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Camille and Moose walked hand in hand through the streets of New York and back to their dorm. They hadn't spoken much since they left the air vent; but they didn't need to. Everything they needed to sat had already been they wanted to do was enjoy each other's company, and occasionally steal glances at one another.

They were both thinking about how much they meant to each other, and why they weren't a couple a long time ago. Camille was the only person in the world that Moose would do anything for, and Moose was the only person in the world that Camille would let get away with ditching her so much. They really are the perfect pair. Moose is headstrong and determined to do what he wants, and Camille is stubborn and doesn't let anyone tell her who she's supposed to be. They just fit perfectly.

Just as they were about to make their way up the stairs to the dorm, Moose's phone blared some obnoxious ringtone and broke the comfortable silence between the two.

"Hello?...Say what?...No way!...Yeah, we're on our way...See ya." As he slipped the phone back in his pocket, Camille gave him a questioning look.

"We gotta go. Natalie's leaving for California, and Luke wants to go with her. He made up this whole big plan to get her attention, and we're part of it." Without a response from her, he grabbed her hand once again and dragged her in the opposite direction of the dorm.

"Seriously Moose, if you keep dragging me places against my will, my arm is going to pop right out of the socket," she joked. He was silent, which meant he was focused on getting to the destination.

"Moose, I barely know Natalie, or Luke for that matter. Won't it be kind of weird for me to randomly show up as they're about to leave?" She tried to stop him from walking, but he just kept going.

"Cam, you're my best frie...girlfriend. Sorry," he said shyly, "I'm still getting used to being able to call you that. Plus, they're the ones that helped me get you back. I wanted to give you your space. I didn't want to annoy you and make you hate me more. But Natalie told me that there's no better time then the present, and Luke told me that I needed to just realize what everyone else knows but me. I guess I talked about you...a lot. So I guess we kinda have them to thank for you and I becoming an "us''." He tugged on her hand a little harder, and she huffed and walked faster.

"Okay, fine. You're right. And I hope you said good things when you talked about me!" She said it teasingly, but really she was just desperate to change the subject. She honestly just wanted to forget that she and Moose had a fight in the first place.

He smirked at her in response, and she asked another question. "So what's the plan?"

He gave her his signature sly smile. "You'll find out when we get there. Be patient."

A few minutes later, they arrived at the station and spotted the rest of the crew waiting for them at the entrance. As soon as they caught up to them, Jason started telling everyone the game plan and explaining what each of them was to do. Moose and Camille were to sporadically place the magnetic lights all over the station. Moose, of course, wanted everything in the place to light up, but Camille knew they didn't have the time or the patience for that. Instead, she proposed they have each light lead to another, and the last one would lead to her seeing them. He gave in, and, needless to say, the plan worked.

When Natalie saw them, she erupted in a smile. Camille could tell that she and Natalie would've been great friends if they got to know each other. After all, Natalie is part of the reason that Moose woke up and smelled the coffee. If it weren't for her, she'd be sitting in her dorm sulking instead of standing at Moose's side.

Though Moose and Camille thought this entire plan was great, they both couldn't help but wonder where Luke was. This whole thing is for Luke's sake, and yet, he's nowhere to be seen. Wasn't this so Luke could go to the station, profess his love, and live happily ever after?

Just as Moose was about to turn around and ask Jason where he was, they spotted him descending the stairs behind Natalie. Jacob smiled at Natalie when she asked where Luke was, and she turned around and spotted him.

She had only seen chemistry like she did between Luke and Natalie twice before. First, between her brother, Tyler, and his now wife, Nora, and then between Moose and herself. She had always wanted what Tyler found in Nora. Love, compassion, understanding. She wanted a guy to treat her like she was the most important person in the world, a knight in shining armor of sorts. What she got instead was a goofy guy with bushy hair and light up sneakers.

As he leaned over to steal a kiss from her, everyone around them disappeared. It was just her and Moose. Nothing else seemed to matter. When they both came to their senses, she realized the entire crew had been hollering and yelling in excitement, and they both blushed. Moose looked over at Natalie and Luke, and they smiled and nodded in approval. When Luke and Moose were talking, Camille took the opportunity to thank Natalie.

"Hey, I'm Camille." She stuck out her hand for Natalie to shake, and Natalie laughed and instead did the Pirate handshake.

"I know who you are. Seriously, Moose would not shut up about you half the time. For a supposed genius, he's pretty stupid when it comes to girls." Camille laughed and nodded in agreement.

"Hey! I heard that!" Moose retorted with a slightly annoyed tone, and then went back to his conversation with Luke

The both rolled their eyes and continued talking. "Oh believe me. I'm aware. I'm pretty sure I've had a crush on him since, like, ninth grade, and he was completely oblivious until about an hour ago," she checked her watch, and then added, "yeah, an hour ago exactly. That's just Moose for ya. But I wouldn't want him to be any other way." She turned to where he was standing and smiled warmly at him. He caught her eyes with his own and smiled back.

They said their good-byes to Luke and Natalie, and turned to go back to the loft. As they walked out, Moose wrapped an arm around her shoulder and she wrapped her arm around his waist as he stole yet another kiss. That's just how it's supposed to be with the two of them. Moose and Camille, Camille and Moose, friends...scratch that, soul mates...till the end.

Okay, so the ending is a little cheesy, but I kind of wanted to end it on a cute note. I don't really know if I like this or not, but who knows. It might grow on me, or I might rewrite it. Either way, I hope you guys liked this, and I'll definitely be writing more Moose/Camille stories, because they've become my favorite pairing ever. Please review!