we always liked the rain

okay so i did this story with smile please10. most of the credit goes to her!

summary: haley and nathan met one night at tric but they lose touch when the numbers come off in the rain! they meet again over the course of 5 years. couples: au naley, leyton and brulian.

copyright: we own nothing! all rights go to the creators, we only own the plot and any created characters!

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Chapter 1.

Haley you are coming out with us tonight and that is final." Brooke told Haley. "Look I know you are still upset about Chris but you have to get out there girl, and as the job of your two best friends, we have to make sure that you do that!" Peyton nodded.

"Come on Haley, come out with us!" Peyton said with a puppy dog look on her face that she knew Haley couldn't resist.
"Ok, but this doesn't mean I'm over Chris." Haley said in a bored voice.
" okay, fine whatever just as long as you come out with us!" Peyton exclaimed.
"You could act a bit more excited" Brooke said.
"You forced me" Haley said

"details, details" Brooke said while Haley laughed and Brooke scowled. "For that I am going to give you makeover, which I know you hate!" Brooke soon finished Haley's makeover and they headed off to the club.

"Haley are you going to drink anything tonight, that is your like 30th diet coke. Come on!" Peyton said " I know your break up was hard and believe me, if I was saw him again then I would slap him 10 times harder than I did but you can't let him win." Haley nodded and got up to go to the bar and order and alcoholic drink.

"Are you from Tennessee because you are the only ten I see." some random guy said.
"Does that ever work?" Haley asked the guy.
"I'm not sure does it?" he asked.
"No" Haley answered.
"Come on you know you want me, why don't we go in the back room and you can give me a little sugar"

"no" Haley answered. He tried to grab her but before he could, someone punched him and he got knocked out. Haley turned around to look at her rescuer. "Thank you" she said.
"Are you alone?" he asked concerned.

"no my friends right over..." she got a text from Brooke me and peyt met some cute guys sorry but we out if here, saw u talking to some hot guy at the bar meet you at home. "I can't believe this they force me to come out and when I do they go off with guys." Haley said.

"Are they your friends?" he asked
"Yeah they are my best friends, we live together and they are usually great!"
"I'm really close with my brother, we get on really well."
" my name's Nathan by the way" exclaimed the cute guy.

"Haley. My names Haley. Nice to meet you Nathan." said Haley. She immediately started to blush after that.

He smiled at that. Haley thought he had a cute smile. Nathan thought she was really pretty with her long honey colored hair and big brown/hazel eyes.

"Hey bartender, do you have a pen? Thanks! Okay here's my number."
On his hand, Haley had written:
Haley's cell- 291-3502.
Okay great! Here's mine."
He wrote on her hand:
Nathan's cell- 432-9671.
"Okay bye Nathan"
"Bye Haley"

When they got outside, it started to pour.

"Oh no! Her number came off in the rain!" Exclaimed Nathan sadly.

"Oh no! His number came off in the rain!" exclaimed Haley glumly.