The Kunoichi Code

Chapter 4

Trip Down Memory Lane: Hinata Recalls

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"C-calm down!" Hinata raised her voice, though it was far from near from an an actual yell. All the Kunoichi's were confused as Himeka suddenly tumbled off the couch, yelling to stop.

"N-no! Leave me alone! I DON'T KNOW ANYTHING!" Himeka wailed, hugging her knees to her chest and tucking her head into her chest, resembling an oddly shaped ball.

Though it was oddly out of character for Hinata, she had simply reacted out of reflexes as she slapped Himeka on the cheek, a red hand print blending in with the red blotches on her stick. Once she did, she immediately widened her pale eyes and profusely apologized as Himeka, shell shocked, cradled her cheek.

"…Thank……" She whispered, confusing the Kunoichi's even more, as she fingered her pale, skinny wrist.

"I'm sorry. I guess it was too early," Tsunade apologized, bowing her head, her blond pigtails swishing as she stood. "I'm sorry everyone but I have to leave. Though I am a Kunoichi, I still am the Hokage and have to do paperwork (she grumbled at this), hand out missions, and deal with brats."

Sakura had an odd feeling that she was talking about Naruto.

"Shizune, you're in charge. Anyone can leave when they want to or have to except for you Himeka. You should probably stay here for awhile." Readjusting her green airy jacket with the gamble insignia on the back, Tsunade made her way through the Kunoichi's and out the door.

The tense air had somewhat dropped as the Kunoichi's stiffly talked about missions and other things as it was rare for them to have such a large gathering. They Last Black Dove they had was four years ago and they would rather not talk about the sad incident.

"Hello. M-my name is Himeka H-haruki. It's a pleasure to meet you all," Himeka said formally, bowing so low that her back made an L shape.

"Stand up you maggot. There's no point in bowing and introducing yourself when we already know who you are," Anko moodily stand, peeved about being told off by the blonde who had fled earlier. Kurenai, who was sitting next to her, discreetly elbowing in a sharp manner at her ribs, a glare on her face as she introduced herself.

The girls of Konoha 9, Tenten, Hanabi, Kurenai, and Anko were all sitting on the couches and chairs near each other as Himeka awkwardly stood up.

"Here, you can sit next to me," Ino said, patting the empty spot next to her, a fixed smile plastered on her face. "I'm Ino Yamanaka."

"Yamanaka-san." Himeka nodded, sitting next to her in such a way that she didn't touch Ino or Sakura, who was sitting next to her. After an exchange of greetings, the eight had tried to carry a difficult conversation that only led to them to nervously shuffling and silence.


"Yes, Hyuuga-san?" All of the Kunoichi's except for Hanabi, Himeka, and Anko (who was pouting as she angrily chewing the rice dumpling) stared at them as they quietly talked.

"I don't mean to be rude, but I was wondering what was going to happen to you since of what happened."

"It's alright, Hyuuga-san. It's natural to be curious. I can't stay long for the KOC, the maximum is one year, not that I need that long. Hokage-sama has a plan for me to stay with another Kunoichi after I take extensive therapy, rehabilitation, hospital say, and other minor things."

Sakura, Ino, and Tenten had never heard such a polite formal conversation that was being exchanged by them. It sounded rehearsed, choreographed, flawless. It unnerved them, used to their teammate's type of talking by annoying catch phrases, short tempers, stoic answers, and lazy responses.

"Is that so?"

"Yes. Hokage-sama is limiting my contact with…..s….shi…no…bi's…..f-for awhile. The elder, the women one, doesn't want me breaking down in front of them and risk them learning about the code."

"That's horrible," Sakura gasped, running her hand through her short bubble gum locks. Kurenai and Tenten both agreed with her, nodding curtly at Himeka.

"Not really," She said, lowing her gaze to her hands in her lap. "It makes sense. Besides, I'm quite grateful. I don't think I could face a b-boy for weeks, possibly months. I don't have much self confidence. That's why I became a Kunoichi, though I didn't think that this was what was actually what Kunoichi's were supposed to work as."

The younger girl reminded Hinata of herself as she was younger. Nervous with a low self esteem, always putting herself down. She remembered when she first started working a Kunoichi Operative when she was twelve after the Sound and Sand attack during the Rookie Nines first Chuunin Exams. She had started much younger than any other operative, as the youngest they allowed to recruit were fifteen. However, desperate times called for desperate measures and they hired Hinata, despite her young age.

"Himeka. You remind me a lot of myself. In many ways. Would you like me to tell you my first mission?" Kurenai warily glanced at her student. She had never told anyone except herself, Tsunade, and her therapist.

"If you want to." Despite her care free attitude, Himeka was actually interested on her first mission, as she had never heard another Kunoichi's missions since they decided they were private topics not for the public view unless it was important.

"I started much younger than any other Kunoichi at this business. I was only twelve years old, a newly made genin, who was still figuring out the evils of this world," Hinata started as the younger Kunoichi looked at her in shock. They had only known that Hinata had started earlier then her, but not that early.

"Still, they hired me regardless, desperate as many Kunoichi died in the war. They didn't train me as long as they should have and they thrusted me into the world of the Kunoichi Code confused and scared. My first mission was a Level Two. I had a week of training and was still nervous about the whole operation. The objective of the mission was to get my victim to pity me since I was pretending to be a blind waitress. When he dropped his guard, I would slip fast acting poison into his drink and then run before anyone captured me."

"Tsunade greatly disapproved of it, telling the elder to pick another Kunoichi, as she chose what missions we had to do. It's different now, Tsunade picks the missions but the elder greatly tries to push the younger ones to take some. This was about a few months after the Uchiha incident that you've heard about."


"You can't be serious!" Tsunade yelled, standing up from her chair and punching the table in front of her, nearly breaking in half. Koharu looked calm and stern as she evenly stared at Tsunade. Koharu was the female elder of Konoha, a strict, unrelenting, elder who seems to care only of the village's image instead of the people in it.

"I am, Tsunade-hime."

"Don't call me that you crazy old bat!" Tsunade barked at her, though Koharu only blinked.

"I am sorry. Many Kunoichi have died and Hyuuga-san must take on her role as a true Kunoichi."

"Well why her? What about Tenten, she is older and more experienced. Hinata barely knows what a true Kunoichi is while Tenten is familiar about it. You use another Kunoichi who still is in action!"

"It is my final decision. I will take my leave now." Koharu stood up brushed the nonexistent dust of her silk robe and took her leave.

"…Hinata. How much did you hear?" There was shuffling behind the curtain before a flustered Hinata peered behind the yellow curtains, embarrassed she had been caught spying.

"Enough to know what's happening," Hinata whispered, moving her gaze downwards.

"I'm so sorry," Tsunade apologized as Hinata walked out, her bangs hiding her large eyes.

"I-it's alright. Y-you were t-the one s-standing up for me, s-so, thank you." Hinata gave a tentative smile, tucking a lock of her hair behind her ear.

"I'm going to teach you as much as I can in a week. Koharu made it final about the mission's time and such. I've so very sorry." Offering her hand, Hinata took it slowly and led her out to the meeting room and led her to her office, locking the doors and closing the blinds.

During the week, Hinata and Tsunade met up every morning and Hinata went home every night near ten. Hinata paid attention to all her lessons but couldn't seem to focus, her mind wandering about the disastrous results that were bound to happen.

"Hinata, are you ready?" Tsunade asked on the night of her mission. She, along with Kurenai, was at the gates with her.

"N-no," She stuttered out honestly, tucking a lock of hair behind her ear.

Because of the mission, Hinata had to endure hours of preparation. Her short hair that barely reached the nape of her neck was painfully twisted into a half ponytail with a red ribbon, giving the illusion that her hair was longer. She was forced into wearing a childish white dress with pink trim and had uncomfortable baby doll shoes that were a size to small on her feet.

They didn't bother to change anything about her eyes, saying that it was going to give her the illusion that she was blind instead of a Hyuuga.

"It'll be fine," Kurenai assured, handing her a small vial filled with a powder that looked like sugar." You have to put this in his drink. It's tasteless, odorless, and practically untraceable."

I slipped it into my pocket before biting my lip.

"You remember the mission info?" Tsunade asked.


"All right. Good luck, Hinata."

It only took several minutes before she entered the civilian only village, since it was practically near Konoha. She had adopted the façade of a young, innocent girl, blindly stumbling in the village, even using her hands to grasp the walls beside her.

She had entered the café where her victim was rumored to be in, and sure enough, she saw him idly sipping water, a blank expression on his face.

She pretend stumble in his direction before she faked a trip and landed in front of his table. She wildly grasped upwards, pretending that she was looking for something to help her up and the man, whose name was Akito, took pity on her and helped her up.

"I-I'm s-sorry," She apologized, her voice muted.

"No, it's alright," Akito said, offering a small smile. "Why is a blind girl like you walk about at this time of night?"

Hinata flushed, more out of habit then desire. "I-I was just t-talking a walk."

"Would you like to have a drink with me?"

"Y-yes, I-I would l-like that."


"Since I had to pretend I was blind and innocent, I couldn't defend myself or it would immediately signal that I was a ninja and the information would've been lost. When I had finally slipped him the poison, he had purposefully spilled my drink onto me and took me into the bathroom to help me clean up."

"That night, I-I was raped." The Kunoichi's, with their super powerful awesome ninja hearing, had heard everything she was saying and was tearing up at the point, and listened to Hinata's story. Himeka looked shocked as Hanabi was staring at Hinata in fright. She had never told her that.

"When I woke up the next morning, I was naked and frightened. I immediately rushed to Konoha and confessed to Tsunade-sama and Kurenai-sensei. It turned out that I was pregnant."

Ino and Sakura gasped loudly at that, both clinging onto each other.

"Tsunade-sama urged me to have an abortion. I refused. I didn't want to end a child's life just because of my problems. So, in secret from everyone else, I kept it. I didn't do any stannous missions, Tsunade-sama cast a high ranking genjutsu to hide my bump, and I didn't go home as the Hyuuga's would see right through the genjutsu. I stayed at the KOC and when I was six months, I went into early labor. The baby was a still born, I didn't know for how long but it was. I buried it and named it. Her name was Hikaru Hyuuga and she never opened her eyes."

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