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The boy looked at his surroundings, as if trying to make sure he wouldn't get attacked. Nobody moved as he looked around, as if trying to reassure himself of what he was seeing.

And then he collapsed.

Chapter Two

Tsunade glanced over at the sleeping boy. It had been quite the inauguration day, she had mused to herself more than once that day. It had been a week since the boy had arrived here, and things were starting to calm down. She still remembered the event clearly, as if it had just happened.

Flashback Start

It was deathly quiet. Nobody moved, they just stared at the boy, as he laid in his own puddle of blood. The first one to break out if this was Namikaze Minato.

"What are you doing? Don't just stand there! Get Tsunade here, quick!" Minato ordered, breaking everyone out if their reveries. The medic-nins went to the boy and carefully flipped him over and began the diagnosis of the boy's injuries.

About a few minutes later, a slightly distraught-looking Tsunade was at the square. She immediately went over to the boy, and slightly paled as she saw for herself the injuries this boy had.

"Shizune! Prepare for an operation here. We can't move him. We also need to run a quick blood test. He needs blood." Shizune nodded curtly, and began ordering other nurses and shinobi to get the proper equipment.

Tsunade turned over to the other medic-nins present, "Report!" She commanded, and the medic-nin, who just so happened to be Rin, gave her diagnosis.

"The boy has taken quite a beating, Tusnade-sama," She said. "He has multiple bruises, abrasions, and cuts all over his body. The main injury is the one in his chest. It missed his heart by half an inch." Tsunade paled slightly at this. This gaki must have some luck, to be able to survive a hit like that.

"That's not all though, Tsunade-sama," Rin interrupted her thoughts. Tsunade looked up at her. "Apparently, his chest injury is slowly healing itself." Tsunade's eyes widened at this. How was that possible. "Though it is healing," Rin continued, seeing the look on the legendary medic-nin's face. "It's not fast enough for him to survive. He needs surgery. And quick."

Tsunade nodded sharply, and started barking orders at all the nurses. She called for Shizune, who immediately came to her teacher's side, fearing her wrath if she didn't. "Report." She demanded.

"Hai," She said. "We ran a quick blood test, and found that he has a rare blood type for the village." Tsunade raised an eyebrow, and Shizune continued. "But, running it through the scanners, I compared it to Yondaime-sama's and it had high compatibility with his. It would be best to use Yondaime-sama's blood for this."

"I see." Tsunade replied. 'How odd,' she thought to herself as she looked around to see if she could spot Minato. 'His blood's compared to Minato's, eh? I'll have to ask the gaki about it when he wakes up.' Finding Minato talking to some villagers, she called him.

"MINATO! GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE!" She smirked as she saw him jump nearly a foot in the air as he was unexpectedly called. He was over there in a flash.

"What do you need, Tsunade?" He asked, looking at the kid, and paling as he saw the kid's wound.

"We found that his blood is highly compatible with yours," Tsunade explained, not sparing any words. "We need you to make a blood transaction, otherwise the gaki won't make it." Minato blinked, but nodded. Getting his affirmation, Tsunade started barking out orders once more. She also ordered Minato to take off his shirt for the transaction. Some of the nurses ogled his abs, but he just rolled his eyes.

He laid down on the cot, which was close to the boys'. Shizune put a needle in, and began drawing blood from him. Tsunade had already begun healing the boy, and after twenty-five minutes, the boy's wound had been completely healed. Tsunade had ordered him to be put in the hospital, where he would rest until he woke up.

Flashback End

'But still,' Tsunade thought. 'To be compatible to Minato's blood? That's certainly not something normal. To be compatible, you have to have Namikaze blood in you.' That was one of the difficult things about the Namikazes. If you were of Namikaze blood and needed a transaction, you needed another Namikaze's blood. Sure, it would work with other's blood, but you just wouldn't get the same rate of healing as you would with Namikaze blood.

She sighed, and walked out of the room and turned off the light, leaving the two blondes to sleep.


Naruto sighed as he sat down against the large tree within his mindscape. Ever since he had fallen unconscious, he had been training with the resident furball. It was the only thing he could do since his body was still recovering to his chest wound and his fight against Sasuke.

At the current moment, he had paused to take a break. He had been having combined kenjutsu and taijutsu lessons on his family's (Namikaze) kenjutsu and (Uzumaki's) taijutsu. While he was fairly good at them alone, if he could put them together as one, he will have created his own kenjutsu style (which he found incredibly awesome, and was apparently unstoppable. "Dattebayo!"). Thus, he had begun training with Kyuubi while he was stuck inside his mindscape. He was fairly certain that if anyone of the Yamanaka Clan came by to see into his mind, all they'd see the long tunnels with water up to your mid-shin(s). While it wasn't positive that they wouldn't wet themselves upon seeing Kyuubi (a clone of him, that is) in his cage, scaring off trespassers.

"Oi, Kit," Kyuubi broke Naruto out of his thoughts. "Break's up. Time to start cutting you up again." He said with a laugh and a smirk.

Naruto sighed as he got up once more. So far, he was making progress with the kenjutsu-taijutsu combo, but he still was bad at. Or as Kyuubi would say when he fell on his butt (which was often) "My grandma's better than you!" (To which he would reply with a snort and saying "What grandma? I thought you were born by knocked up rocks, your head's so thick!")

So when, instead of taunting Naruto after he fell on his butt (again), his eyes narrowed.

"Kit," He said with an unusual seriousness. "I believe its time for you to wake up."

"Wake up?" Naruto asked, getting back on his feet. "Why?"

"Because," Kyuubi explained, heading back towards the door that led to the cage. "They're sending Yamanaka Inoichi in. He won't be fooled like the others of his clan. He will find this, and report it to whoever is Hokage."

Naruto's eyes had gone wide as he heard the name 'Yamanaka Inoichi' spoken by Kyuubi. He knew that the Yamanaka Clan Head was smart, and would certainly not be fooled by the traps that had been lain in there.

So, Naruto sheathed his sword and ran to catch up with Kyuubi, who was almost to the door which led back to the cage.

Upon entering the long hallways once more, Kyuubi slipped back into his cage, and Naruto put the seal back on with deft hands (as he was the resident Seal Master of Konoha, being approved of by Jiraiya) and tossed his sword to the now large, nine-tailed bijuu.

Walking away, Naruto turned his head over his shoulder with an affectionate smile. "I'll talk to you later, furball."

Kyuubi let out a breath, which was hot and strong, and would have knocked Naruto over if he wasn't prepared, or used to it.

"Yes, we have much to discuss. I believe the place where we have landed is, in fact, Konoha, but not the one we are used to." Naruto nodded and began the long trek to the outside corridors of his mind. And Naruto could hear, though it was softer, quieter, and lined with worry, Kyuubi's departing statement as he left his mind for the real world. "And be careful, Kit."

Naruto had a soft smile on his face as he was in darkness again.


Naruto blinked as his eyes got adjusted to the real world. He could hear people talking around him, though it was still fuzzy to his ears. He blinked a few more times before he could clearly see the white walls around him. And then he scowled.

He looked around to see who was in the room. There was Ero-Sennin, Inoichi, Shizune, Rin, Obito, Kakashi, his baa-chan -to which he almost sprang out of bed to hug her- and an familiar man with azure eyes and blond hair, much like his own.

He scrunched his eyes, and his scowl became a frown as he tried to remember the man. The man raised an eyebrow, noticing Naruto looking at him funny.

"Who're you?" He asked the man bluntly, scratching the back of his head, giving up the search to find the man's identity. Kyuubi sighed, and muttered something about 'dense, blond brats.' There were several other reactions to his question besides Kyuubi's. Jiraiya laughed out loud; Inoichi almost did, but he put his hand over his mouth; Tsunade smiled as did Shizune; and Obito, Rin and Kakashi stared at him with wide eyes.

The unidentified man himself smiled sheepishly, and scratched his head, in a manner such as Naruto's. "Well… I'm Namikaze Minato, Yondaime Hokage.

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