After you dumped the prince, are you still a princess? (I'm guessing not, but it's worth asking, right?) Where are you now? And what became of your stepfamily? –Cookie VanDeKamp

Dear Cookie VanDeKamp,

Thank you very much for your questions! Forgive me for not responding earlier, but since I left the palace years ago, my life has become considerably busier. As to your question of whether or not I am a princess, no. I am not a princess here or anywhere since the giantess attack. I have largely avoided any contact with my Prince since then, and have thrived.

After we had killed the giantess, Chip (the Baker), Jack, Little Red Ridinghood and I made our way back through the woods to our little village. When we returned to the village, we began to rebuild what was left of Chip's cottage and Jack, Red and I moved in. During this time I would help out around the house. There are times, after all, when I actually enjoy cleaning. Meanwhile, I tried to fill the role of Mother to Red, Jack, and Chip's infant daughter, Beauty; all of whom had lost theirs to the giantess. I knew how they felt, having lost a mother myself, and felt sorry for them, especially poor Beauty, who would never know hers. I knew they would need a loving, supportive maternal figure in their lives, instead of the poor substitute I wound up with. I was also a friend to Chip, who needed someone to talk to who could comfort him in the loss of his wife, having "lost" a husband myself. Our friendly relationship soon grew to love, and two years after the giantess attack Chip and I were married. Three years later, we were blessed with a healthy son who we named Charles after his father, but we call Charlie. A year afterwards, Jack and Red left home, and in the years to follow Chip and I would become parents to another son named Alfred and finally a daughter named Mary.

As for my father, stepmother and stepsisters, I cannot say what became of them, nor, as much as I hate to admit it, do I very much care. Their house was a nightmare, with the abuse I took from Stepmother, the insults bestowed on me by Florinda and Lucinda, and my Father's alcoholism and refusal to acknowledge my plight. My Prince's house, in comparison, was a dream. Now I finally have something in between, and I never thought I could be so happy.

Thank you for your questions, and do not hesitate to write again with any more.