Hermione Granger

September the third, 1998

I think I've changed my mind. I will help Malfoy, not just get the answers I want. Why? I will answer honestly and say I have no earthly idea. Hm... I guess it's when I look at him I just feel like I'm back in the war—like it never ended. Like it's still going on around me, around Malfoy. Pathetic of me, right? But it's something that keeps bothering me, like a particularly hard-to-reach itch.

So there is my proclamation for the day.

Ron's still in detention, the idiot. There's one thing about Ronald Weasley that I would've changed. His anger management issues. Well, they're not really anger management… who am I kidding, of course they are. His temper is so short! I can't believe he just walked up to Malfoy with his wand and called him a bastard! I mean, what the hell? But you can't help but love him… sigh…

Now back to Malfoy… I still have no idea how I am going to "change him for the better", or however me or Harry put it a few days ago. What am I supposed to do, go up to him with hot chocolate and ask him to spill his most deepest and darkest secrets? *snorts*, yeah, that'll work.

I've started a Malfoy board on my wall. Stalker-ish of me, I know. There aren't any pictures of him up there, though. Just a few post-its that I brought home with a few ideas scribbled on there. I hope to God he doesn't find a way into my room.

Note to Self: Always lock the door. With magic.

Some of the things I've got down:

Sneak up to him at a time of weakness
Legilimens (Last Resort)
Um… ask?
Find a friend and get it from them… Pansy? Blaise? Crabbe? Goyle? Scratch the last two.

Yeah, sounds pretty… dumb.

Alright, better get going on DADA. Miss Dupree likes homework.


Argh, so ridiculously short it's annoying! Sorry, but this is all I could come up with for this chapter. I am seriously considering putting this story on hiatus, so please do not be upset if I don't update for a while. Main cause: Writer's block, of course. But while this story is suffering, I'm coming up with ideas for a new fic and for the sequel that I am hoping to write for Can I Have This Dance. So ttfn, ~Weaver