Tear It Up

Chapter 14

Ichigo stared out across the valley, taking in all the sights and sounds. It was insane how many people had turned out for the races but he was happy to be here with Grimmjow and the boys. Shuhei was talking a mile a minute about some upgrades on Nnoitra's ride while Nnoitra couldn't stop smiling a giant piano toothed smile. He was racing today and everybody had come out to support him.

"This is insane," Shinji said from Ichigo's elbow, gawking at all the people and the noises of cars being tuned and paraded around, "and an absolute fashion disaster. Look at that chick, she calls that a skirt!? Its practically a metallic napkin protecting her gross bits!"

Ichigo laughed, slapping him on the back, "that's why you're here, fashion police."

"Damn straight," Shinji huffed, tugging on his boyfriend's hand, "Come on, Uryu. Let's go find somewhere to make out."

Ichigo rolled his eyes as a blushing Uryu and a determined Shinji disappeared into the throng. It'd been a few weeks of them dating and Ichigo didn't know whether to applaud them or shoot them. They were totally disgusting together but Ichigo had never seen Shinji this happy.

"They're disgusting," Shuhei commented, making a sick face, "Seriously, I've never seen anything like it."

"I have," Starrk said, eyeballing Shuhei with a neutral expression. Shuhei slit his eyes, going back to a systems check. Ichigo didn't know what that was about, but he wasn't about to get involved in it.

"Where'd Grimm disappear to?" Ichigo asked, hands in his jean pockets. He was only a spectator today and had run off to grab a bite to eat while the crew tinkered away. Starrk and Nnoitra would be racing but GRimmjow hadn't been hungry.

"He said he had to talk to somebody," Shuhei said with a shrug, "I'm sure he'll be back soon."

"Alright," Ichigo called, suddenly bored. This place was like being at another school's prom and your date was missing. Ichigo had gotten a little bit more used to the car world but he was still a chicken in a duck pond: the shit did not compute, "I guess I'll…walk around."

Shuhei waved him off, Starrk engrossed in checking something with the engine as Ichigo decided to let his feet take him somewhere. He passed a bunch of cars on display, letting his eyes slide over the engines and chrome, at least attempting to look like he belonged here. He wandered for a good while before he noticed a pile of familiar blue hair and stopped, narrowing his eyes.

Grimmjow's back was to Ichigo, but he was obviously talking to a tall, thin silver-haired man. Grimmjow's stance wasn't aggressive, but it was guarded. The stranger was smirking, a permanent fixture on his face that made Ichigo's skin crawl. Who was this dude? An old flame?

A sudden boulder descended in Ichigo's gut. He didn't know why he was suddenly incredibly jealous, but the dude WAS good looking and obviously belonged to this life that Grimmjow was a part of. The silver man laughed, a tinkling sound that Ichigo could hear even from this far away. He said something and started opening the driver's door but Grimmjow stopped him with a hand, slamming the door closed, keeping his hand on the window.

The man wasn't smiling anymore.

Ichigo got closer, on the offensive, "We got a problem?"

Grimmjow turned, but his hand never left the car window, still blocking the stranger from getting in his own vehicle. Whoever this dude was, Ichigo wanted an answer.

"Mah, this the squeeze?" the stranger said, opening his eyes fully to take Ichigo in. Ichigo wanted to shiver at the coldness of his red eyes, "Here's your boo, why don't you run along now? The races are about 'ta start."

"We're not done, Gin," Grimmjow growled, letting his hand drop from the door, "Pull your head out of your ass. The kid is miserable."

"Not my problem," Gin said, eyes flitting back over Ichigo before locking on Grimmjow again, "He left, he's a big boy."

Ichigo had no idea what the fuck was going on, but his hackles were raised and he wasn't leaving until Grimmjow came with him, "Who is this guy?"

"An old business acquaintance," Grimmjow said gruffly, his eyes narrowed at Gin, "and a pain in the ass."

"Mah, that's cold," Gin said, eyes now focused on Ichigo, "if I 'member correctly, you were the pain in MY ass. Ah well, life goes on, doesn't it?"

Ichigo felt like his guts were on fire. THIS DUDE? AND GRIMMJOW? So they did have history.

"Hahahaha, holy hell, 'da look on yer face," Gin snickered, "Jus' fuckin' wit'cha, berry. No need 'ta go hell cat on me. Jus' an old friend from an old life."

"You're a piece of shit, Ichimaru," Grimmjow grunted, slapping him upside the head, "Fix it, or I'll break every bone in your body."

"Ain't no fixin' that," Gin said quietly, a frown forming, "And ain't none'a'yer business."

"You made it my business," Grimmjow said testily, finally stepping away from Gin and taking Ichigo's hand. Ichigo still wasn't used to that, little public displays of affection. He wasn't even sure if Grimmjow realized he was doing it because he was still focused on Gin, "After the race. Fix it. Buy him a drink, fuck him in the backseat, I don't give a fuck, just fix it 'cuz you aren't foolin' anybody, you're just as miserable."

Gin's frown was pronounced now, one red eye opening to stare at Grimmjow, "Mah, we can't ALL have fairy tale endings. Enough of that bullshit goin' on with you and the berry head, don't'cha think?"

"Fuck you," Ichigo said heatedly, not liking this snake. Who the fuck was this guy, and who the HELL were they talking about?

But then it clicked for Ichigo, and Shuhei's weird attitude lately and Starrk's paternal moments were starting to make a hell of a lot more sense.

"Hahaha, I can see why 'ya like 'im," Gin said, holding up a peace sign as he slid into his car, "No promises, Big Blue."

He slammed the door closed and revved his engine, Grimmjow staring after the car even as it disappeared through a throng of people. Other cars were beginning to pull out and patrol around, getting to their designated areas. The valley was so huge there was more than one race going on at a time, and Ichigo didn't understand all of it, but it was a full day event and they weren't going anywhere until the moon was out.

"Let's go, I've got a headache now," Grimmjow growled, fingers locked firmly in Ichigo's as they headed through the crowd. Ichigo couldn't help the smile that tugged at his lips.

Nnoitra didn't win, but he got second. The crew had to listen to him bitch for the rest of the night as he got drunker and drunker, how second place didn't mean shit, how these races weren't shit, how he'd been behind the wheel of a car more than he'd had feet on solid ground and that the day had been utter bullshit.

"I'm tellin' ya, they're pulling some serious bullshit," Nnoitra slurred, clanking his beer against Ichigo's. Ichigo was pleasantly buzzed, enjoying the cooler night air and the party atmosphere of so many drivers and crews chilling in the valley. Music was playing all over the place, tents and RVs in little camps all over, people lighting fires and eating and drinking and smoking. It was really nice, having everybody together like this, despite how whiny Nnoitra was starting to get.

"It ain't fair, even with the NOS, somethin's up with those bastards, I can feel it."

"Sure, Nnoitra. We'll get the police on it right away," Starrk said glibly, Halibel snorting into his shoulder.

Nnoitra flicked him off as they all laughed, Shuhei not drunk but high as a kite from the blunts that had been passed around so freely all night. Shinji was in Uryu's lap, the boys talking quietly by the fire as everybody talked and partied around them. It truly was disgusting.

"They're giving me cavities," Grimmjow mumbled into Ichigo's ear, making him shiver. He'd started out sitting next to Grimmjow but had miraculously migrated to his lap somewhere around beer seven. Grimmjow had his arms around him and had continued conversations with various people like it was the most natural thing in the world for Ichigo to be there. Ichigo would never admit out loud how much it pleased him.

"It's cute," Ichigo sighed, pecking Grimmjow on the cheek, "Let them be gross and happy."

Grimmjow nipped at the tip of Ichigo's nose, "If you say so."

"Oh my GOD will you two just STOP IT ALREADY?!" Shinji yelled, rolling his eyes dramatically as he held up a wine cooler, "I'm literally going to go blind from the raging rainbows over there."

"Shut the fuck up," Ichigo barked, flicking his best friend off, "you have zero room to talk, Barbie Dream House."

Shinji winked at Ichigo before cuddling even closer to his boyfriend, Uryu sighing resignedly, like he was always going to be the butt of the joke but it was worth it to have a lap full of Shinji. He rarely defended himself he was that besotted.

Truly disgusting.

But Shinji was right, Ichigo really couldn't talk. He was happy as hell with how things had been progressing with Grimmjow. They fought at least once a week, but the communication was getting so much better. Grimmjow was super affectionate now in his small ways that Ichigo was still blindsided when he did simple things, like hold a door open for him or slide his fingers over the back of his neck when he was cooking or even gay ass shit like cuddling on the couch when they were watching a movie.

Disgusting, domesticated shit that most people didn't get to see Grimmjow doing.

He still had a bad ass reputation to uphold, after all.

But people were noticing. His PDA were getting bolder and bolder, and rumors were all over the campus, but Ichigo didn't give a fuck because Grimmjow was HIS and so far hadn't run away screaming yet.

Or the other way around. Ichigo wasn't going anywhere anytime soon.

"Hey, where'd you go?" Grimmjow husked, kissing Ichigo's ear.

"Sorry," Ichigo said, knowing he was blushing profusely, "I'm just…happy."

Grimmjow didn't say anything, but Ichigo could practically hear the shit-eating grin.

Eventually everybody packed up and headed out, wanting to sleep in real beds as opposed to the tents ("we're racers, not goddamn campers" Nnoitra had scoffed) and by the time they all got back, everybody was exhausted.

"See you guys tomorrow," Grimmjow said, unlocking his car. Everybody in the gang was parting ways and Ichigo walked over to Grimm to kiss him goodnight.

"See you tomorrow," Ichigo said, prepared to make the trek across campus to his dorm room.

Grimmjow grabbed his arm. Ichigo stopped.

"Wanna come home with me?"

Ichigo's eyes widened. They'd been dating for a while now, but Grimmjow had still never let Ichigo in his car. Or what used to be Quatro's. It was something they never talked about and Ichigo had just come to accept.

"Um, I…"

"I want you to," Grimmjow said, his eyes piercing Ichigo, "Lemme take you home."

Fuck. Ichigo was so done with this boy.

"Uh, yeah. Okay."

Ichigo's heart was banging out of his chest the entire ride, he was almost too afraid to breathe in the car. This seemed like a very important thing, something sacred.

When they got to GRimmjow's apartment, Grimmjow waited patiently for Ichigo to get out before shutting the door for him. Ichigo took his hand as they went into his apartment, Grimmjow taking him to the bedroom almost immediately. Ichigo had been here a few times but was still unfamiliar with it, but Grimmjow's room was a dark haven that he had no problem feeling safe in.

Grimmjow started kissing him immediately, drawing a moan out of Ichigo as he got them naked as quickly as possible. Honestly he was exhausted from the long day of sun and cars, but when Grimmjow got like this, there was no way Ichigo could pass it up.

Grimmjow prepared him quickly, not spending a shit ton of time on foreplay, which Ichigo appreciated. He went to slip on a condom and Ichigo stopped him, throwing it over his shoulder. Grimmjow laughed.

It was one of Ichigo's favorite sounds in the entire world. Call him a sap, he didn't give a fuck. Grimmjow's laughter was like catching a rare pokemon and Ichigo was proud that he was able to pull it from him as often as he did.

Ichigo attacked, not letting Grimmjow get him on his back. He playfully wrestled Grimmjow into submission, staring down at him as he sank slowly down onto Grimmjow's length. Grimmjow hissed through his teeth as Ichigo bottomed out, Ichigo sighing at the fullness. They fucked often, of course they did, but it was so good and so sweet every time it still blew both of their minds. Ichigo rode him for a while, enjoying the power he felt, but Grimmjow wasn't having any of that for very long, or he was ready to cum, because in the next instant he was flipped over onto his back and Grimmjow was grinding down into him, making him cry out.

Grimmjow kissed him stupid, fucking into him so good and so deep the headboard was rattling.

Surprisingly, Grimmjow came first, biting and latching onto Ichigo's neck as he came. When he was finally sentient again, he lazily dragged his hand over Ichigo's erection pumping once, twice, and Ichigo spilled with an embarrassingly loud moan. He really fucking hoped Neliel wasn't home.

"She's on a business trip," Grimmjow said with a giant smirk. He was getting really good at reading Ichigo's face and levels of embarrassment, "But the neighbors probably heard."

"Shut up," Ichigo breathed, still trying to recover from his orgasm.

Grimmjow just smirked and kissed him.

"You good, Einstein?" Starrk said, staring out the car at his little brother. He'd dropped him off at his little shitty duplex considering Shuhei hadn't raced today and they'd carpooled earlier, Starrk looking like a fucking worried mom as Shuhei worked his keys out of his pocket.

"I'm great, dad," Shuhei said with a grin, saluting his friend, "See 'ya tomorrow, okay?"

"Okay. Call me if you need anything."

Shuhei held up a peace sign as he disappeared down the sidewalk, Starrk waiting like a concerned parent at the corner until Shuhei managed to rattle his door open and slam it shut behind him. He was still pretty high, so he decided to take a long, hot shower while listening to some tunes. He sang to himself as he scrubbed down, glad to get the dessert grime and grit off and toweling dry before slipping on an oversized skull sweatshirt and boxers. He had just sat down on the couch to boot up his laptop and maybe Netflix for a bit when he heard a car door slam.

He rolled his eyes, getting up to unlock his door for Starrk, "Seriously, man, I'm good-"

Shuhei stopped, staring at Gin, looking way too good in a fitted black Henley and unzipped white hoodie. Honestly it was criminal.


"What are you doing here?" Shuhei said, narrowing his eyes, his stance rigid, "How did you even know where I lived?"

"Your fearless leader told me," Gin said with a shrug, "Or rather insisted I drop by. He can be pretty persuasive."

"Fucking Grimmjow," Shuhei seethed, sucking his teeth, "Well, sucks to suck, but I'm tired and I need you to kindly fuck off."

"After I drove all this way?"

"Did you miss the part where I don't give a fuck?"

Gin's eyes were fully open, staring at Shuhei with his hands in his jeans pockets, and it just wasn't fair because it was doing things to Shuhei's insides and his high was officially blown and he wanted to tear down the world.

"I came to apologize," Gin finally said, looking over his shoulder, "And I'd prefer to do it in private, unless ya want your nosey ass neighbors hearin'."

Shuhei took a step back, waving his hand dramatically, "By all means, ass hole."

Gin entered without a word, standing in the middle of Shuhei's living room and looking around, "Absolute chaos."

"Didn't know you were an interior decorator," Shuhei snarked, leaning against the wall with his arms crossed.

"I know you're pissed. I get it, 'kay? But I made a mistake."

"Wowee gee Gin, I guess all is fucking forgiven now, huh?"

Gin's eyes were open and his mouth was tugged down into a frown, "I'm not sayin' 'ya need 'ta fuckin' forgive me, I came here to…I don' fuckin' know, fix this?"

"Fix this," Shuhei repeated, moving a finger in between their bodies, even though they were pretty far from each other, "Exactly what are we fixing, huh? We talking bout you skippin' town without a word, or when you were fucking me and not giving a shit? Or are we talking about how you're suddenly SORRY that I walked out on your lame ass?"

It'd been weeks since the split, or whatever the fuck you wanted to call it, but seeing Gin now after all his moping and anger was setting off fireworks of emotion inside Shuhei that he refused to keep inside anymore, "I gave you my heart on a fucking platter and you ate it and shit it out, Gin. I knew it was gonna be a mistake, but I did it anyway. I knew this would happen, I'm a fucking genius, so I don't need you coming here now and trying to tell me shit I don't want to hear."

Gin was totally silent through Shuhei's rant, and it actually pissed him off. Who the hell did this guy think he was?

"See, the thing is, if you were done wit' me, you wouldn't be screamin'," Gin said, walking closer to Shuhei. He was still several feet away so Shuhei didn't react, "Pretty sure yer' neighbors can hear us anyway."

"Fuck my neighbors," Shuhei growled, forever cursing the advantages and disadvantages of a duplex, "and fuck you."

"Tell me what you want me 'ta do," Gin said quietly, and all the air seemed to be knocked out of Shuhei.

This wasn't like Gin. Gin didn't ASK for shit. It was throwing Shuhei's anger off in a confusing way.

"I want you to fuck off, but you're clearly brain damaged."

Gin smirked, rocking back on his heels, "See? You keep the insults comin', but they hold no fire. You still want me."

"So fucking what? You wanna be fuck buddies? Is that the solution? 'Cuz we tried that and it wasn't working."

"I didn't say that."

"Then what are you saying?" Shuhei said, off the wall now and practically in Gin's face, but Gin was taller, so Shuhei made up for it with a louder voice, "What is the solution to this equation, huh?"

"I dunno," Gin said honestly, brave enough to lift his hand out touch Shuhei's cheek. Shuhei flinched, "but 'yer drivin' me crazy and I've been kickin' my own ass ever since ya' walked out my door."

Shuhei hissed, knocking Gin's hand away, "Fucking cute, Gin. I'm not some stupid chick-"

"You ain't listenin'," Gin said, pushing into Shuhei's space until he hit the wall again, Gin caging him in with his long, wiry arms, "I'm askin' ya 'ta gimme another chance, but'cher bein' stubborn. I'd rather have 'ya here screamin' at me than not have 'ya at all."

"Fuck you," Shuhei breathed, pushing his face into Gin's chest, practically shaking, "I fucking HATE you."

"Lotta people do," Gin soothed, rubbing circles into Shuhei's back. They stood there for a while, Shuhei trying to collect himself as Gin comforted him in his weird way.

"I'm not gonna fuck you tonight, if that's what you're thinking," Shuhei finally said, wiping at his eyes.

"Didn't come 'ere for tha'," Gin said with a shrug, "I fucked up. Thought I could make all the rules, but I still lost the game."

"See? That shit right there, that's why you suck at this," Shuhei mumbled, pushing his face back into Gin's chest, "It's not a goddamn game."

Gin folded his arms around Shuhei more comfortably, a smirk on his lips, "I'm gettin' that now."


"That's the last box, I think," Ichigo said, watching his ridiculously hot boyfriend pick up a heavy box full of Ichigo's text books and heft it over his shoulder. Jesus Christ did Grimmjow look good in a wife beater.

"It better be," he growled, covered in sweat, "How the fuck you kept so much shit in this tiny ass dorm…"

"You're forgetting something."

Grimmjow raised an eyebrow at him, Ichigo's smirk enough to give him an idea, "What?"

"That you're carrying that box to the car, and that we'll have made the final trip, and then we'll be back at your place, and we can fuck all we want before you help me unpack."

Grimmjow grunted as Ichigo leaned up and kissed him, nearly dropping the box as Ichigo cupped him through his jeans.

"You fucking tease," Grimmjow growled, about ready to throw the box and just take the berry on the floor. Not like they haven't fucked on the dorm floor before. There was probably still evidence of it somewhere under the rug Ichigo had bought for some mystery stains.

Thank God Shinji had fucked Uryu in his dorm room all semester or Ichigo would've been suspicious.

But no, Ichigo was usually the one with the carpet burns on his knees, much to Shinji's delight.

"So what are we still standing here for?" Grimmjow husked, walking away from the berry and towards the door.

Ichigo laughed, chasing after his boyfriend, Grimmjow's car keys rattling in his pocket.