The Revision is Up

As those of you following will know, last week I posted my intent to go back to the beginning of this story and revise it. As the title states that has begun, and it will be under a new story with a title I feel better fits it after having over one hundred eighty thousand words to develop in my mind.

I've waited half an hour after posting the first chapter in the revision before posting this, and I can now say that "The Power of the Mind" is now available for reading. I hope to keep a pace that will allow a revised chapter to go up every other or every third day. But due to unexpected personal events I only managed to get a backlog of a few chapters.

Once more my thanks go out to each and everyone of you who have taken the time out of your day to read what I have written. I also send my thanks to those of you who have given me feedback, either reviews or Private messages.

To those of you who kindly offered to beta for me, I will be waiting until I get to the point where I catch up with where "The Sorting Hat's Stand" ends, because with the pace I am planning out, it would just not be fair to you.

This story will also come down when "The Power of the Mind" reaches that same point.

I wish all of you a pleasant day, and I hope that I never need another chapter that is solely an announcement.