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From the Pages of the Narrator

OK, so I've noticed a variety of these types of Fanfiction in other categories and realized that there wasn't one here so I thought "why not give it a shot?" So, here we have "From the Pages of the Narrator," the Into the Woods fan letter database. Have any questions you would like to ask anyone from Into the Woods: why the Baker and his Wife wanted a child, the full story behind why Rapunzel is in the tower, where Jack's father isn't back from, or Cinderella's Prince's romantic history, for example? Either review or PM me (whichever works). Direct your question to any character in Into the Woods (Baker, Baker's Wife, Cinderella, The Witch, Jack, Red, etc.) or Mirror and Rose (Beauty, Brina, Puss, the Beast, Chandler, anyone as long as you're not asking me for a spoiler), and "they" will answer.

I look forward to your questions!