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Jigglypuff's POV

I gasped when I saw the glistening dagger at my neck. But then, a gold blade snapped in front of me!

"Tyler! She isn't me! He wants you to get me!" Meta Knight yelled.

"Kill…all…" he hissed in a way that I swore I was looking at a zombie.

I almost screamed when I felt something wet hit my arm. It was saliva. I know this was Meta Knight's brother and all, but Tyrai was kind of gross.

He bit Galaxia only to get zapped. As his body was being electrocuted, he was smiling with a pained grimace, as if he enjoyed the torture. Tyrai threw it to the side with his teeth.

"No…weapon…brother…" He chuckled, blood pooling out of his mouth on the ground.

Meta Knight just seemed to stare in horror. I don't blame him one bit.

Thank goodness he snapped out of it just when Tyrai lunged at him.

Meta Knight grabbed the sword, and counter attacked him, slashing his head. Tyrai just stood there. He looked at Meta Knight with a smile.

"Pain…liquid…you…feel…" He smiled eerily.

Then he took the knife and jabbed him with it. But the mask blocked the attack. And it dented it.

It was silent for a moment. Even Tyrai stopped. He must

have sensed that he had done something wrong. Rosealia mouthed a 'sucks to be you' behind Meta Knight's back to Tyrai. He squinted closer to look at Meta Knight, and I did too. His eyes weren't just red, they were glowing dangerously.

He placed Galaxia down slowly, rubbed his hands together and asked.

"Tyrai, do you remember who this belongs to?" His voice was deceptively calm.

Somehow, I had a feeling that if Tyrai was himself right now he would be thinking something too inappropriate for the author to even think about writing down. (A/N: And she's right.)

Tyrai stayed silent, but he was getting his weapon ready. For defence.

He chuckled, and Rosealia started to back away. I decided to as well. After all, if he was going Dragon, I was not going to be anywhere near there.

"Father's, right?"

My slow backing away turned into a small jog.

"You also remember what I think of this mask right? And in case you didn't notice, you just dented it."

The air around me felt like it was boiling…

"Yes, I did." Tyrai said.

"…Well, you know what this means, right?"

Before Tyrai could even move a muscle, he had tackled him and was trying to beat his-in my opinion, melted-brains out of his skull. Rosealia shook her head, not in pity, but as if to say this was pathetic. Tyrai was slammed into the ground, unable to move. His mouth was bleeding, and I assumed some teeth had been knocked out.

"Normally, I would tell him to cool it, but I think we might actually win if he gets to continue like this." Rosealia observed.

Tyrai seemed to carry an angry, pained helplessness on his face. But then, something lit up on his expression. It just looked worse with the blood, despite the expression just made my stomach curl. What? It was creepy! In a quick flash, he had Meta Knight on his back, Galaxia in hand, though he was amazingly not electrocuted to death. But then I noticed he was near Rosealia. Then I screamed. The blade was sticking through her.

He looked into her eyes and spoke:

"Two more to go, Princess, you're just the first."

He left the blade inside her, daring him to get it.

She got it out for him, along with this other thing, which she passed to me.

"When the time comes, you must use it." She winced in obvious pain.

"Where'd he get you?"
"It won't kill me…"

"If you get to a healing station pronto."

"I'll be fine."

Meta Knight faced her, oblivious to our conversation and glared at Tyrai with such hatred.

"I know it wasn't you, but Beroun. But I will kill you if I have to." He lunged at him, but this time, Tyrai was ready, and rolled out of the way, and tried to pin down his wing. But he flipped it out of the way in time.

She grabbed my leg, and my attention returned to her.

"When all else fails, this is the escape plan."

"What is it?"

"It is the weapon I found in the bunker of the NME base when I was held captive. I do not know what it does exactly, but I do know that it will have mass effect on mind control victims. Knowing Beroun, it probably uses his control to kill them, but it might kill him too. Please aim carefully." She begged with a slight hint of humour.

"You're giving this to…me?" I looked at her as if she was nuts.

But she couldn't answer. She had passed out. I quickly checked her pulse-she was still alive. I looked at the weapon and gulped. What did this thing do?

I took a moment to examine it, so I could figure out how it worked. It was a staff with a big purple gem on it, which looked like one of Link's rupees-though it was pretty easy to guess that it wasn't money. I glanced over at the brothers to see if there was any chance in getting a shot in. All I could see was a flurry of blue, as the two fought. I know that Tyrai has been taken over by that creepy guy, but sibling rivalry much? Don't tell Meta Knight I said that. I could get in a heap of trouble.

Tyrai's POV

I felt like I had woken up. I swear, like I had been dreaming forever. I tried to look around, but the world was pitch black. I couldn't feel anything underneath me. To be honest, I felt like I was floating. What was happening to me? Did I actually do it? Did I 'get my reward?' But then, I saw something. There was a strange creature, just standing there in front of me. It turned around and saw me, and all I could do was scream. It was me. But there was no way it was me. It had red eyes, but they looked dead, and it was covered in slashes and bruises, and blood. Other people's blood. What was it? Really? Even though it would seem stupid, I walked up to it. If we were the only ones here, I'd better figure out where 'here' was.

"You're not supposed to be awake…" The foul creature hissed at me. Its voice sounded like mine. Too much like mine. At least there was a rasp, so our voices could be told apart.

"Where am I anyway?"

It grinned; baring what looked like fangs, and flicked a knife.

"Which you?" It smiled.

I pointed to myself. "This one. Though there shouldn't be any others."

"I thought you would say that. You are in your mind. You are just a conscious." It grinned.

"So what are you?"

"I am the new master of the body."

I almost screamed. I almost cried. I almost fought. I almost ran. I almost swore. I almost could have curled up and died. But I didn't. Instead, I continued our conversation.

"I'm guessing Beroun brought you here."

"Master Beroun to you, low-life." It hissed.

"No. It's not. And I'm not a low-life." I bared my teeth in annoyance.

"Prove it. Let's see which one of us is the real conscious." It dared me to respond.

Now I can imagine a few of you going 'you idiot, you're going to die.', but to illustrate the point, this is a line on PlantStar that I think Earth people use something similar to. "When you have nothing to lose, you have all to gain." I don't know what whacked out philosopher came up with that, but they were right. And I had nothing to lose.

I leapt at the creature and attempted to tackle it to the ground.

Meta Knight's POV

What had I been thinking? You let your rage out on your own brother, you made the first move, and now you're out of energy! I mentally chided myself. My brother (or his shell at least) seemed to notice the change. It occurred to me that during my *ahem* moment of weakness, he had seemed to take it. It's true that he fought, but not as hard as he was capable of. I had quickly pondered through his plan (he doesn't look like he was going to get up anytime soon). I know that he hadn't been released, because he would have been yelling at me to try to stop me. Did he want me to waste my energy? I mentally cursed, because that's exactly what he had just done-and I fell for it hook, line, and sinker. Wait…where was he? I turned around to see him, and he knocked me to the ground, and quickly pressed his weight on me. He was going to try again to kill me. But at least I knew how he would do it. I got Galaxia ready to guard me-wherever he tried to press the blade through. As I had predicted, the sword went up, ready for a final blow, when…he stopped. He just stopped. He stared into the air. The red in his eyes started to fade to a softer colour-the yellow commonly associated with the Knight family. My family.

He struggled to get his head down, and smiled weakly.

"Keep…out of the…way…" Despite the fact that Tyrai seemed to be back, I quickly moved far off, keeping my distance from Jigglypuff. She mouthed something to me. "Rosealia's okay. She's still breathing."

I nodded with a sigh of relief, only for it to be cut off by a loud shriek. A horrid shriek.

Tyrai had thrown himself to the ground, and looked like he was ripping himself apart. He kept screaming, gripping his head so hard, that I was worried it would explode. Jigglypuff was staring in horror at the sight in front of her.

Tyrai's POV

I can't remember the last time I ever had this good of a fight. I wasn't a fighter, but this felt good. Now if only I was winning…

The creature had flung me against some kind of wall. I couldn't see it, but I could feel it-or at least, I did when it had bashed my body against it. But I could be grateful for one thing. If I never felt anything again, I couldn't feel pain. I'm not completely joking about damage. My 'conscious' should have been painful all over, but I couldn't feel a thing. I think my guest gave me brain damage. Stupid thing. I quickly launched myself back at the creature. Obviously, this thing was a better fighter than me. You think it would have been easier since it's supposed to be me, so it should be a lousy fighter too. Maybe I had the fighting ability all along. What a great time to find that out…

The creature flung me into the wall (again) and pinned me to the ground. I felt something metal going into my back, causing me to scream. I guess I can still feel things after all. And since when did my brain have weapons anyway? But it was the strangest thing. When I got hit, I thought I saw an image of some chick holding what looked like one of Beroun's weapons of mass destruction. Am I tripping? Am I? But then, a memory was triggered soon after. It was of Beroun, looking rather angry, ranting to his wife about some stolen…weapon…was I actually seeing this? And did this sketchy looking puffball girl really steal from Beroun. Underneath the mass of the anti-me, I grinned. I had a plan, and it was as stupid as anything. But I hear the crazy plans usually work best right? Even if you have to lie, say 'yes' because this was my only shot…

Jigglypuff's POV

My heart felt ready to pop out of my chest. It was gruesome, watching Meta Knight's brother just flailing like that. I looked at the staff in my hand. Rosealia had entrusted it to me before she had passed out on the battlefield. Was she insane? I couldn't hit the broadside of a barn, let alone a flesh and blood target. It seemed like Tyrai was coming back-maybe I wouldn't have to use it. But then Tyrai looked at me, and with a smile spoke exactly what I didn't want to hear.

"When my eyes go red again without a struggle, use it! I'll try to give you a clear shot."

I am going to say right now, that it's his fault if I kill him." All of a sudden, he screamed, and his eyes turned red. It was now or never. I counted to 10. His eyes stayed red, and he was coming near me. I turned my eyes away and pointed the staff at Tyrai.

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