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Summary: There is a boy, who stands defiantly to all that life throws at him. Through his suffering, he will unlock the secrets of his shadowed past. His peace, however, may lie with his greatest enemies.

Regular speak

Thoughts and Emotions talking to person outside mind

Demonic or Animalistic speak

Demonic or Animalistic Thoughts

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Beastboy narrowed his eyes at the strange landscape. He seemed to be on a stone path that was floating in what resembled outer space. Imagine his surprise when he came to 'apologize' and ended up getting sucked into Raven's mirror. "Hmmm, I'm guessing this is her mind. Have to admit, She has a decent looking place here. At least compared to the other demonic minds I've seen," He muttered to himself with a slight shiver, "Now lets see, what did that bloody cat say about Azarathians? Something about having a mental projection of their emotions. I think she said that it resembled a non-insane version of Schizophrenia," He paused in his mussing as he sensed something, "I wonder what that is? I never did get all the current info on this girl. Guess the best way to find out is to follow the demonic scent," He said before following the path with a curious expression. He rarely found a mentally stable half-demon. Well, stable was a matter of perspective in these situations.

He came to a stop as a childish voice reached his ears, "Turn back. Turn back," it repeated over and over. He was near what appeared to be an arch of some kind and he saw that the source of the voices was a bunch of black birds with large red, almost childish eyes. They suddenly started cawing viciously as each of their two eyes turned into four demonic eyes. They sped towards him as if to attack him. Beastboy seemed unimpressed with this as he merely waved them off, as if shooing them away and continued his path towards them. The birds themselves seemed shocked when they dematerialized an instant later.

A giggle caught his attention as he looked to his side and was slightly surprised to find Raven wearing a pink cloak and grinning happily. "Hehe, nice trick BB, how'd you do that?" She asked interested.

Beastboy grinned at her before answering, "That's my secret, little half-demon," He said with none of the disgust or arrogance most used when saying the term. He said it as if he was just stating a fact.

While Raven's emotions usually only felt one emotion, they could feel others if the circumstances were right. Shock in this case, "H-how do you know that?" Happy asked nervously. She was a little worried that Beastboy wouldn't like them if he knew who and what they were. The thought of him not liking Raven had already dampened Happy's powers and they continued to decrease every now and then. Him hating Raven... Happy had actually frowned at that, if only for an instant.

"Don't worry Happy, I don't hate demons, half-demons, and the like for just being born as they are," He reassured, "I'll explain this stuff to Raven when we get out, I hate repeating this story more than I have to," He muttered that last bit more to himself. "So, where is the main Raven and the way out of here?" He asked, pretty sure Raven wouldn't like him being here and he would like a head start if needed, 'I REALLY hate having to pretend to be spineless. I've broken people, demon or otherwise, for less crap than what I've put up with here.' He thought angrily without letting a bit of it show. God, he should have been an actor.

"Um, the way out is through the forbidden door," She said, her usual expression coming back, "But you don't want to go there, not now," She warned, which sounded strange with that happy tone.

Beastboy looked back towards the arch, wondering what exactly was going on. He had several ideas, he just wasn't sure which was right. His eyes went wide for a moment, before clutching his stomach and hunching slightly in pain. 'I really need to cut loose. I try and take a break for a year and this is what happens. Why the fuck did I want peace and quiet again?' He thought, frustrated and annoyed as the pain left.

Happy looked at Beastboy with a slightly worried expression as she approached him, "Hey, BB? You alright?" She asked as she reached to put a hand on his shoulder.

"Get away from me..." He said in a cold and harsh voice, just above a whisper. A black aura appeared around him, as he glared up at Happy for a moment, before stopping, "Sorry, bad tofu," He lied weakly as he went towards the arch, not really trying to convince her. 'Another like that, and I'm out of hiding. Ironically, I'm actually starting to envy how things were before I went into hiding,' He thought bitterly.

Happy was shocked by what just happened. The aura had only been there for an instant, but it was so powerful and so dark that she thought she would have died right there. It was like being at the bottom of the ocean without being able to die. Suffocating and fear inducing. "Beastboy...are you a demon too?" She wondered out loud to herself. Then a thought came to her, 'If he is a demon then Rage will either try and kill him or...' She got a rather disturbing image of Rage hugging Beastboy, 'and if by chance he's stronger than her, especially now...' Another image came to mind that usually only Lust would think of, "I gotta see this!" She yelled as a shit-eating grin came to her face as she took off like a bat, or bird, out of hell toward the forbidden door.

Ten Minutes later

Beastboy had already wandered through and out of Happy's realm, which he couldn't help but laugh at a bit. He wondered if all Azarathians had minds like this or if Raven was just extra screwed up. He was half way tempted to unleash a few of her emotions into the real world. He looked around and noticed that the landscape was similar to when he first arrived. In the distance he noticed another arch and began towards it. He was momentarily and almost pleasantly surprised when walls sprung up around him, creating a maze. "Well, it's certainly not as boring as it could be," He mused to himself as he continued walking. He stopped as a gray cloaked Raven appeared before him. By the sad and fearful expression, he had to say this was the one that had all of Raven's insecurities, and everything else pertaining to fear and sadness

"So, what do they call you?" Beastboy asked curiously.

Timid was slightly surprised, but thought he might get upset if she didn't answer him quick enough, "I-I'm T-Timid," She stuttered in a way that would he would call cute if she didn't resemble a kicked puppy that became human.

He put his index finger and middle finger on her lips to stop her from what was bound to be an endless list of apologizes. As much as he would appreciate them, he would rather them come from Raven herself. Not that he expected to ever hear one. "Let me guess, you're about to apologize for just about everything Blue cloak has done right?" He asked giving her a grin that was making her even more nervous, one she strangely liked. He sighed when she nodded, "I'm going to do one thing to you, then we're even from all things up to here, deal?" He asked, causing Timid to become VERY scared. Beastboy would forgive her in exchange for one thing. That one unknown thing, was very scary to her, but she nodded. There wasn't much she wouldn't do for someone to forgive her at times.

Beastboy took breath, before doing the greatest and scariest thing that Timid ever knew. He reached forward, grabbed her by her cloak, and pulled her right in front of him. He paused for a moment...then slammed his mouth into her's. Timid's eyes went wide with shock before she started to blush and moan as Beastboy's tongue ravaged her mouth. Strangely, most of the fears in Timid's head disappeared, or were at least muted, as he continued to snog her into oblivion. If not for the nature of Raven's birth and her naivety to most things sexual, she may have said she was being mouth raped.

After a few more minutes, Beastboy released her causing her to groan slightly in disappointment. He looked at her and noticed that, while she still looked shy, she actually had a small smile, though her eyes were glazed over. Beastboy chuckled to himself, "I still got the magic touch," He whispered as he remembered some memories of more than one nature. He looked over his shoulder once before walking through the maze, leaving an immobile Timid near the entrance.

Outside the Maze, behind a tree, an awestruck Happy finally pulled her jaw off the ground, amazed at what she just saw. She ran up to Timid, who hadn't moved an inch. She snapped her fingers, made a few faces and noises, even went as far as to give her a wet willy and still got no response, "BB broke her..." She said in awe. Timid's shell was one of the hardest to break, due to her many fears and regrets and Beastboy had put her into a happy daze, "Why didn't I get something like that?" She asked with a slight pout. She looked at the maze curiously, before a light bulb went off in her head, "Hey Timid, if you catch up to him, maybe you can apologize again?" She suggested with a grin.

The effect was instant. Timid's eyes went wide before taking off running faster then Superman could fly. For at least the third time in less then half an hour, Happy had a gobsmacked look on her face. "Things sure are getting interesting around here," She said as she took off after Timid, hoping she could follow the dust trail before it dissipated.

Beastboy strolled through the end of the maze, wondering what might happened next. Suddenly, two near identical statues on either side came together and attached at the other's back. It held two stone swords and had a sad face on one side and a sadistically happy one on the other. Both sides had four glowing red eyes, "Yep, definitely Trigon's brat. Thank Makai that she didn't get her looks from her father!" He mused to himself, unintimidated as the statue came towards him.

He simply sidestepped it's downward swipe to the ground, looking fairly bored at this point. Before he or it could attack, a dark green blur came hurdling towards the statue's face. "Wa-hoo! In your faces!" A Raven wearing a dark green cloak shouted as she renewed her assault.

"Okay, this Raven I'll get along with," He said to himself as looked impressed at her combat abilities, "Why doesn't she usually fight like this?" He wondered right before she split the statue in two with two of her fingers, "Ohh," He said while thinking 'Damn! I wish I brought her with me now, instead of leaving her with the monks. If she stopped holding back, she may be able to contend with me in a few centuries,' He thought, more than a little excited. He snapped out of his inner musing as Brave made her way to him. BB held up a hand to silence her, "Let me guess..." He said to her confused look, looking her over slightly, "Determined?" He asked, getting a negative. "Adventurous?" Another shake, before he started listing off similar words, "Audacious, chivalrous, confident, courageous, daring, dauntless, fearless, firm, gallant, indomitable, spunky, stouthearted, strong, unafraid, undauntable, undismayed, valiant, venturesome?" By the end, Brave had wide eyes. Beastboy used words she wasn't sure if Knowledge even knew, "So, Brave, where's Raven?" He asked with a smirk.

"Wait, how did you...?" She trailed off

"I just wanted to see the look on your faces," He said amusingly.

"Faces?" She asked confusedly.

Beastboy's only response was pointing up to where the main Raven was floating, having heard everything. She floated down to the ground, as Brave disappeared, trying to regain her composure, "What do you think you're doing here!" She growled angrily at the surprisingly unfazed shape-shifter.

"Nice question, better one is how did you know I was here?" He asked curiously.

Seeing Beastboy unaffected by her anger caused her even more frustration, "I figured when I got very surprised for no reason might have been a good guess. Me getting unusually warm was probably you too," She said through gritted teeth.

"Well, when I ended up here after I came to see what's really been bothering you, I decided to mess around with the neighborhood Azarathian half-demon's head," He commented rather nonchalantly to Raven's shock.

"You knew? When? How?" She asked, before a small tremor shook the ground.

"Let me guess, issues with daddy dearest?" He asked as he sensed the approach of something demonic.

"Is there anything you don't know about me?" Raven asked, slightly annoyed.

"Just everything that has to do with your personality. Other then that, yeah I know a lot about you," He answered with a smirk before turning into a frown. A great twister appeared as a hulking red demon appeared out of it, "I'll explain some stuff later. Right now, I think you could use some help," He said, unafraid of the demon possessed and transformed emotion.

"Listen this is-" Raven started to protest.

"Yeah yeah yeah. Your responsibility, your problem, don't get involved, blah blah blah. Look, for once Raven, just shut up and take what's given to you. Besides, I haven't had a decent fight in...I don't know how long," He snapped, starting to get angry at being denied a long needed work out. He changed into a falcon before Raven could say anything else.

End of Chapter

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