A/n: Sorry for not updating, I was away for a little while and didn't have much time to type. This is just a little fluffyness between my fav pair. Enjoy! (This is really short, BTW.)

Beautiful Sunsets

Standing on the balcony of the Luna and Leo's large vacation villa, Akiza felt the gentle wind tug at her hair. She stared out to the vast ocean that glowed orange. The large orb sat on the water radiating shades of red, orange and yellow. Akiza rested her elbows and the ledge, relaxed.

"Akiza," came a deliciously rich and warm voice. Akiza turned, her calm atmosphere shattered by the presence of the tall raven haired man behind her.

"Yusei!" she said, surprised. "Where is everyone?"

Yusei stepped toward her. "Crow and Jack took the twins to an amusement park," he replied and stood next to her and turned his gaze toward the ocean.

Yusei, Akiza thought. What are you thinking about? Yusei noticed her frowning slightly. He gently put his fingers under her chin and turned her head towards him, studying her thoughtful eyes.

"Anything wrong, Akiza?" he asked. Akiza looked back into his irresistible eyes.

"Yusei..." she said slowly. "I was just wondering what you were thinking," she replied truthfully.

Yusei turned back towards the sun, the glow warming his face as he let go of her face.

"Sunsets are beautiful," he said simply. Akiza watched closely and replied softly, "Yeah."

He looked at her. "Just like you," he said lightly. She blushed, smiling.

"Right," she mumbled and she met his eyes with a determined look. "I need you to know something, Yusei," she said with a quiet fierceness. "I care for you and you mean a lot to me..."

"And I," she added softly. "love you."

Yusei held her gaze and his eyes seem to see through her. "I love you, too, Akiza," he replied after a pause. His eyes seemed to say a lot more and Akiza smiled happily. Yusei lifted her chin gently to meet his lips. Akiza tangled her hands into his soft hair. He pulled her closer gently by the waist and deepened the kiss.

After a long while, they came apart and the sun was almost gone. Akiza rested her head on his chest as he held her. He's right, she thought blissfully. Sunsets are beautiful.