The gang is back for seventh year and Hermione Granger notices the strange, lifeless behavior of a certain Slytherin. Now she's determined to figure out what's going on with him. Her "quest for knowledge" will take her farther than she ever expected.

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Featuring the Memoirs of: Hermione Granger, Draco Malfoy, Ron Weasley, Ginny Weasley, and Harry Potter.


The sunlight shines through the windows of the enormous library that you are reading in. You have a large tome in your lap. You find it quite interesting. It's about the Goblin Rebellions. Your parents are out of the house, shopping with Aunt Ginny and Uncle Harry. It is summer vacation, and you are home from school.

An hour passes by, and you are still enraptured with your book. The sound of a clock chime awakens you from your trance. You look up from the book, and an idea slowly forms in your mind.

Your house is quite large. Larger than any of your friends' houses. And in the twelve years that you have lived there, you have yet to see the entirety of it. So you decide to go exploring. You guess that you got your adventurous side from your mother.

So you push your book on Goblin Rebellions back into its place on a shelf and stride out of the library. As you walk through the halls of your house you are in sheer amazement at the size of it. You inspect the portraits. Many of them you have never met. You barely stop and chat, though, instead settling for a polite "Good morning" and continue walking.

You approach a door. It is white, to match the walls. You have never been in this room before, so you open the door. It is considerably small, compared to all of the other rooms in the house. It looks sort of like an attic. There is dust on the floor and you make foot prints as you walk. You approach a chest, decorated with designs of silver and green dragons. There is a thin layer of dust on it. But then again, there is a think layer of dust on everything in the room.

You find that it is not locked, and you open the lid with ease. You hack as dust billows from inside.

There are school robes inside, grey jumpers, dress pants, slacks, pleated skirts, and even ties. Some are maroon and gold, while others are the same silver and green that the dragons are on the chest. You dig through these, and find two prefects badges, and then a head boy and girl badge. At the bottom of the chest, you find a leather-bound notebook, sort of like a diary. It is tied off with a piece of frayed string. Under the string is a folded-up note. You take the note and open it. You notice your mother's handwriting, and begin reading.

It was never really supposed to happen. But it was such a good story, I decided to record all of it anyway. I asked my best friends to write the story from their point of view, and I have compiled them, along with my own diary entries from the time period. It was hard, but now I think I have finally gotten it all down. Reader, what you now hold in your hands is a story of angst, drama, danger, friendship, tragedy, and, most importantly, love. But now I am getting ahead of myself. I guess it all started with a scream. But that scream changed my life.

The format of this story was inspired by the book East by Edith Pattou. It's going to be a bit different from my other two DHr fics. As you may know, I am also working on another one, but don't worry, I am going to finish that one. I've warned you in an A/N in some fic... I am going to be all over the place right now. This is the result of too many ideas at one time. ^_^ Hope you enjoy! ~Weaver