERTED COUPLE?" The two yelled, But the man simply stepped aside as his blastoise stomped in the room.

"HYDRO PUMP!" The giant blue turtle aimed his shoulder cannons at the two as the gulped. The cannons then fired off a huge force blast of water.

"AHHH!" The two yelled as Trisha jumped back and Tyler pushed his feet to the ground and slid back, barely avoiding the attack. The two's eye's widened as there was a huge dent in the steel wall.

"The attack was that powerful…" then forced himself up, as he was still tied up. He glared at Trisha for leaving him like that, who only chuckled nervously.

"I think I'll just eliminate you two right here, Blastoise, FLASH CANNON!" As soon as Tyler heard this, He positioned his feet in running position. But the giant turtle fired the silver blast of energy to Trisha, who was paralyzed with fear as the blasts were quickly heading towards her.

"Crap!" Tyler yelled as he ran as fast as he possibly could, knocking Trisha out of the way, but having the blast hit his back head on and slamming him into the steel wall.

"TYLER!" Trisha yelled in disbelief at what happened. The man just laughed as Tyler slid down to the floor.

"That's one down, now I just need to go for the girl…"The man said starring at Trisha with a evil grin.

"Don't count me out yet…" Tyler groaned getting up as both The man and Trisha starred at him in shock that he's still alive.

"That attack wasn't as strong as your hydro pump since I didn't leave a dent in the wall. In fact, that only felt like a hard push…" Tyler said as the ropes were burning off his back.

"That means you were only using the upped power you get when using the same move as your type when you used hydro pump, as well as some sort of power enhancer, Meaning that your blastoise isn't nearly as powerful as it was shown to be!" Tyler said turning as facing the man and his blastoise. The man starred at him with irritation as Trisha did the same in shock That all He was thinking about was the pokemon's power.

"What a annoying pest, Ice beam!" The blastoise opened it's mouth and fired the blue freeze ray, but Tyler quickly avoided by moving to his left and picking up two nearby steel poles. He then ran to the pokemon as fast as he could.

"Do you really think you can take down a blastoise on your own? Hydro pump!" The blastoise aimed its cannons at Tyler, but before it fired the attack, Tyler jammed the two pipes deep into the Pokemon's cannons, causing small jets of water to leak out from the sides. Tyler then swung from the poles, and kicked the man in the face, again, Jumping off and knocking him down.

"C'mon! hurry up!" Tyler yelled to Trisha, who was still in shock at what Tyler just did. As she walked over she felt that as long as she was with him, that she should never piss him off… though she probably would anyway. As Tyler took Lucario's poke ball out the box the man got up and took out anther poke ball.

"You brat, I'm not done with you ye-"

"CLOSE COMBAT!" Tyler yelled as his Lucario popped out of it's capsule and unleashed a quick blur of punches to the man, finally kicking him back, causing him to slam into his Blastoise that then fell on top of him, causing him to drop his poke ball.

"Look, You're done now tell us where we're going or else!" Tyler commanded as Trisha got Chillarmy out of the cage.

"Hah, like I'd tell you, Blastoise Hydro cannon!" He yelled, but what the thief forgot was that the bars were still jammed in Blastoise's cannons. The Turtle's shell bloated as a sudden jet of water fired out from it's mouth. Tyler and Trisha missed the attack, but because of this, it hit the aircraft's control panel and it started electrocuting itself as it each device started bursting to flames.

"Ah sh*t!" everyone cursed as the aircraft was shifted over to the right causing everyone to fall over. In no time at all, the aircraft started to fly all around out of control.

"Damn! Rukario, return!" Tyler yelled as a small red beam hit Lucario and sucked it back into the poke ball.

"Old man, can't you do something? We'll all die at this rate!" Trisha yelled, holding onto a chair that was embedded into the floor while holding onto Chillarmy.

"Can't all the controls are shot, meaning all of you are gonna be dragged to hell along with me!" The man yelled as suddenly, the entire back wall of the storage room blew up, causing all the air to get in as sucking everybody out. Tyler and Trisha managed to hold on to something, but the man and his blastoise were the first to fly out.

"NOOOOOO!" The man yelled as he and his giant shellfish fell.

"How cliché…" Tyler said as he looked out the window and notice that they were above the sea but there was some land coming up.

"Alright, If we can land this on a beach like land we should be able to survive…" Tyler said, but then noticed that the chair Trisha was holding onto snapped off from the floor, causing her to fly out.

"TRISHA!" Tyler yelled instinctively letting go of the control panel and grabbing Trisha's arm.

"TYLER!" Trisha yelled in shock, the two soon flew out of the aircraft and were high above the sea which was near a close by forest.

"Oh crap… what do we do now?" Tyler thought in his mind as he and Trisha kept holding onto each other's arms.

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