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When all goes wrong

You know sitting on a cold, hard, metal table in Vexen's lab really makes a guy reget what ever he did to get there. I on the other hand am not I've got a point to prove. What is my point? My point is Saix is a sore loser. Yeah I should have seen it coming Isa always did hate to lose. But I thought Saix would be different what with no emotion and on a count he's changed so much but man was I wrong.

"So how long til were done here Vexen? I'm getting bored."

"You have just arrived VIII and it's IV not Vexen."

"Oh yeah thats right I'll try and get that memorized" I smirk" Vexen."

You know when I first got this mission yeah this is a mission. How Saix convinced Xemnas is still a wonder. Anyways I thought this was going to be a living nightmare but so far it's been pretty fun just messing with Vexen.

"VIII it is IV not Vexen. Now shall we begin?"

"Yep. Ready when you are. You know you should really get a heater in here. It's kinda cold." I pretend to shiver.

"I'll consider it." Wow Vexen has a sense of humor. "Now drink this." a beaker is shoved in my hands.

"Yeah yeah. Hey you know I could just heat up this cold old lab right now, right?" The liqued inside the beaker is swishing around for me waving it around. "Hey I've got a question. Vexen are you older than this lab?" I grin at him.

He pinches the bridge of his nose" VIII drink the potion and stop talking."

"Avioding the question are you?"


"Yesh okay okay I got it! I'll drink the stupid potion."

You know looking at that potion you wouldn't think it taste nearly a bad as it did. I just wish I could wipe that stupid smirk off Vexen's face it reminds me of the one Saix had this morning. I wanted to wipe off his smirk too.

"Uh talk about Gross with a capital G. What was that stuff?" Come to think about it I proably should have asked that before I drank the stupid potion.

"That" He said pointing to the empty beaker " Was an experimenatl potion. It's purpose was for it to get you to truly feel the emotions in your memories instead of you just acting so."

"Hm do you think it'll work?" I cock my head.

"I am not sure and that is why I decided to test it out on you." Vexen grin, it's kind of creepy.

It was right then that sentence sunk in. "Wait i'm your first test subject!"

He nodds.

"Not even a dusk tested this out yet?"

"No I haven't tested this on a dusk. There far to stupid for me to test on. I wouldn't be able to tell if it came into affect or not and you just barely pass." Ouch that hurt coming from Vexen.

"Ha ha ha that's hilarious. This better not kill me." And as if on cue a sharp pain hit me. So of course I'm yelling in pain.

"VIII? Are you alright?" See even Vexen can ask stupid questions.

"N-no" The pain is unbearable. I double over in pain. "D-do somthing!" My vision isn't too clear anymore. But I do manage to see Vexen shove a needle in to my shoulder. Then everything goes black.

The meeting

"Is it reversible?" The superior's voice fills the room as ten other nobodys listen in. Only Axel and Roxas were missing.

"I am not sure. I will need a blood test to see if I can find one. And it may take months."

The superior pinches the bridge of his nose. " Do that. One of you has to be held resposible for VIII untill he is back to normal. VII you will be in charge of VIII. XIII can not do it, IV will be far to busy and VII it was your suggestion to send VIII on this mission." Xemnas left no room for argument.

So with nothing left but to agree Saix nodded "Yes superior."

"Good then you are all dismised."

And with that eleven organazation memebers were gone.

Vexen's lab

You know when Vexen asked me to watch something for him I did think it was kind of weird. Usually he asks Zexion or Lexaeus. But that's it. Thats all I thought was weird. So you can imagin the surprise I had when I saw Axel the way I did. He was smaller than usual and he looked sort of different. He still looked like Axel just different. I asked Vexen what it was and he told me Axel was a child. But he left before I could ask him what a child is. Though he did tell me to be ready for anything when Axel woke up.

It's pretty cold in Vexen's lab. I wonder if I'm the only one who thinks so. I doubt it since Axel is shivering too. It's pretty boring to just watch Axel. He just keeps tossing and turning on that metal table he's on. It must be colder on there. I'm glad I don't have to sleep on there.

While thinking my stupid thoughts a yell from Axel got my attention. Why is he yelling? He's still asleep, his eyes are closed after all.

"Axel?" I ask shaking him slightly. He dosn't stir but he dose keep yelling.

"Axel?" I shake him a little harder. Again nothing but yeling and water was coming out of his eyes. I freaked out, was he okay?

"Axel?" Nothing "Axel?" Again nothing "Axel!" More water "AXEL!" That worked sort of.

"Whewe's Isa?" Was the first thing Axel yelled out.

"I I don't know. Who's Isa?" I was getting worried. If a nobody can get worried that is.

"Isa! Thewy got hiwm! NO!" Axel completly broke down. He has a pretty big leak.

"Who's Isa? What got him? I don't understand Axel."

"I down't know!" What's wrong with Axel?

"I don't understand you Axel."

"Axwel? Who's Axwel?"

"What! Your Axel!" I"m completly lost.

"NO I'm Lea. Got it memorized?"

"What no your Axel."

"No I'm oh yeah." Axel continued to leak and wimper.

" It's okay don't cry Lea." I smile and hug him. Whoa were did that come from. What's crying?

"W-who awe you?" He burries his face in my shoulder. He's getting my cloak all wet but that's okay I don't mind.

"You don't remember me?"

He shakes his head smearing green goop all over my shoulder.

"Hm that's okay. I'm Roxas." Why dosn't he rememer me? Why dose he think his name is Lea? You know what it dosn't matter right now.

"Wokas I've got it memowized." He contiued to leak. So I just hugged him tighter and he burried his face deeper. Eventually he stopped leaking and falls asleep in my arms. I don't know what came over me to make me hug him although it did fix him. But I do know one thing.

"You said that last time too."

~End of chapter one~

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The meeting