[This idea literally came to me in a dream. This is what happens to me when I play Dissidia before going to sleep! Anyway, I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing/dreaming it. I do adore Cecil, and yes, Kathryn is based on myself. I have big plans for this story, maybe, who knows? :) R&R if you like xD, more to come soon, I hope!]



"Huh?...Who's there?"

"Wake up Kathryn?"

"Mum? But it's too early..."


"Woah, what the...?"

Kathryn woke up with a start, her eyes flickering open as they struggled to focus on her surroundings. She sat up, and realised she was sitting in shallow, freezing cold water. She jumped up in shock. Where on earth was she? Was this a dream? She trailed her fingers along the surface of the water. It couldn't be a dream, the water felt too real for it to be in her imagination.

Cold, and shivering profusely, she started to wade through the water, which came up to her ankles. It lapped at her jeans as she waded through, glancing round at her surroundings, taking everything in. There was nothing, she couldn't see a single thing for miles. Nothing, except for a white plinth in the middle of the vast stretch of water. Straining her eyes again, she tried to see what was on the plinth. Was someone there? She could see something glowing, very faintly. Gathering all of her courage, she made her way over to the plinth, still shivering like crazy with butterflies in her stomach. It would have been rash to say she wasn't scared – she was petrified! A few minutes ago she had been snuggled up in her duvet fast asleep, Adam and the Ants blaring out of her mp3 player as her mind transported her through her vast array of dreams. Never in her wildest thoughts did she ever think she would end up somewhere like this. Suspicions in her mind telling her this was some sort of sick joke, she reached the plinth, and the glowing figure sat upon it.

The figure was that of a woman, the most beautiful woman Kathryn had ever laid eyes on. Her skin was fair, and her hair was brilliant blonde. She was draped in a white satin dress, embroidered with lavish gold lace. A tiara sat on top of her blonde, curly hair, and she had an ethereal white glow surrounding her, leading Kathryn to think she might be some sort of angel.

The woman smiled at her softly, a smile which calmed Kathryn a bit. She gestured for Kathryn to sit next to her on the plinth, which she did very cautiously, glancing around nervously as if half expecting someone to jump out and yell 'surprise!' at her. Of course, that didn't happen.

The woman turned her body to face Kathryn, and began to speak. Her voice was mesmerising to Kathryn who had never heard such an angelic tone in all of her life.

"You must be wondering why you have been summoned here?"

"Well, yeah I was hoping you would be able to shed some light on that matter..."

"As I had guessed. You have no recollection."

"Excuse me?"

"You were summoned here to aid me in my cause – the balance of harmony and discord has been broken, and I fear that Chaos may reign eternal if he is not stopped in time."


"I am Cosmos, the goddess of harmony. I have summoned you here, Miss Kathryn Stallwood, to aid me, along with 10 others on my quest to bring balance to this world once more."


"You must obtain your true crystal, and defeat your greatest fears along the way."

"Defeat, as in fight? I don't fight – I don't have any fears, enemies...whatever!"

"That is where you are wrong. Fears may not be in the physical form. What you may have to fight is what lies within..."

"I see..."

"And, you must also aid your one true love in his bid to defeat his daemons, and obtain his crystal too."

"My one true love?"

"You will know, in due time, who that shall be. You are no ordinary young woman Kathryn, you have been chosen for a reason. There is a good heart within you, and I know that you will succeed in your quest."


It was all in vain however, Cosmos had faded away before Kathryn's very eyes as she begged her for more answers. She looked down at her hands. There was nothing special about her. She was an ordinary 21 year old with a dead end job, a group of friends that she trusted with her life, and a normal(ish) family. What did she have to offer other than a load of GCSE's and a packet of cigarettes? She reminded herself they were still in her pocket from where she had fallen asleep in her clothes. Slightly squashed, she retrieved the packet and pulled one of the cigarettes out. Lighting it with still shivering hands, she sat on the plinth, regaining her thoughts and inhaling the nicotine she desperately needed to calm herself down.

Ten minutes passed, and Kathryn was still sitting on the plinth, now feeling very sorry for herself as she realised she may never go back to Ampthill again! Although, she supposed it wouldn't be all that bad. At least she wouldn't have to face work with that old hag ; Mrs Pollard on Monday. It was her family and friends she was the most concerned about. Her mum would be distraught when she found out her only daughter had disappeared. She knew it wouldn't be too long before her brothers were arguing over who would get her room though. Typical. Brooding over these thoughts, she didn't realise the figure walking towards her in the near distance.

Striding at a leisurely pace towards her was a very handsome man, clad in head to toe with an elaborately decorated suit of armour. Long spikes protruded from the armour on his shoulder, his hair was platinum blonde that grew long and wild as it rested delicately around his shoulders. He was fairly tall, and his body was very well formed, with a lot of muscle. He had deep blue eyes and his face with its soft features reflected his kindly personality. He was a paladin, and he had been instructed by the other nine warriors to go and find the eleventh, the mysterious one they knew nothing about. Approaching the plinth, he noticed Kathryn sitting there.

"This must be the eleventh!", he said to himself as he splashed through the water and stood on the lowest step of the plinth.

Kathryn nearly jumped out of her skin when she noticed he was there. She dropped the cigarette out of shock, and stamped it out quickly.

"W-who are you?" She was stammering out of fear. Gazing up at the mysterious man, who must have been a knight (or a nutjob) from the way he was dressed, she noticed how amazingly handsome he was. Her heart fluttered as he spoke. Could this be...?

Little did she know, the same things were running through the mysterious paladin's mind as he too gazed upon the woman that was standing before him. Never had he seen a maiden so fair in all of his life. Her eyes, her icy blue eyes reminded him of the purest crystals in Baron. Her attire (strange to him as it may be), flattered her curvy body shape more than any corset ever could. And her medium length choppy purple hair complimented her face so much that it shone out like a beacon in his eyes. Trying to compose himself, he introduced himself to the beautiful woman who was standing so elegantly in front of him.

"Greetings m'lady, I am Cecil. Cecil Harvey from Baron."

"Hey Cecil, I'm Kathryn from er, Ampthill... Most of my friends call me Kazz though..."

"Kathryn. What an unusual name!"

"Oh. Erm. Thanks?"

"Forgive my impatience m'lady but I must take you to the others at once!"

"The others?"

"There are 9 others who join us on this quest..."

"Oh yeah, Cosmos said.."

"So you have met Cosmos? Wonderful!"

"Yeah, although I think she's made a mistake. I'm no warrior Cecil, I've never had a fight in my life!"

"That does not matter. We all have yet to find our true way. Cosmos must have had a good enough reason to bring you here."

"I guess. I didn't think of it that way. Thanks Cecil!"

"No trouble at all!".

Cecil beckoned for Kathryn to follow him. Seeing she was still quite apprehensive, he grabbed her hand to reassure her. There was something about her that he could not grasp, something he really liked about her.

"Could this be the one Cosmos was talking about...?" He sincerely wished so, because as soon as her skin touched his, his heart went wild. Kathryn was experiencing the same feeling as he grabbed her hand suddenly. She felt like she had died and gone to heaven!

She smiled nervously at Cecil as they made their way to the ends of the vast stretch of water to meet the other 9 warriors. As she glanced around one last time, she realised that if this was her destiny, then so be it. One thing was for certain however, this was going to be one hell of an adventure!


[To Be Continued...?]