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"Axe? What's thiws colow? I likwe it the bestest!" Axel held up a red crayon.

"Red." Saix answered as he walked down a long hallway.

"OH and this one?" he gently put back the red crayon and pulled out a blue one.

"Blue." Saix told him.

"OH this was Isa's faviowoit colwo. I'll savwe it fow him." he carefully put it back in the box.

Saix thought back. Right his other's favorite color was blue and Lea's was red. Big suprise right.


"Yep. What's this color?" Axel held up a yellow crayon.


"Oh,like an owange?"

"What no oranges aren't yellow there...orange."

"Ohhh so this is yellow not like an owange."

"Yeah..." Saix responded

"Is this color Owange?" Axel held up an orange crayon.

Saix nodded.

Axel looked at the two crayons. "Yellow." he held out the yellow crayon "Owange" he held out the orange crayon. Saix nodded again "Youw wight Owange dose look more like the colow of an owange." he was quite for a moment. "Was the colow named owange beacuse of the fwuit or was the fwuit named Owange beacuse of the colow?"

"Hmm I'm not sure." Saix answereed. He had never really thought about.

"Oh okay. I think both."


"Both got it memowized?"

"Uh okay."

"Good anwd this one?" he held out a purple crayon.


"Puwple." he put it back and pulled out another.

"This one?" he held out a pink crayon.


"Pink almost like a pinky. Is my pinky pink?" he put looked at his crayon and then at his pinky."Well kinda." he put the pink crayon back in the box.

"This one?" he held out a black crayon.


"It the same colow as that dawk thing."

"You mean a portal?"

"A powtal? That thing we when thwough?"


"Oh then yes it's the swame colow as a powtal. I down't likew powtals." He shoved the balck crayon back in the box and pulled a white one out.

"What color is this Axe?"


"Thawts the colow of evewy thing hewe! Thwis place needs mowe colow." He put white back and pulled out a green crayon. " What colow is this?" Axel asked.

"Green." Saix turned a corner and walked down another long hall.

"Like gwass?"

"Yes" Saix said in a kind of annoyed tone.

"Why didn't they just name it gwass like they did with owange."

"Dose the grass always stay green and is it always the same shade of green?"

"Oh good point."

Oranges don't ethier Axel thought but put the crayon back and pulled out another one.

"Which colow is this?"

"Violet." saix answered

"It looks alot like puwple only a wittle dawkew." He put it away.

"This one" he pulled out a teal crayon.

"Teal." Saix answered annoyed.

Axel didn't even notice. "It looks like gween and bluwe togethew Isa'll wanna see this!" He tuck the crayon back in the box.

"And this one?"


"Hey are you making twhat up?"


"HAHAHA what kinda duwmmy puts names togethew like thwat?"

"I don't know." Saix answered.

"Do you not knwo a lot of thwings?"

"No." Saix took a deep breath."

"Aew you suwe ow you dwon't know?"

"Yes I am sure." Saix said in his same calm tone.

"Okay... So is thewe a yellow owange?"

"Maybe." Saix answered.

"See I told you. I knew I saw one a long time ago!" Axel held up the crayon proudly."So are those kinda owanges called Yellowowanges?"


"So thewe just caled owanges?"


"Well thwats stupid." Axel complained as he put away the crayon " What thwats it? No more crayons? Gwandpa gave me a Smwall pack!"

Even though Axel was sulking Saix was personally relieved it was only a twelve pack. He couldn't Stand a twenty-four or sixty-four packe or even the ninety- four pack.

"That is too bad." Saix smirked.

"Yeah" Axel answered. Looking quite sad. "Hey what happens when you put all the cwayons togethew?"

"A rainbow. I gues." Saix sound way annoyed.

"What's that lookw likwe?"

Saix sighed and continued walking down the hall.

"Well?" Axel asked"What's a rainbow look like?"

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