I'm looking for a story and I hope you can help me.

Before anyone comments about posting this here.

I tried looking for it with the search engine but I can't find it, I tried different combo's but nada. I was planning on bookmarking this story but my computer crashed.

This is what I remember about the story:

it's a Twilight, M and the characters are Bella and Edward all human.

Bella's pregnant with Edward's child and they are happy. Edward is cheating on Bella with his secretary (I think her name was Tanya) Bella cought them in Edwards office and her water breaks. Edwards secretary treatens to tell Edwards boss with a sexual herrasment so he continues sleeping with her. When the baby is born Edward's not allowed to see him/her in the beginning. The last thing I read in the story was that Edward was called by Alice for help, Jacob was in her apartment screaming at Bella.

if you have any idea which story this is pleas tell me, or if you think you know which story it is.