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Chapter 1: New Roommates

Jigglypuff's POV

Today was a special day for me. Today was when I would have my first brawl: and when I was getting a new roommate. Apparently, there had some questions if the person was even coming. Then, out of nowhere, they showed up. Master Hand was in such a tizzy, you could have mistaken him for CRAZY Hand! Kirby was happy. He was jumping all over the place. I think I can guess that whoever it is knows Kirby. Anyway, things did get messy. Especially when Kirby started dancing on Link's head screaming his one word language. Then Link screamed something (Author's note: It will not be mentioned, because I want this to stay K+), and bashed Kirby upside the head. Then Kirby swallowed Link. Unfortunately, Link didn't appreciate that, and stuck a water bomb in him, causing Kirby to throw up Link…and breakfast all over the room, hitting everything (and everyone) in sight. Then Snake got grouchy, and beat the snot out of Link. Anyway, while Master Hand was starting to become his mental brother's twin, I offered to let the person stay. He wasn't sure, but he agreed.

*ding dong* (for some reason, I had installed a door bell for the room)

"Come in!" I said as cheerfully as I could, which kind of freaks some of the guys out, but I really doubt it was a guy.

Well, I was wrong.

"May I come in." It was more of a demand than a question.

This better not be one of the bad guys…

"Go ahead." I said as sweetly as I could manage.

Then he opened the door. He was, I repeat, was…a…knight! But not the one that every girl dreams of. He had a dark blue cape that matched his skin tone, and a silver mask that covered his face, except for the two yellow holes, that I think were his eyes.


"Do I threaten you?" He asked in a way that demanded an answer.

"No! No! No….good heavens!" I tried to lie, so he didn't get mad. After all, when one comes in dressed like they are going Trick or Treating, and seem EXTREMELY unpleasant. It's a good idea to keep them happy. Still, I kept my eye on the door, just in case he was a vampire (which seemed likely) and wanted a bite to eat.

He guessed that I was lying. However, he walked over to the top bunk of the bed and sat down. I decided to go ask one of my friends for help on the matter. Maybe Kirby would be a good option. He seems to know the guy. I didn't want to ask his name, in fear it would be Dracula, if you get my drift. Anyway, I walked out of the room, and the last thing I saw was "my new friend" sitting on the bed, lost in thought. I wondered what he was thinking. Probably how he's going to drink my blood. And with that, I dashed out as fast as I could.

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