Ok since all my friends were making Akatsuki story so I decided to make one myself hope you like the story. Oh and Disclaimer: I don't any Naruto character except for my OC. Enjoy!

One of the men ran into the ran into the room gasping and sweating crazily "WHAT IS GOING ON OUT THERE!" The boss screamed behind his mask.

The grunt looked up at his boss" B-Boss you must hide….Hurry before GAAAAH"

Blood splatter all over the place as the grunts head spiraled over the desk onto the desk. The boss jumped out of the chair mouth gapping like a fish as he stared at the head on the desk. Before he could do anything else there was a soft voice singing "Non~ny, non~ny, non~ny I've come to steal your soul away. Non~ny, Non~ny, Non~ny hell is waiting for you to stay." a girl walked through the door covered in blood with her head bowed walking over to the boss with a scythe over her shoulder "What the demons want is what I give. So get ready to meet your new best friends."

When she stopped singing she looked up making tears roll down his face (with the mask on but you could hear him hyperventilating) "no it….it can't be… It's, it's"

The girl smiled and brought up her scythe "It's the Tensai reaper!"

Those were the last words of the boss before the girl also chopped off his head. His head looked like she missed before it fell off sending blood gusseted out the body and the head splattering the girl. The girl wiped her eyes oh the blood and looked at the work. "Not to bad Jinx. Not to bad." she chuckled to herself.

Jinx turned on her heels and walked out the room with a smirk on her face.

Ok that was just a hint of the story.

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