Author's Note: Hello! :D I wrote this a while ago and finally decided to post it. First off, even though I am not a fan of 10027, I like the idea of Byakuran liking Tsuna, (yea of one-sided 10027), mainly because I find it interesting to write. So if you don't like it, I'm sorry. Second off, I don't own KHR, if I did, Hibari and Tsuna would be together by now and the Shimon Family would have never existed. Anyways...

On with the story!

"Why are you still with him, Tsunayoshi-kun?"

Sawada Tsunayoshi turned his head to side to look out into the clear blue sky.

"You're not even sure he loves you."

The sky was cleared of clouds, yet in the distances…

"For all you know he's just trying to break you. Make fun of you for falling in love with him so easily."

A lonely cloud was flowing in the blue sky.

"I love you…I have always loved you."

Sighing softly, Tsuna closed his eyes as Byakuran's words continue to pass through his mind.

"Give me a chance Tsunayoshi-kun."

Tsuna fisted his hands and bit his lower lip to keep himself from crying.

"I will tell you everyday that I love you."

"You're not the person I want to tell me that everyday." Tsuna thought sadly as a single tear fall from his eye. "I want…I want Hibari-san to tell me he loves me everyday."

"Sawada Tsunayoshi…"

Tsuna opened his eyes and smiled a bright fake smile. He knew by the look on Hibari's face that the older knew the smile was fake. But he didn't say anything as he extended his hand out to Tsuna. Taking in larger hand in his, Tsuna pulled himself up and held tightly onto Hibari's hand.

"Even though you will probably never tell me you love me…"

"Are you ok?" Hibari asked, gently caressing Tsuna's cheek with the back of his hand.

Nodding, Tsuna give Hibari another smile, a real one. "I'm fine Hibari-san."

"If you say so." Hibari said as he continued to caress Tsuna's face. Tsuna couldn't help but lean into Hibari's touch as the older male caressed his cheek so…lovingly.

"Your actions are enough for me."

"I love you." Tsuna whispered with his eyes closed.


Sighing, Tsuna opened his eyes. Hibari was looking at him with the same blank expression he had every time Tsuna told him he loved him. Tsuna smiled sadly and rested his head on Hibari's shoulder.

"I know you will never say those words back."


Shaking his head into Hibari's shoulder, he said, "I don't care Hibari-san. I don't care if you never say them to me. I'm…"

Looking up Tsuna smiled gently. "I'm just glad that you are by my side."

Hibari smiled slightly and leaned down. Their lips met in a gentle, sweet kiss and Tsuna pouted slightly when the kiss ended only seconds later.

Yet Tsuna returned the smile that had yet to disappear from Hibari's face.

He knew that the kiss was Hibari-san's way of saying-

"I love you."

Author's Note: Love it, hate it? If you are confused...Hibari is the one that said 'I love you' at the end. If there is any grammar mistakes, sorry, me and grammar do not get along. Please review, if you want. :D