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"Come on, think about it. A nice little villa in Acapulco. A little sand, a little sun, a little time away from the U.S. army and trouble." Face pleaded with Hannibal. He'd been bothering their C.O. for a week about heading south of the border for a well-deserved vacation. He was hoping they could rest up - even though they had completely healed from their injuries in Korea, it wouldn't hurt if they took some time off,"What d'you say, Murdock, a little fun in the sun?"

"Did you say there'd be beaches?" Murdock said, already putting sun tan lotion on his nose.

Hannibal couldn't help but grin as the pilot dumped the cream all over his face and arms, "Well, it looks as though he's raring to go. But you'll have to convince B.A. to get on a flight, because it'll take us days to drive there."

BA happened in on the last of the conversation and arched a brow, "Flyin'?" He shook his head soundly, "Nope. No way in hell. It ain't happenin'. You want beaches you got'em here in LA fools." He crossed his arms and eyed them all with a stubborn stare.

Life returned to normal for the most part for Charissa, she had visited the guys once since Korea, but it had been a few months and it was quiet. She liked quiet. There was a few things she got called in to do, but nothing like the last few incidences. She still had a lot weighing on her mind from them however and sometimes at night she'd have nightmares, memories of what she had gone through in the Korean jungle.

The thing that haunted her the most was the murder of her team. She would wake up shaking in a cold sweat, still seeing their dead eyes staring at her. The only thing she never seemed to dream of was Face killing Miranda… and that bothered her, because it didn't seem to bother her at all what he had done. Though granted when they had taken over that base in the middle of the jungle she hadn't been exactly humane either. She fell back onto her pillows and sighed staring at her ceiling.

"But B.A." Murdock whimpered, "In Me-hi-co, we don't have to worry about being caught. We can relax on the beach, make sand-castles, and bury Face in the sand!"

"I'm not getting buried." Face said, before picking up the phone and calling Charissa.

BA growled, it was hard to say no to the pilot, "You got some of them damn pills that'll knock my black ass out?" He questioned, staring Murdock down.

She had just turned over and tried to go back to sleep when suddenly she heard a familiar ringtone. Groaning, she sat up and reached for the new phone Face had sent her, it was like the other one and she still couldn't change the ringtone, "You do know what time it is don't you?" She asked, sounding very awake despite the time it was for her.

Murdock dangled the little bottle in front of him, "I keep it handy at all times. Don't take it the wrong way, you big angry mudsucker."

"Yes, and I know that in Mexico, it's the best time." He said cryptically.

BA snatched the bottle from Murdock, "Gimme those!" He looked over the bottle and then slipped it into one of the pockets of the vest he was wearing and nodded, "Alright suckas I'm in." A vacation did sound nice.

She arched a brow laying back, "Best time for what?" He was playing at something, trying to be cute she figured.

"Best time for you to meet us on a little holiday." Face opened up the tickets that he'd already bought behind everyone's backs. That was why he kept putting the pressure on - they were for a flight...tomorrow, "We're flying out tomorrow afternoon."

She arched a brow, "Really." She sat up; thrilled at the idea of getting away from the daily grind and not having to be working, "Sounds like a plan. Where in Mexico?" She questioned as she slid out of her bed and pulled her suitcase out from the top of her closet.

BA shook his head, "How in the hell did you get those Faceman? You ain't got that kinda cash." He was peering over the other man's shoulder eying the tickets.

"Acapulco." he looked at the tickets and rattled off the name of the airport - and the hotel they planned to stay at. It was a nice place, simple, family-owned and operated. No chains for them, "Now, B.A." He said, glancing back at the other man, "I have other ventures rather than just our business..."

Charissa smiled, "Have I mentioned just how much I love you?" She said into the phone and began to throw clothes onto her bed, "Do I… need to pack anything special?" She questioned her tone innocent as she eyed a few special clothing items she did happen to have, some of them for public places and others very much not.

BA snorted, "I always knew you doubled as a male escort." He teased the Lieutenant and moved away from him laughing, "Does your girl know about your nocturnal activities?" He asked with a laugh.

Charissa heard BA and laughed, "Is that BA? Let me talk to him."

"I am not a male escort! As it so happens I've been modeling!" He neglected to mention the nude modeling, "Here. Charissa wants to talk to you." he passed the phone over.

Charissa laughed harder as she heard the phone being passed, and then she heard BA voice.

"Hey girl, what's up?"

"I know all about his side jobs BA, I mean who do you think is his pimp?"

At that the Sergeant roared with laughter and handed Peck back his phone, "If you ever do something to screw it up with her fool I'll bust yo head in." He warned Face and then went to go pack.

"Message recieved." Face raised an eyebrow before going back to his phone, "Anyway. We'll be there around 5 pm local time tomorrow. Will we see you?"

Murdock was bouncing on the bed, eagerly grabbing things and shoving them in a suitcase.

She stopped laughing, "Yeah. I'm in." She stated, "Now I better go so I can call and get my ticket." She balanced the phone on her shoulder as she began to fold items and put them into her suitcase.

"Gotcha. See you tomorrow." Face grinned before hanging up. He'd already packed his clothing, so he went to help Murdock try to focus.

Hannibal was packing slowly, trying to consider everything that could go wrong. They had fresh passports, and would be certain not to mess them up this time, since they'd be flying commercial.

It had been years, ages since she had taken a true vacation so she was really looking forward to this. She grabbed her regular phone and made arrangements for her own flight and then called into HQ and told them she was taking a few days, lying and saying her Grandmother had died so there wouldn't be any question about the suddenness of her leave or the finished packing and sat her suitcase by the door of her apartment.

She went back to bed but could barely sleep, she was excited. The next morning she got up and got ready. Her flight left at two pm, it would take her to Dallas where she'd pick up her connecting flight to get to Acapulco. She checked to make sure she had everything as the taxi that would take her to the airport pulled up and honked. On the ride there she text the details of her estimated arrival time to Face.

He checked his text messages just as they were leaving, and was relieved to find out she was on board - well, that she would be on board soon. They left for the airport, tickets and false IDs in hand - and false IDs in their heads.

"I wanted to be the Catholic priest." Murdock complained to Face, as he adjusted his collar, "Why am I the Kindergarten teacher?"

"Because, Murdock, nobody's going to confess anything to you. And besides. You're good with kids."

"I'm good with baby goats, Faceman, I don't know the first thing about kids."

"Bad news then, since you'll probably get noticed and parents will ask you to baby-sit. We are flying first class..they'll want someone to watch the squallers while they sip champagne."

She relaxed back in the terminal and waited to hear the call for her flight to board over the PA system as she pulled out a book she had packed for the trip and dove into it. An hour later she was on the plane and sitting back in her comfortable first class seat as the plane was waiting to taxi out. She felt like the weight of the world had been lifted from off her shoulders by this. It felt good not to have to worry about anything as the plane finally began to take off, she lifted her glass of complimentary champagne in the air and silently gave a toast to who ever came up with the idea of vacations in the first place.

Murdock found himself up to his waist in kids running around.

Face was off listening to some beautiful young thing confess her sins and Hannibal and B.A. were playing doctor and comatose patient.

Murdock looked at the little ones running around and wondered what it would be like to have kids of his own. Then one ran over his foot, causing him to fall sideways. The kids saw this and screamed, all leaping on him at once. Murdock was submerged in preschool children.

She ended up having a little bit of a layover in Dallas, a small storm having moved in. She sighed and waited in the terminal there trying not to pace too much. It was a bad habit of hers. She settled into a chair after a moment and looked over a gossip magazine that someone had left behind.

BA slept most of the flight thanks to Murdock's magic pills, he started coming to as they drew close to their destination, "We there yet fools?" He asked in a groggy voice as he stretched and sat up straight. He wanted off the plane now, especially since he was waking up.

"We just have to land. Go back to sleep." Hannibal muttered. "We'll be in the air a half-hour, tops."

"I could write letters to Penthouse with some of the things I've heard today..." Face said, settling in across from Hannibal and doing up his seatbelt as the sign dinged on. "Has anybody seen Murdock?"

BA nodded and sat back, closing his eyes and gripping the arms of his seat, "Oh I bet it was just so hard for ya to hear that shit." He popped an eye open and looked at Face shaking his head, "You enjoyed every minute Fool." He closed his eyes again and became quiet as he silently counted the time down anything to distract himself from the fact he was on a damn plane.

Finally she was on the plane towards paradise as she saw it, she chatted a little with a couple that was seated across from her, they were an older couple and the wife had been particular concerned about her traveling alone, but she assured them she was definitely meeting someone there which the couple had found very romantic. She had blushed a little at that and then decided to take a small nap.

Murdock finally managed to peel himself off the floor when the parents strapped their children into their seats. He almost literally crawled back to his designated seat, teacher-glasses broken and hair sticking wildly in every direction. "Thanks...for nothing." He glared at Face, strapping himself in for descent, "I got mobbed by those kids and now I look like I got mugged by a bunch of goons!"

BA popped an eye open again hearing Murdock and shook his head at the crazy man's state but said nothing and closed his eyes again, "Lemme know when we're actually landing." He instructed them.

She slept for most of the flight, her nightmares of course not leaving her be as she ended up jumping awake at a soft weathered hand on hers, "You were having the worst dream." The older woman told her and gave her hand a pat.

"Sorry." Charissa sat up and fixed her clothes and hair then flagged the stewardess down for something strong to drink wishing the plane would go faster.

Murdock took off his glasses and attempted to fix them as they made their final descent.

Once they were unloading on the ground, Hannibal led them out with their bags towards the hotel, "When is Sosa supposed to meet us?" he asked.

"In an hour or so." Face checked his watch, adjusting for the time difference, They'd only crossed one time zone, so they'd be very close. "Her flight left after ours."

She watched out the window as the scenery changed and shifted and finally became what she hoped was her final destination. She finished the drink she had been nursing and gave her glass to the stewardess as she came by then fastened her seatbelt as the sign came on, "About time." She muttered as the plane began to circle so it could land.

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