On the night of a full moon in the sixth month
Six years after a wizard will rise to power;
Four daughters to be born, only to be separated
Before the end of the eighteenth year, three will turn;
From light to dark or dark to light, it is unknown,
But the one that stays will die at her sister's mercy.

She read it again for the thousandth time, the prophecy that was heard and inscribed. She wiped away a tear that had escaped. She separated the girls to protect the,. They all knew each other, inevitably from school, but maybe it was time to bring them home; the prophecy would come true no matter what. She was just glad that she didn't know which girl was to die at her sister's hand; it would be even harder to look at her when she saw that specific daughter. She'd already sent the letters to each adoptive parents, letting them know that the girls needed to know soon, the thirty-first of July at the latest. She wanted the girls to stay separate, and had no idea how or what they did to keep them apart as long as possible.

But, now, it was time to bring her girls home; prophecy or no, she needed to see them all looking like themselves, and before one of them died.


"Hermione, love? Can you come downstairs please?" Jean Granger yelled from downstairs. Hermione Granger put the book that she was reading down, and quizzically went down into the living room where her parents were sitting.

"What's going on, mum?" Hermione asked, seeing her parents, her mother already close to tears. She sat down opposite of her parents, watching them carefully. "Dad? What's going on, you two," she said, nervously.

"Well," Jonathan Granger said. "I don't know if your mother is up for saying anything, so it looks like I will be doing the talking..." He let his sentence trail off a bit. Jonathan looked back up at Hermione. "Honey," he started. "When you were only a few months old, you were adopted..."



"Yes, dear," the elder woman said. "And, you're actually a year older than you think you are." She sighed, looking at the fiery red head, who had just collapsed back on the couch after jumping up and yelling. "We were told to keep you and sisters apart. All of you girls are at Hogwarts, but you're all actually the same age, you should be in your brother's year. So, when we got your letter along with Ron's, I kept it from you and wrote back to Dumbledore and told him that I wasn't ready for you to go to school yet and you'd be attending as a First Year the following year." The elder woman was clasping hands with her husband, trying to hold the tears back.

"Ginny," her husband said. Ginny Weasley looked up at her, apparently, adopted parents. "We love you very, very much! You were always one of ours." Ginny looked at her reflection in the mirror to her left. As if being able to read her thoughts, he answered her unspoken question. "This was supposed to be your last year at Hogwarts, so the concealment charm will be wearing off in the next couple days. I believe by Midnight tonight, actually. The first of August, is it not, dear?" Mr. Weasley looked at his wife, who only nodded.

"So," Ginny said, still looking in the mirror. "Do you know who my sisters are?" Mrs. Weasley shook her head, which Ginny saw just as she looked back at Mr. and Mrs. Weasley. "Oh," she said quietly. Ginny looked at her hands. The twins, Ron, and Harry had all left to stay with Charlie, Bill, and Percy at Charlie's in Romania, while Fluer was visiting her parents and sister in France; Mr. and Mrs. Weasely took this opportunity to talk to Ginny and tell her why she would be gone before the boys got home.

Mrs. Weasley hugged Ginny tightly. "We love you, Ginny, dear," she said, taking the girl's face into her hands. "Your mother got into contact with us a while back and said that she needed her girls home."

Ginny looked at the woman she had called "mum" for her entire life. "Who is my mother? My birth mum?"


"Her name is Alexandria Pierce, she lives in the Upper Class of the Pureblood society." He looked at his adopted daughter. He wasn't supposed to tell her by himself, but his wife died when "his little girl" was only five; and the poor girl had to watch her die. "She separated you all for reasons I don't know why, but now she wants to have her girls home." Tears started to come to his eyes.

"Don't cry, daddy, the Nargles will be attracted to you," she said in her dreamy voice. Mr. Lovegood smiled at Luna Lovegood.

"I'd take the Nargles any day if it meant that I didn't have to loose you," he said quietly. His wife was never able to bear children, making adopting Luna the closest thing to a blood child that he had. "But you mother wants you to come home, spend some time with you. You may be behind a year in school, but you're still seventeen, and once you're out of school the year after this, there won't be much more time for her to have with you."

Luna gave her "father" a big hug. "I'll always love you, daddy," she said, smiling. He smiled back. "Do I need to pack all my things? When am I leaving, where am I going? How am I getting there?"


"You'll be leaving tomorrow night, and you'll be flooing to her house. You could actually walk there, but she wants you to floo so you'll be there at six forty-five. You should pack tonight, Pansy." Pansy Parkinson stared at her parents, she couldn't believe any of this! She was adopted, but at least she was still a Pureblood; thankfully that didn't change, so Drakie was still hers.

"You don't know who my sister's are," she said. "So, I'll be meeting them for the first time tomorrow..." Her sentence trailed off. "But wait," she said. "If I go to school with them and I know them, how will I recognize them if our Concealment Charms wear off at Midnight?"

Pansy's mother had finally stopped crying. "Your faces and voices won't changed, dear, just your eyes and hair. It won't be too hard to recognize them. We were told that there was supposed to be one girl per house, but a house got left out and there's two in one house."

"Do you know the houses?" Pansy asked anxiously, this was news that she could look forward to hearing, if one house got left out maybe she'd get lucky and it would be Gryffindor that got left out. Her mother shook her head, and Pansy's face fell.

"We know very little about your sisters; in fact, we don't even know who your father is. Truth be told, Alexandria said that her father never even knew you were born; and if he did, he doesn't know who you are. She wouldn't tell us his name." Pansy nodded, looking down. She had had a lot of bombshells dropped on her tonight, and it was almost Midnight.

"If you don't mind," she said. "I think I should turn in for the night, I have to pack in the morning." She looked up to see the tears brimming in her "Father's" eyes, and her "mother" wiping away an escaped tear. They both nodded. She sighed, and got up to hug them both.

"We love you so much, pumpkin patch," Mr. Parkinson whispered. She smiled a bit, hearing his nickname for her; he hadn't called her that in years. He kissed her head, and Mrs. Parkinson kissed her cheek before the girl left the room, and headed to bed.


All four girls climbed the stairs in each of the houses that they were raised in; each of them in their own little worlds, but deep in thought.

I'm an adopted Pureblood? Hermione thought. She smirked a bit. At least those stupid Slytherins can't call me Mudblood anymore. Hmmm, I hope the house that got excluded was Slytherin.

Ginny looked at her reflection for the last time before it changed. I can't imagine what I'll look like, I can't believe I'm a year older than I thought! Mum and Dad wiped the boys' and my's memory after a couple years so that they would think that I was younger by a year.

Luna was running a brush through her straight blond hair, she always thought that she had looked like her mother, but she recalled meeting Miss Pierce once and only once. From what she could recall, the lady was beautiful. I guess I will truly look like her at Midnight. I wonder who my father is... I wonder what house doesn't hold one of my sisters. I'm probably the only one that is in the year below them.

I go to school with them... But yet I've never noticed that we look alike? These Charms must have been extraordinary if we never recognized each other. Are we all in the same class? Pansy was getting dressed for bed. She wondered is they would all be popping out of the fire place at the same time, or if they were intervals apart. Her "parents" said that her true mother was extraordinarily bright witch; so she would probably have them arriving at different times.

Unbeknowest to each other, the four sisters crawled into their respective beds at a quarter til Midnight; all of them thinking the same thing. I hope I like it there, and my sisters...


She looked at the eight photos before her, four were regular photos of all of them; the other four were enchanted to look like they did now, and would change at Midnight when the Concealment Charms wore off of the girls. She sighed. They'll be home tomorrow, she thought. About that time, there was a loud crack. "Mistress, the Missuses rooms are ready for when they arrive tomorrow! Wanda is excited, is Mistress excited for her daughters to come home?"

She smiled, looking at the small house elf. "Of course I am, Wanda. I have been aching to have them home since they left." At that moment, the clock struck Midnight. Gasping, the woman turned around to the photos. The bushy brunette with chocolate eyes' hair grew from her shoulders to her mid back, getting less bushy and more curly and darkening so that it turned black; her eyes turned from a chocolate brown to teal. The red head with blue eyes' eyes turned the same chocolate brown that the last girl's changed from; her hair shortening from her mid back to just below her shoulders while straightening, turning from red to a light strawberry blond. Her blond hair blue eyed girl lost her hazel to the same chocolate brown; her hair didn't change length from her shoulder blades or do anything but stay straight, but it did darken to a jet black. She looked at the last photo, the brunette's chest length hair didn't grow or shrink, it did turn from wavy into spiral ringlets of curls while lightening to make her a blond; her green eyes that were tinted with a little yellow also now turning teal.

She sighed. "They'll be home again soon, Wanda," she whispered. "And they all look like their father in one way or another." She once again turned to look at the moon outside, yet again a full moon, like it was the night they were born; seventeen years ago.

A/N: So, I promised that this would be different than Hurt and Love; so, what do you think? Is it something completely different? Twist and turns already forming in your head? I'd like to thank my co-author for the Prophecy that was inscribed about the girls, Katie - Lyn Della Robia! Thanks girl! :D