So, after watching Step Up 3D, I fell madly in love with dance again. Seriously, it's messages like the one in the movie that remind me why I dance in the first place. It was just a great movie. And I thought the Moose & Camille pairing was the most adorable thing ever.

Disclaimer: I don't the movie, characters, etc. As much as I wish I did, I don't.

Oh and this takes place after he finds out he can double major in dance and engineering.

"Moose! Slow down! Where are you taking me?" Camille giggled as Moose dragged her through the streets of New York.

He shook his head. "Chameleon, just trust me! Luke told me about this sick place that you gotta check out!" He moved his hand from her wrist to her hand and tugged in an attempt to get her to pick up her pace. He weaved in and out of the crowds of people, and finally took her up a small ladder onto a rooftop. Just as she was about to yell at him for practically pulling her arm out of her socket, she gasped.

"Oh my gosh. This is beautiful!" She looked out at the sight before her, taking in the view of the water and the city. She closed her eyes and smiled. "I feel so relaxed here. It's nothing like the constant hustle and bustle that's going on down there." She gestured over her shoulder with her thumb to the busy sidewalk below.

"I know right! Luke found this place with Natalie last week and told me about it, so I had to find it." He took her bag off of her shoulder, put it on the ground, and lead her to the ladder that brought them to the air vent.

"Why is there an air vent on a...holy crap!" Just as she was about to finish her sentence, the air turned on, throwing both of them back a little.

"What is this?" She attempted to say, but she couldn't even hear herself.

He brought his hand to his ear, meaning she needed to speak louder.



She laughed and spun around, staring up at the sky as the wind thew her hair all around her. Moose couldn't help but stare. How is it that he's never noticed how gorgeous she is? They've been best friends since kindergarten. They've been through everything together. She's always been there. How could he have been so stupid as to waste all the time that they could've been together?

"Moose?" She questioned before he realized that the air had turned off and he was blankly staring at her.

He shook his head and came back to reality. "Oh. Uh, sorry. What were you saying?"

She laughed softly. "I was wondering if we could talk. Really talk, like we used to. The "tell each other everything" type deal." She blushed and pushed a strand of hair behind her ear, waiting for his response.

"Cam, you know you can tell me everything. What's up?" They both sat down on the edge of the vent, looking straight at the city.

She took a deep breath. "Well. When you ditched me, I was mad at you. Like really mad. Which is weird, because I'm never mad at you. Even when you broke my stereo in the 6th grade I wasn't mad for more than a second. But when you stood me up, I wanted to yell and scream and even possibly hit you. To knock some sense into you I guess. I've always been here, and you've managed to look right past me, usually to the prettier girl standing behind me. When you dated Sophie last killed me. It really did," she took a breath and wiped some of the tears in her eyes. She hadn't realized that in the midst of her rant Moose had placed his hand on her knee. She took his hand in both of hers.

"I realized that I..well I...I was in love with you...I am in love with you. I've just been waiting around, hoping you'd realize that we're great for each other. But these unrequited feelings are really taking a toll, and I just really need to know if there's hope for us. To, you know, have more than just a friendship." She looked down at her shoes, not wanting to look him in the eyes.

"Cammie...I never realized you felt like this. I'm so sorry for putting you through all that," he placed his hand under her chin, willing her to look at him, "and for the record, your feelings aren't unrequited. When I thought that I was gonna lose you because of dancing, it hit me. Nothing in my life would be worth anything if you weren't by my side. I'm sorry I never saw you before, but I do now."

She smiled at him, and when he smiled back, her heart melted. His hand moved from her chin to cup her cheek, and when he kissed her, she couldn't tell whether she was dreaming or awake. When she opened her eyes, she realized it was reality.

They leaned their foreheads together and smiled. "Can I just tell you how happy my Mom's gonna be when I tell her that we're dating?" Camille laughed at Moose's comment and pictured his Mom planning their wedding as soon as she was off the phone. "Oh believe me. I'm pretty sure she'll have our wedding planned by the time summer comes." They both laughed, and Moose wrapped his arm around her shoulders as she leaned against him.

"Hey Cam?"


"I kinda think I love you."

"I kinda think I love you too, Moose."

They're adorable, am I right? Seriously, the "I Won't Dance" scene was my favorite one in the entire movie. But anyway, did you like it? Should I leave it as a one-shot, or continue? Please review!