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"People so seldom say I love you And then it's either too late or love goes. So when I tell you I love you, It doesn't mean I know you'll never go, Only that I wish you didn't have to."

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***** Part 2 -Remember me *****

Sesshoumaru eyes are open wide with his mouth parted as a weak voice calling his name echoes in his ears; quickly he raises his head and looks at the girl beneath him. A pair of half parted warm hazelnut eyes stare at him, he feels a light touch on his cheek as warm fingers lightly wipe away the wet trails on his face. Sesshoumaru grabs that warm hand away from his cheek and slowly moves it closer to his mouth and places a light kiss on her knuckles, Rin responds to her lord's action with a weak smile on her face.

"Lo-rd Sesshou-maru I-I... need wa-ter... I feel so thirsty..." Rin struggles to get the words out as her weak smile fades getting replaced by a dry cough. Sesshoumaru swiftly heads to the nearby table and gets a cup of warm water and returns to her. He helps Rin to shift into a sitting position and rests her head on his chest with her forehead under his chin. Rin quickly reaches out with her hands and grabs onto Sesshoumaru's hand which is holding the cup of water and directs it to her mouth. She drinks the water as fast as she can causing some of the water to spill out and wet her kimono. Looking at the girl's reaction, Sesshoumaru chest tightens thinking she must have not been drinking since the day she was abducted. Rin pauses in between to cough and then continues drinking.

"Drink slowly Rin, there is still plenty more here." Sesshoumaru strokes her back as Rin continues to gulp down water until the cup is empty. She releases her hold on Sesshoumaru's hand and wipes off the water trail from her mouth with her hand and rests her head on Sesshoumaru shoulder. As Sesshoumaru is about to move away from the bed to get another cup of water, Rin stops him by grabbing his left arm. Sesshoumaru turns and faces Rin with a confused expression.

"Rin don't you want another cup?" Sesshoumaru questions as he watches Rin trying to shift her body to a more comfortable position.

"Its enough my lord, thank you." Rin replies with a weak smile at her Lord. Sesshoumaru turns to place the cup back on the table, as he turns back to face Rin he notices the silk quilt that covers her body has come off. She has her leg drawn up with her hands pressing on her chest. Her eyes are shut as she lets out small voices. A concerned Seshoumaru rushes to the girl's side and he sits next to her with both of his hands placed at the side of her shoulder. His heart aches as he captures her painful expression.

"Rin what are you doing? What happen to you? Are you in pain? " Sesshoumaru asks apprehensively as he reaches out his right hand to remove Rin's hand from her chest. He feels slightly relieved as he spots no blood stains on her kimono, it is an indication that her wound has not opened up again.

"I just want to check the burn on my feet, but I am unable to move my legs, I just don't get any feeling. It feels like numb as I try to use my hand to push my legs, my chest is aching badly." Rin explains. As she buries her face in Sesshoumaru's left shoulder, several drops of tears stream down and wets his spotless kimono. Sesshoumaru strokes Rin's back as he tries to comfort her, being a powerful demon he has learned to make his enemies weep in pain but never has been taught to ease someone of their pain. Damn it Sesshoumaru thinks to himself, as he lets out a small growl in frustration.

"My lord has the burn damaged my foot? Why am I not getting any feeling in my feet? Rin asks worriedly.

"The burn might be a bit serious but the physician has checked on your feet, she has constantly treated and monitored your wound, healing is a matter of time. For the time being you will not be able to feel your legs because..." Sesshoumaru pauses, pondering the impact of his words but she has right to know about her legs.

"For the time being I shall carry you around to whatever places you wish to go." Sesshoumaru manages to keep some info unrevealed while hoping Rin will not notice.

"Because of what? You did not finish your sentence my lord, why am I not getting any feeling in my legs? Rin slightly raises her voice in frustration knowing that Sesshoumaru is indeed hiding something from her. "Please tell me my lord; you have never lied to me isn't it?" Rin looks at her lord with pleading eyes.

"You have several bones damaged on your knee, the physician was unable to explain what caused it, but we suspected it might be caused by bending in an awkward position that made the bone fracture. Do not worry about it Rin, the physician has repositioned your legs and through proper rehabilitation you will definitely be able to walk and dance as much as you wish to." Sesshoumaru explains but he instantly regrets his words.

Rin's eyes widen and her jaw pops, she breaks down instantly with her hands cupping her face upon hearing her lord's explanation. Sesshoumaru draws Rin closer and gently pushes the back of her head to rest on his left shoulder. Rin buries her face there and continues weeping with her small fist clenching tightly as her thoughts are playing with what the panther demons have done to her at the campsite.

"Why? Why? Why must they do this to me? What's with all this torturing just to rule you out? They whip, they burn, they hit, they stab me and I have held on as much as I could, but to destroy my legs in such a way... why do they have to be so cruel?" Rin hits the mattress with her fist several of times in anger and frustration. Sesshoumaru's heart is throbbing watching the girl's reaction, he wishes the Tenseiga could revive the panthers once again and make them feel the same pain Rin is going through now, unfortunately he can only use it once not twice.

"I have tortured them to my heart's desire, killing them with the power of Bakusaiga and then reviving them with Tenseiga by which I get to torture them again before they meet the same fate. One of the panther body is up on a stake outside of the castle, this should send a clear message to my enemies for those who wish to oppose me and cross my path. That is the price to pay. Once you have fully recovered I shall continue on to slaughter and wipe out all of the panther clan from this world" Sesshoumaru replies as he smirks coldly to show his satisfaction. Rin feels uncomfortable with her Lord's idea, moving forward a little she looks at her Lord and thought. She has no objection about tormenting the panther group who had attacked her but she loathes the idea of scarifying the innocent just because they were from the same clan.

"You will gain nothing by slaughtering the whole clan, in the end there will be someone who gets devastated and plots revenge against the western lands. It will turn out to be a never ending battle." Rin explains as she wipes off the tears on her face with her kimono sleeve.

"Panthers demons sought to destroy our clan long ago, peace was never achieved between the 2 clans, they have made their move and I shall allow no room for them to plot another attack. Wiping them out is the best solution." Sesshoumaru firm answer slightly upsets Rin.

"Then what is the difference between Lord Sesshoumaru and the panthers who abused me? In the end you are hurting the innocent just like they did to me to achieve victory. I don't wish to see my Lord walking the same path like those losers, the Lord Sesshoumaru that I know of is a highly respectable strong demon who won't go around killing for no reason." Rin looks at her Lord with a bitter sweet smile.

"Those idiots do not deserve you to beg for their lives." Sesshoumaru lets out a small sigh.

"I am not begging for anyone's life, those who were responsible for this attack have died and a clear message has been sent out, that's enough and of course I am too frustrated with what they did to me but slaughtering the whole clan wont make my legs better, besides I want you to stay for me, please don't leave me alone again." Rin pleads as she has her eyes shut with her arms circled around Sesshoumaru's waist. Her head is resting on his chest, with her forehead touching the left side of his cheek. Sesshoumaru feels the girl trembling, her hands are shaking. She fears being alone the thought crosses his mind.

"Rin what do you fear now?"

"I fear nothing my lord, I feel safe when you are here with me. When I was at the panther campsite, I had no fear of those panthers, what I had feared the most is I could not hold on long enough to see you come for me. Even if I have to die, I wish to die in your arms. I don't want to die alone." Rin answers as she coughs lightly.

This young girl fears nothing, while I fear everything most of the time, she is much braver than I thought, she has endured so much before meeting me and she has endured this much when I was unreachable, how could I do any less? The demon lord has so many of these thoughts running in his mind. Deep inside his heart he wishes the girl to hate him and she has the right to do so since he has failed to protect her.

"Rin" Sesshoumaru's voice softens, he sounds worried. "Do you hate me?" Rin's head snaps up, she is stunned by her lord's question.

"My lord I could never hate you, you revived my life when I had no right to live. You fought and risked everything for me, giving undivided care without asking anything in return, protecting me from being harmed, providing me all the necessities. But more importantly you have given me a place which I can call home, when I was nothing more than a burden to you. I can not hate you in fact I should be ashamed of myself, despite all the training you have provided me, I still failed to defend myself, and if only I was a bit stronger they couldn't have abducted me so easily and I won't be troubling you to save me all the time. I always curse myself badly thinking that my presence has weakened you. I don't deserve your kind heart my lord." Rin tries to pull away but Sesshoumaru stops her action, instead he draws her closer to him. She can feel Sesshoumaru's body tense up slightly. I have failed in my guardianship; I have caused her this pain, by allowing it to happen to her and yet she blames her presence for weakening me, taking the blame for causing all this. Do I really mean that much to her? clenching his right fist tightly Sesshoumaru has his eyes shut while his right hand combes her long dark raven hair.

"Rin you have never weakened me, my desire of protecting you has made me become stronger. But even with that I could not protect you from being abused. I resurrected you with Tenseiga, you were given another chance at life to chase a better life but I gave you nothing more than risking your life with the amount of enemies that waited to defeat me. You were being used as a tool to strengthen my Meidou Zangetsuha, without the meidou seki, your soul would be probably wandering in the underworld. Today you are being used to defeat me. It is I who does not deserve your presence." Sesshoumaru continues combing her soft hair with his finger claws.

"My lord you have come to rescue me, that's more than enough" Rin declares with a delightful smile. "Besides you are the only one who cares my well being since my parents passed away. Your existence has ensured me that I am not alone in this world. You will always be there in my life to protect me forever. A part of you has grown in me, I want to be with you forever and never be apart, maybe in distance but never in heart." Rin's eyelashes flutter slightly as she feels the tears beginning to swell up under her eye lids.

Sesshomaru distinctly smells the scent of tears and feels the sadness emanating from her body. Astounded by Rin's reply, his heart aches and feels hurt deeply to see how much trust the girl has in him. He feels hurt to know she is still grateful of everything he has done for her. Do I really mean so much to her? Sesshoumaru thinks to himself as the guilt lingers and rots away his sense of pride and honor. He uses his finger to tilt her chin and make her look up, her brown eyes are almost glassed over with unshed tears. Gently, he cups her face in his hand and kisses her forehead. Rin's face flushes in red as both of her hands press lightly on her chest with her eyes shut off receiving the chaste kiss with utter joy and bliss.

Strange Sesshoumaru stares at the girl who smiles delightfully. How could such a simple action make her feel this happy? He remembers on several occasions when Rin has reacted this strange when she returned to his side after few years under the care of the miko name Kaede. In the beginning he thought that it had to do with human nature and since Rin was growing up with humans, she must have carried over those strange behaviors with her and it should vanish with time but it appears he has made the wrong assumption. Those strange reactions have gone worse with time. Firstly, she worries for no reason when the demon Lord takes longer than usual time to return from his work, when she used to greet him with an innocent smile as a kid. Secondly, she strangely shied away and avoided looking into his eyes for the simplest of praises from the demon lord. For praises like 'she looks great in this kimono' or that 'she looks beautiful today' she used to smile happily when she was a kid. Thirdly, she often becomes sad and in tears whenever the western Lord had minor injuries after a battle while she would only show worries when she was a child but never with tears. On top of these awkward changes, she has also strangely asked one same question all the time which it sounds to be quite a simple question for him but not to her. She seemed to be seeking a very important answer from him but was often disappointed with her lord's replies. This somehow has put some pressure on Sesshoumaru whenever he attempts to answer her question.

While Sesshoumaru's mind wanders in his thoughts Rin somehow feels extremely comfortable. Being this close with her Lord was never something she had thought could happen. Sesshoumaru's strong arms are wrapped firmly around her waist as she has her head resting on his chest listening to his heartbeat, Rin's mind is drifting away. Her body relaxes under her Lord's warm embrace, her eye lids feel heavy as tiredness starts to trickle in, and slowly her eyes are fully shut as she smiles herself to sleep. Lord Sesshoumaru, what you have missed in your lifetime. Rin murmurs in her sleep.

"What is that Rin?" Sesshoumaru asks as he thought he heard her speak something but her voice was so low and almost inaudible. No reply from the young girl.

"Rin what are you tr..." Sesshoumaru's eye widen as he looks down and checks on Rin, he does not complete his sentences seeing her motionless with her eyes shut. RIN! Sesshoumaru's heart screams as no word is able to come out from his mouth. Trying to stay focused and not to stir Rin too hard, Sesshoumaru reaches out with his right hand and gently pats on Rin's left shoulder several times.

"Rin can you hear me?" Sesshoumaru inquires crisply, like he is giving someone important orders.

"hmmm... " Rin rubbing her eyes, she replies weakly, "Oh no my Lord I fell asleep, I feel so... tired." She pushes a fist to her mouth as it stretched in a yawn. Moving her face away to look up, she catches her lord's expression; his golden eyes are open wide, with his mouth parting slightly. Sesshomaru grips Rin tighter in response, Rin snuggles closer. She is just... sleeping I thought she... Sesshoumaru whispers as he lets out a small sigh not knowing why he reacted in such way, but all he knows is that Rin is awake.

"Rin did you still remember the question that you used to ask me?" Sesshoumaru asks as he observes the girl rolling her eyes a bit and has a deep thought.

"Ah yes I recall that now." Rin exclaims as she sticks her tongue out at her lord. "I wonder how much I have annoyed you with my repeated ridiculous question." Rin's voice fades and her smile drops as she thinks of the saddening fact. Sesshoumaru's golden gaze fell. That expression again, what could have made Rin this upset with the question?

"No it was not ridiculous but why are you so interested in that question?" Sesshoumaru asks coolly.

"Humans have a short lifespan and we tend to have a limited time to complete our desires and wishes. When humans meet their death they tend to think of things that they have missed in their life time, and so I was always curious to know what a demon like Lord Sesshoumaru could have missed in his life time who has been in this world for more than 400 years." Rin remarks in a rather uncertain tone. Sesshoumaru frowns being confused, somehow he feels Rin did not tell the truth. The demon lord sighs uncharacteristically.

"But I am not going to ask it anymore." Rin grins sadly. Sesshoumaru looks at Rin with slightly confused.


"Because I already know the answer and so there is no point in keeping on asking it." Rin states. Sesshomaru raises an eyebrow stunned with what he has just heard.

"Oh very interesting, I am very curious to know what kind of answer you have got with you." Sesshoumaru is trying to challenge the girl before him. Rin does not look up instead she has her eyes shut, smiling in grief.

"If I ask it now, you are going to tell me that you have failed to sense the presence of the panther demons in the forest which caused all this to happen. You regret to have put me under the care of master Jaken, and you have missed an opportunity to wipe off the panther clan earlier, am I right Lord Sesshoumaru?" Rin smiles sadly upon completing her sentences. Sesshoumaru's jaw drops. Amazing! When did she start to read my mind?

"It seems that you have secretly developed an ability to read my mind which is an amazing skill that I did not notice you had one." Sesshoumaru shows no emotion in his reply but deep inside his heart, he is amused with Rin's capability. No one has ever read this taiyoukai's mind, not even his mother. But Rin does not feel impressed with it.

"If only I could read your mind my lord, I would have cleared all of my doubts easily, unfortunately as much as I wish to have such ability, I never mastered one." Rin's voice is still in sadness and it gets the demon Lord confused.

"You did it while ago and you have proven your skill." Sesshoumaru coolly replies.

"That has nothing to do with mind reading, Lord Sesshoumaru the powerful dog demon from the westerns lands was to achieve supreme power and ultimate conquest, despite you having surpassed your father, the path that you walk is still involved in chasing an unknown power. Before you left me under the care of Kaede, it was when you have just defeated Naraku, I thought Lord Sesshoumaru was the most powerful demon that I have ever encountered. With the power of Bakusaiga you are incomparable. When I asked what you have missed in your life time, you told me you have wasted enough time in chasing Tensaiga that cost you time to realize your own hidden power. You mentioned about how if you could have known about it earlier that Naraku wouldn't be live for this long. I was confused at that time, maybe I was not expecting the answer but I did not bother to ask further because I am still a kid. After returning to Lord Sesshoumaru, I attempted to ask the same thing and each time I got the same replies, so I have come to the conclusion that no matter how many times I ask, the only thing that my Lord will miss in his life will all be involving power and conquest." Rin's voice is barely audible. The lump in her throat prevents her from making further speech.

As I look back on all that's happened..

Growing up, growing together, changing you, changing me

- There were times when we dreamed together, when we laughed and cried together.

As I look back on those days,

I realize how much I truly miss you and how much I truly love you.

The past may be gone forever. And whatever the future holds, our todays make the memories of tomorrow.

It is with all my heart that I send you my love, hoping that you'll always carry my smile with you, for all we have meant to each other and for whatever the future may hold.

Lord Sesshoumaru ... I love you... so much...

Tears are brimming in her eyes as she is still unable to tell what she has in her heart. But perhaps she has decided to let these words forever stay locked in her heart. Sometimes Rin wonders if there were words locked inside Sesshoumaru too... but she'll never know.

A startled Sesshoumaru has his heart aching once again looking at the girl break down. Why did I feel in such a way? Did she know the power her words she held? What message is she trying to deliver? It was moments like this that reminded the demon lord painfully that Rin did not have an eternity, his mind instantly flashing back to a while ago, when Rin lay paralyzed in front of him. There were no amount of talks could bring her back to conscious. Suddenly Sesshoumaru has this thought cross his mind, if Rin never wakes up in the morning, what is he going to do? Does she have something she missed the most and yet to fulfill it?

"Rin what have you missed in your lifetime?" Sesshoumaru finally breaks the silence between them as he decides he needs to do something for her. Rin's head snaps up instantly upon the question being asked, her jaw clenches, her hand tightening on his wrist as tears stream down uncontrollably. The question that she thought would never even be asked by her Lord is now echoing in her ears. She is trying to speak but no words come out right. She just cries her heart out leaving a startled demon Lord watching awaiting her answer.

"It is ok Rin, tell me what you have in your mind, I Sesshoumaru swear in the name of my father that I will help you to fulfill your wishes no matter how tough they maybe." Sesshoumaru looks upon his companion as she struggles to keep her composure; he uses his claw fingers to shed away her tears. Rin manages to calm herself down, clearing the lump in her throat. She swallows hard as she wipes off the remaining tears on her face with her hands. She looks into his beautiful golden eyes. A painful bitter sweet smile forms on her face as she answers her Lord's question.

"Lord Sesshoumaru, I - ... I have not missed you in my entire life." A bitter sweet smile changes into a delightful smile. Rin throws her arms around Sesshoumaru's neck, her sudden movement causes the wound on her chest to slightly pain but she does not care, she then kisses the startled taiyoukai on his left cheek and later settles her head on top of his left shoulder.

Sesshoumaru is stunned by Rin's answer, he is speechless, her answer is short and yet it is potent with a very important message. While he always kept himself busy with his duty in his land, he thought he had provided her a perfect environment for living. A safe place to live, a place where she doesn't have to worry being hungry. Place with a comfortable bed for her to rest. I was wrong. I completely neglected her feelings; I did not seem to pay much attention to her presence, I did not seem to care why she is sad, why she is crying, and she is worrying. I just merely kept her with me and abandoned her. My mistake, it was completely my fault. I have missed her love and affection for this long. Sesshoumaru has these thoughts rushing in his mind as he feels his eyes moisten.

"Master Jaken once told me, by the time Lord Sesshoumaru creates his own empire I will be long gone, I may not have an eternity but I want to live my life to the fullest. My Lord can you promise me one thing?" Rin turns and looks at Sesshoumaru with pleading eyes.

"What is it?"

"I wish to die in your arms and once I have drawn my last breath I wish my Lord you could transform into your true form to devour my flesh and my soul into you, and so we will never be apart, I want to live with you forever." Rin lightly shifts her hands and presses on her paining chest. Sesshoumaru is silent for a moment, he does not know how to respond. She might not have an eternity but he does not wish to speak about death so soon. Even if she has come to the end of the road, I still can't let her go, because I saved her life and she belongs to me. One of the hardest things in my life is watching the person you love leaving you. He felt it when Rin ceased her life in the underworld and he certainly did not wish to witness the same anymore. Wait a second, did I just say love? Puzzled with his thoughts Sesshoumaru is reluctant to accept Rin's idea.

"I can never do that to you Rin." Sesshoumaru brushes Rin's cheek with his finger as he looks wearily at his companion. It hurts Rin so much to think that her Lord just refuses her wish, it makes her feel ashamed to even suggest it. After all on what privilege does she have the right ask the taiyoukai to do such a thing?

"I am sorry, how can I suggest such a silly idea when I know Lord Sesshoumaru has despised humans his entire life, please forgive me." Rin speaks in pain and she shuns away from him purposefully. She knows that she needs to hide her face as she can no longer control her emotions. She turns having her back facing her lord. The demon lord saw the girl in pain. He saw her tears, the tears of disappointment that would perhaps only be allowed to flow within her heart.

"Rin I did not mean li..." Rin raises her hand as a motion for her lord to stop.

"No it is fine, am alright. I mean yes I am just well a bit tired, a sleep will be perfect now." Rin desperately tries to rub her tears away. She feels him holding her tightly on her shoulders, his expressions are stern. "No you can't sleep." Sesshumaru declares. Rin eyes him questioningly.

"I mean you have just woken up, you need to at least take some food to regain your energy. Right now you are too weak; resting more won't help you to retrieve your drained energy. And you might not be waking up later." Sesshoumaru does not tell the last sentence, he just doesn't feel at ease to reveal it.

"My Lord please, I need to sleep, my eye lids and my head feel so heavy I could faint anytime, please my Lord please I promise to take plenty of foods when I awake." Rin keeps pleading Sesshoumaru though she does not know why her lord refuses to let her rest but her body does not seem to be co-operating with her and she needs a rest. Sesshoumaru nods reluctantly he cannot be selfish for not letting Rin taking her rest although he fears not being able to wake her up later. He helps Rin to lay down and have the silk quilt cover her body upto her shoulder, sitting at the side of the mattress. Sesshoumaru rests his left hand on top of Rin's temple and lightly brushes it. Rin feels comfortable with the touch as she has her eyes shut with a slight smile across her face.

"My lord, I will wake up, I promise you that." Sesshoumaru remains silent, surprised by her words, he thinks that it is either that his reactions are too obvious to express his concerns or Rin simply reads his mind again but he ignores the thought. Sesshoumaru responds with something he has never given to Rin, a genuine beautiful smile. Rin smiles back delightfully as she has never seen her lord smile before. She is glad she is able to see one now.

"I thought many said Lord Sesshoumaru will never smile?" Rin states with a hint of tease in her tone.

"Only for you and with a condition..." he pauses and looks into her warm hazelnut eyes. "Do not stay forever in your dream." In response Rin affords a bitter sweet smile for her lord.

"My lord you will be here to wake me up right? With the whisper and ... the kiss?" Rin's face flushes in a shade of red as her smile inches towards a grin. Sesshoumaru raises his eye brows as he stares at her with a confused expression.

"So you do hear my voice and feel my touch? Do not be naughty Rin, you need to show some response for you will worry me when there are no signs of movement from you." Sesshoumaru lightly pinches her nose in playful way.

"I hear you for it were not into my ear that you have whispered, but into my heart. I feel you for it were not my lips you kissed, but my soul." Rin states as her right hand is placed on top of Sesshoumaru hands. "My lord can you do me a small favor?"

"Yes anything for you Rin."

"I had secretly sneaked into your private garden inside your bed chamber and planted some flowers, those flowers are very important to me and I do not wish it to wither, can you permit Karin to water the plant on my behalf? I am apologizing to have asked such a favor as I know you have forbidden anyone to enter your bed chamber." Sesshoumaru notices that Rin's voice has started to fade away, soon sleep will takeover.

"I will do that for you but only for the time being as you have to do it yourself when you awake, promise?"

"Promise, thank you m...y... you" She does not complete her sentence as she has drifted into sleep. Sesshoumaru moves her hands back into the silken quilt and gently kisses her forehead. Before the demon lord turns to leave he stares at Rin attentively. Keep your words Rin, don't make me wait too long, we have plenty to talk about. Sesshoumaru whispers as he turns and leaves the room. On his way back to his bed chamber, the demon lord orders the physician to check on Rin's breathing from time to time and instructs the little toad to send him a pitcher.

When the physician returns to Rin's bed chamber, the girl is already in deep sleep. Moving to the side of her bed, the physician hears the girl murmur something in her dream as she inches her ears to get a clear hearing, she finally caught the words clearly. Father... mother ... brothers I miss you all so dearly...wait for me Rin is coming...

Sesshouamru heads to his private garden. Upon reaching his bed chamber; he is so eager to check on the flowers that Rin has secretly planted, he wishes that it has not withered yet. Observing around the entire garden, the demon lord spots the 5-lobed blue flowers with yellow centers planted nearby a small pond. Closing the distance to the flower, he tries to figure out the species of the flower, although he has known quite a lot of species of flower, this one turns out to be quite new to him. Sesshomaru then drops to one knee and takes a closer look of the flower, a moment later the green toad approaches him with pitcher in his hand.

"Mi-lord is there anything else you want me to do?" Jaken asks with concern knowing his lord is not in a good mood.

"Be gone." Sesshoumaru growls. The little toad runs as fast as he can. He is losing his balance and falls on the floor a couple of times. As he rises up and is about to continue on, Sesshoumaru calls the green kappa. "Jaken."

"Yes-s mi-lord?" the little kappa answers right away.

"Have you heard from Rin about this species of flower?" Sesshoumaru questions reluctantly knowing he has not been paying much attention on things around Rin's life.

"Yes mi-lord, the seeds of this flower were given by Lady Miaka, the daughter of the eastern lands when we were there for their annual archery event a few years ago. Lady Miaka said the name of the flower is ne m'oubliez pas meaning Forgets me not." The little green kappa proudly explains it.

Sesshoumaru freezes instantly, the pitcher drops from his hand onto the ground as water splashes everywhere. It catches the green kappa by surprise with his lord's expression but fearing for his life he asks nothing and quickly picks the pitcher up and disappears behind his lord. .

If I die one day, will you always remember me? ... Those flowers are very important to me and I do not wish it to wither...

Rin's voices are echoing in Sesshoumaru's ears. Staring at those flowers with his wide open eyes, the taiyoukai is lost in his thoughts. While the demon lord pays less attention to his young companion, Rin has kept herself busy as she tried hard to deliver her heart's message through the surroundings by hoping her lord would have noticed it, but the western lord has failed the girl's efforts. As a light breeze blows a few strings of his silver hair floats into the direction of the wind. Sesshouamru gently touches the flowers with his claw fingers, a few tear drops fall on top of a flower lobe as Rin's faces play in his mind.

The girl who has suddenly meant so much to him has made this taiyoukai break down in tears twice today. With his heart throbbing, Sesshoumaru shut his eyes and clenches his left fist tightly.

Rin... she does not wish to be forgotten...

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I have almost half finish with my chapter6 and so it is going to be damn difficult to re write chapter5 now... Oh god... But I will try my best to complete it in these 2 days...

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4th October - Just some grammar and spelling update ^^

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