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Chapter 3

Harry looked bemused at what his odd luck had brought to him. It was back in effect apparently. All seven years of his Hogwarts life flashed into his mind as he thought about the situations that cropped up. Everyone swore that he looked for them; Snape had accused him on several occasions of not being able to keep his nose out of things just like his dad and his friends when they went to school together.

Harry would beg to differ. These weird situations always found him and not the other way around. Was it his fault that Professor seemed to act so suspiciously? It just begged to be looked into and when certain things came to light...well really the headmaster and the other professors should have been the ones to take care of the situation.

Flipping open his cell he pressed one of his presets as he lifted it towards his ear.

"This is Detective Harry Potter. I'm requesting a wagon to pick up a suspect."

He still needed to stop by the Home with some things for the tournament. The kids were quite serious in their planning. The director had good-naturedly said that the kids had relegated her to the smaller tasks, when they had talked on the phone about the upcoming event. He had asked what the kids intended to do with the excess funds leftover and she had laughingly said that the kids had politely told her that it was none of her business it was supposed to be a surprise.

He knew they had a goal and hoped that it would be met; otherwise the kids could become discouraged. They had been carefully counting out the money and accounting for the donations that had been made to them. They were busy calculating for everything and recalculating. He knew that one of the regular volunteers at the orphanage was a university student majoring in math and business and they had been roped into helping the kids keep track of the finances for the tournament.

It was good both for the university student and the kids. They were seeing real life applications of skills. They were learning skills and taking on responsibilities. They were seeing that mostly what it took was hard work and willingness to see it through. They may be supervised by the director and the other caretakers of the Home, but it was more to guide them and keep them from being unrealistic in their preparations.

He wondered if he would be able to put together a couple of teams of cops together. He knew Flack and Danny would probably be willing to come out and support the kids. He'll ask around anyway.

That invitation would probably go better with Flack. Harry couldn't help but grin inwardly as he remembered Don's blank look after he had asked him if he would go to his aunt's wedding. It was a look that accompanied surprise and trying to understand a particular situation. His friend had probably been doing windmills in his head as he tried to figure out what to say that wasn't a hard and fast, 'Hell no!' He supposed he could have been more tactful in his phrasing. Well, no matter, he had asked and there would be no changing the awkwardness of the situation.

~ PS ~

Flack still couldn't believe he got talked into this. Where was his pride? He wasn't in some kind of chick flick, comedy or not. Felicia can be real compelling though, which is why many either worship or loathe her match-making skills.

He wonders not for the last time why would Harry make such an ill advised deal with the southern born woman. If he had such a dislike for surprises and apparently blind dates then why make a deal that allowed someone to set him up with someone?

He can be putting his down time to better use for one thing. His detective skills were never meant to be match-making skills. His people skills were limited to what he needed for his job. He hated BS; he would rather get right down to the point. As far as he can see match-making is all about the BS.

He can't believe he's standing here scoping out a possible candidate for his friend. Felicia had insisted. He now wished that he had slipped out of the bar before she could get him involved in this...he really couldn't think of a good term for this situation he's in. The only thing in his current situation's favour was that he's not in a gay bar.

He did not need people thinking he's a closet homosexual.

He had tried to argue himself out of this but as Felicia had so helpfully pointed out – he's met all of Harry's exes. Who better to assess a possible candidate than him? So, here he is sitting in a cafe or bistro...whatever, watching out for the guy that Felicia has in mind for Harry.

A meet and greet.

Don had looked at her like she was crazy when she told him her plans. He had demanded to know what she had told her friend to explain this meeting. She just said that she had told her friend that he was a concerned friend. He wanted to be able to talk to the guy that his best friend was about to go out on a date with, hinting about what had happened to Harry to explain his concern.

The guy accepted it because here he was waiting for him to show up.

He was there to interview him just like he would for any potential suspect or witness. The weird feeling didn't go away.

As he fiddled with the paper he had snagged before sitting down to wait for – the potential date for Harry, he resisted the urge to look at his watch or pullout his cell to call up Felicia and tell her that he wasn't going through with this interview. His attention is pulled to the door and he watches as the man that Felicia had showed him a picture of earlier walks in. He pauses away from the door to scan the little place obviously trying to find someone or something.

Flack raised up his hand to catch his attention. The guy catches sight and nods a quick acknowledgement and begins in his direction. He studies the man that comes toward him and notes his athletic build. He had a healthy complexion. A confident posture as he moved around the people in the cafe. He isn't a flashy dresser and this surprises Flack for some reason. From what Felicia told him about the guy he got the impression that he was big on appearances.

"Detective Flack, correct?"

"Don or Flack will do and you're Roman, right?" He held out a hand to be shaken.

The brunet nodded as he took his hand in a firm, dry grip. "Yes, Roman Dodds."


I had to end it there. This chapter had been so frustrating to write. Slang got in the way because it just didn't feel like the right word or phrase that should be coming out of either character. This is where I need an honest opinion because to me it felt like Harry and Flack were becoming a bit OOC and I want to limit that. They are friends and I'm still unsure if I'll have them get together in the end or not because I feel it could easily go both ways.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading it. It pleases me to see that people enjoy it enough to put it on their favourite and watch lists, so thanks :)

Happy New Years!