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Dark Heart was confused. Not an actual emotion, mind you-just a simple state of mind-but still, was confused.

When he had fallen from the canoe at the summer camp, he was sure he was a goner. And that bump on his head was a sign that even he wasn't unbreakable. Yet, even in his weakest form, he lived. How? That human girl, Christy, she saved him…

But, why? Had she not saved him, he would've… well, you know. And if he was gone, the Care Bears and their Care Bear Cousins would be free and such. Now, he didn't want that to happen, so he was…erm… appreciative of Christy's sacrifice to save him, yet she really should've just let him drown.

As he walked away from those Caring Creatures he had locked away in small jail cages, he thought some more about Christy. She was strong, brave and a little naïve. But if she wasn't naïve, she wouldn't have become indebted to him in the first place.

As he yawned and sat on his luxurious throne, Dark Heart shook the thoughts of any remorse for using Christy, he was The Dark Heart-he really had to get a grip on himself….He absent mindedly fingered the key around his neck, where was his head these days?

'Ill just save her life if the occasion comes up, a life for a life, right?' he mused as he closed his merlot shaded eyes. It's not like he Cared for the girl, right? Right…?

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