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Chapter 2. The next day

Haley's Apartment
"I can't believe I lost his number!" exclaimed a very stressed out Haley.

"Wait, what guy? What number?" said a confused Peyton; she had no idea of the pervious events.

"Yeah tutor girl. Wait was it that cute guy I saw you talking to last night?" asked Brooke excitedly, she then started jumping up and down and clapping her hands together happily. "Tutor-girl has a crush!"

Both Brooke and Peyton were confused since they did not see Haley again last night, which meant that they got home before her, which means she must have been doing something all those hours, so Brooke's immediate conclusion was a guy, surprisingly this time she was right.

"Yes, that was the guy. His name was Nathan. And now I've lost his number. Great." Haley started to frown. She had really felt like she connected with Nathan last night and now she wouldn't even get the chance to make it turn into something more, unless he calls her which she hoped he would, she doesn't even know his last name!

"Oh no. No frowns." Said Peyton in a firm voice.

"Yeah. Well we need to get going. Cheer practice starts in an hour and it would not look good if the captain and co-captains were late. Let's go." Said a now stern Brooke.

"Okay, I guess your right. Lets go get changed." Said Haley, there nothing she could do about it, she would just have to wait and see, if he called her. 20 minutes later the girls were in the car headed to practice.

Nathan's Apartment

"I can't believe I lost her number!" said a very stressed out Nathan.

"Nate, slow down. What girl?" said Nathan's brother, Lucas. Lucas was confused Nathan never cared about girl's numbers he was the love them and leave them type, why was he getting so stressed over a girl, Lucas had to meet the girl that did this to Nathan. Lucas hadn't gone to Tric last night. He had to study for finals, but now he was wishing he went so he could meet the girl.

"The girl I met last night at Tric. But as I was leaving, her number came off in the rain. Her name was Haley." Nathan answered; extremely annoyed the number had washed off in the rain.

"Well, calm down. I'm sure you'll see her some where. Where does she go to school?" said Lucas

"UNC" said Nathan still clearly frustrated. He knew there was no way he could see her again, unless she called him and who knows maybe the number came off in the rain too. He didn't even know her last name.
"Oh well, considering that you go to duke, it would be kind of hard. Sorry man." Said a regretting Lucas, if this girl made Nathan get so stressed in just one night she must be pretty amazing. Lucas knew that, that was exactly what Nathan needed to fall in love, now he didn't even have the chance.

"Yeah me to. She lives up there with her 2 best friends. She was just visiting for the weekend." Said a sad Nathan. He knew there was nothing he could do, maybe one day they would meet again and have their happily ever after. Nathan knew the chances were slim, but he could dream right?

"Well, we need to get going. Practice starts in an hour. Coach will not like it if we are late." Said a stern Lucas.

"Yeah, let's get going." Said a tired Nathan. 10 minutes later they were headed off to practice.

And just like that both Nathan and Haley were back to reality. Never forgetting about the other, just pushing them to the back of their minds. They dated, completed college and within three years time both had jobs and were single.