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All four girls sat there, looking at their mother. They had been Hogwarts sweethearts, and she left him because he had changed; because of a prophecy that she "didn't hear". They all looked at each other. Who was their father? All they now knew was that his name was Tom. Alexandria sighed, looking at her four girls. She couldn't let them know more than that; they couldn't know exactly who, or else they may try to seek him out. Two of them already had someone they were very close to that was trying to.

"Mother?" Hermione said quietly. Alexandria looked to her eldest.

"Yes, Hermionella?"

"How come you never heard the prophecy?" Luna nodded her agreement to the question, also wondering the same thing.

"I don't know, honestly," she said. It was true that she hadn't heard it. But she would never tell them that she did have the only inscription of it. She knew her eldest at the least would try to find it; while her Ravenclaw probably would find it. "But I do know that sometimes I wish I had heard it, and others I don't. Your father gave me a vague description of it, very vague." All four girls nodded, understanding: their mother knew absolutely nothing of something that was very important about the lives of all five and them as well as their father. She looked at the clock. "Well, my dears, I shall retire for the night," she said standing. Pansy, Ginny, Hermione, and Luna all stood also, showing their mother respect. "Don't stay up too late." She kissed the cheeks of each of the girls. As she got to the Sitting Room door, she turned around to look at her daughters; her eyes were filled with tears. "I'm so glad to have you home," she whispered so quietly that they almost missed what she said. And with that, she left to retire to her room.

All four girls stared at each other. "Blimey," Ginny said after a while.

"Yeah," Luna said.

Pansy sighed, frustrated. "But that still doesn't tell us who our father is! All she said was that his name is Tom!"

Hermione shook her head, before growling slightly and dropping her head into her hands. "We know no more than we did before! I want to know who my father is!" Hermione stood up and stomped her foot before pacing a bit, after a moment she stopped and removed her heels before continuing. "I mean, my parents just RANDOMLY drop on me that I'm adopted, almost twenty days after I turn 17; and they can't even tell me who my father is! Then when I ask my biological mother who it is, all she gives me is a first name! Do you know how many Toms there are in the wizarding world?"

Luna tilted her head in thought, she and Pansy caught one another's eyes and were suddenly thinking the same thing. "They were in the same class!" Hermione's head shot up as she stopped pacing and looked at Pansy. "She told us they were in the same class at Hogwarts! There can't be more than one Tom in her class could there? I mean, I don't know of a single class that has more than one person with the same name do you?" Hermione's eyes went wide as she shook her head and then smiled.

"Pansy, you're a genius," she said, hugging her and laughing. She suddenly realized what she was doing and quickly pulled back, straightening her dress. "Sorry," she said, blushing a bit as she looked at the floor. Pansy sighed.

"Well, I can't quite call you a Mudblood, and you're not really Granger anymore. And calling you Pierce wouldn't do anything because that pertains to all four of us," she sighed in defeat. "It's okay, Hermione," she said quietly, trying to smile a little. Hermione and Ginny were shocked for a moment, but then Hermione smiled.

"Thanks, Pansy," she replied. Pansy's smile widened a bit, and the two girls hugged.

"I'm sorry I've always been terrible to you all," she said sheepishly. "I guess, you know, after the friends I was raised around I just became super bitch, ya know? But..."

"Since we're sisters," Ginny continued Pansy's trailed off sentence, "it makes a big difference?" Pansy nodded.

"I'm so glad we're all becoming friends," Luna said, causing the other three to smile.

"Totally," Pansy said. She flopped down in her chair again. "Okay, I can't stand this. I want to know who's where since I'm the freaking youngest!" Ginny's and Hermione's eyes went wide as saucers.

"You're the youngest?" Hermione half-exclaimed. Pansy nodded, looking sour about it. "Wow, and to think I'm the eldest." Pansy's eyes went wide at that.

"REALLY? You've got to be kidding me!" Ginny laughed a bit. "Well, I'm second. Which means Luna's third."

"Oh, I've known I was third since I arrived," Luna spoke up. The other three looked at her. "I'm a Ravenclaw," she said matter-of-factly. "That, and I put time and time together when I arrived at six forty." She smiled.

"Yup, I was at six thirty," Hermione said, nodding. "But I still had no idea that I was oldest until she said something." She sighed, sitting down in the chair that she had been sitting in. "So, what is the name that you adopted parents shortened yours from, Pansy?"

She cringed a bit. "Pansettia," she said. "Makes me sounds like a flower." The other three all began laughing. "It's not funny! Besides, You sound like you're some sort of honey, Hermionella." She smirked a bit as Hermione glared, still laughing.

"What about me?" Ginny said. "Mine sounds too much like the full name that the Weasley's gave me! They 'named' me Ginerva, and my name is actually Ginnevera!" Pansy's laugh joined her older sisters.

"I just sound like the moon still, Lunesa," Luna said from beside Hermione. After laughing a little while longer, they stopped laughing and looked at each other. "Well," Luna said, "I wish we could talk more, but we should retire."

"Why don't we all retire to my room?" Hermione suddenly said quickly. The younger three girls looked at her. "I mean, only if you want to. You probably want to spend your first night here in your own rooms-"

"No," Ginny said. "I'll stay in your room. But I have to go change and get stuff from mine." Luna nodded. The looked at Pansy. "Pansy? What about you?"

Pansy smiled. "Sure, but I'm like Ginny, I have to go change."

Hermione nodded. "Let's start in Pansy's room then go to Luna's then Ginny's and then we can end up in mine." They all agreed and went to each room to change and grab their things.

Half an hour later, they were all standing in frount of Hermione's door. Luna was wearing a dark blue night dress that had thin straps and a V neck that came to her knees, her hair in a high pony tail. Ginny had on light gold pajama pants with a gryffin on it, and a spaghetti strap shirt that was red with a big G on it; her blonde hair was braided. Pansy wore a dark green short shorts that read "Slytherin" across her butt with a gray shirt, her hair was loose around her shoulders.

They walked into Hermione's room and she closed the door behind Ginny, who entered last. Ginny laughed. "It looks so much like my room!" Pansy giggled, flopping onto Hermione's bed. Hermione waved her wand and now wore a short dark red gown that hung just below her thighs. Like Luna's, it had thin straps and a V neck, there was gold stitching in the forms of jasmine flowers all over the dress; her curly hair pulled back at the nape of her neck.

Hermione jumped on the bed beside Ginny who sat above Pansy's head; Luna had stretched out next to Pansy with the Quibbler. Hermione sighed. "I just wish we knew who this 'Tom' is! I mean, she didn't even give us a last name."

Pansy sat up on her elbows. "That's kind of fishy to me," she said. Luna looked up from her magazine to her sisters. "Cause it's like, yeah, we were going to find out our last name when we go here but even the Parkinson's told me mother's last name." Luna nodded.

"I think she doesn't want us to know," Ginny said. "But I don't understand why. Did he change that much? Like, is he really THAT dangerous?" The girls nodded and sighed, lapsing into a few moments of silence before making mindless chatter until late into the night before falling asleep.