Devil Fox

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Regular speak

Thoughts and Emotions talking to person outside mind

Demonic or Animalistic speak

Demonic or Animalistic Thoughts

Translating to English

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Beastboy smiled amusingly, as best a falcon could, as he dodged the gaint red demon with ease that even the fastest of birds shouldn't be able to. 'Just a little bit longer and then the fun begins. Hmm, whats the best way to piss this guy off for the next few minutes? Wait, if it's Trigon controlling Rage, is this technically a male or female?' He idly wondered as he started to grin sadistically, 'One way to find out!'He thought. He flew straight towards the devil-possessed half-demon and dodged his beems as the distant closed. At the last moment, he turned into a curled up armadillo the size of a two story building...and slamed right into the half-demon's crotch. The four red eyes widen in pain as the giant fell to it's knees in agony. Beastboy returned to human form and landed on a small cliff, grinning like a fox, "Well, that answers that. The more Trigon tries to possess Raven's emotions here, the more like him they are. Hmm, well that's another reason to make sure he can't control the brat at all. Girls that can turn into guys is a big turn off," He muttered to himself with a shiver.

Raven stared in shock with her jaw on the floor. "Did he just do, what I think he did?" She asked herself in disbelief.

"He sure did Blue Cloak!" An energetic and cheerful version of her voice answered.

Raven turned to find..."Happy? What are doing- What the hell happened to Timid?" She said in shock when she looked at her gray emotion, who had a small, but bright smile on her face as she watched Beastboy.

"BB broke her," Happy answer simply.

"Broke her? How?" Raven asked, not quite understanding what she was hearing.

"We would like to know that as well if you don't mind," A brown cloaked emotion said, as she approached with a yellow one beside her.

"Ohh, I think I know!" A sensual voice called out as the five identintical girls looked toward another, maroon colored emotion.

"Lust? Is everyone coming here?" Raven asked, surprised to see so many of them here at the same time.

"You think it's a coincidence that she started popping up more after Raven joined the Titans?" Wisdom quietly asked Knowledge as they shared knowing smirks.

Lust walked up to the still smiling Timid with a smirk, "Now Timid, why don't you tell little old Lust what that sexy green beast did to you?" She asked sexily, wanting the details.

Timid stared at her for a moment before 'answering'. Since she could describe it, she tried to recreate it for Lust. Meaning she pulled Lust right in front of her by her cloak, paused, then shoved her tongue into Lust surprised mouth and began ravaging it. Needless to say, the others were speechless, even Happy. After a moment Timid released her and continued staring at Beastboy.

After a moment, Lust spoke, "Beasty didn't break her..." She said as she started to grin.

"He corrupted her!" The Wisdom and Knowledge said at once in awe.

Beastboy smirked as he listened to what Raven was saying to her emotions as he waited for the demon to get back on it's feet. He also watched what Timid did out of the corner of his eyes. He hadn't had this much entertainment in over a decade. He noticed that the transformed emotion was now back on it's feet and glaring a new level of anger at him, causing him to grin even more. The demon held out it's palm, causing a swarm of demonic ravens to come soring to him. Right before they would hit him, everything seemed to pause, as if the universe itself was shocked by something. As time returned, Beastboy swung his claw through the air in the demon's direction. To everyone's shock, five claw-like streams of black energy shot through the bird, destroying them on contact. The attack(Shadow Claw) didn't stop there, as they cut into Trigon's hand, arm, and chest. This caused it to roar in rage as looked at it's demon blood.

Everyone, even the Trigon-possessed Rage, stopped as they felt a tremendous demonic energy. Beastboy chuckled darkly, with grew louder and more demonic by the moment as black, shadow like energy incirculed and incased him around him. The energy suddenly grew in all direction, moving like a phantom through the night. As the blackness faded, they were all shocked with fear at the sight. A fox the size of Rage's current form with fur blacker then a black-hole. It's slit eye's glowed with green fire inside it's black sclera. It's single tail moved almost like a snake, waiting to strike.

Raven and her emotions, the rest of which had gathered, stared up at Beastboy in shock and other feelings. Some felt respect, other's amazement, all a bit of fear. Affection felt a deep desire grow even more then it was before. Lust was getting heavily aroused at the power she felt. Timid felt oddly comforted by it. But the person affect the most was Raven. She had no idea why, but she felt unimaginable fear as she stared at the monstrous fox. It was like seeing something out of a nightmare you couldn't remember having.

Beastboy grinned a grin all to fitting for his form,"What's the matter Trigon? Scared?" He asked mockingly, "What's it been? Nearly fifteen years now since we last saw each other?" He asked, almost nostalgically.

Trigon's eyes widen in realization, "You! I remember you now! You're that demon that's been killing my followers!" He cried out in rage.

"Hmm, yes I most say that I never took as much joy in killing creatures as I have when they are associated with you, but in my defense they usually tried to kill me first," Beastboy commented with a mad grin, "Now, enough talk!"Beastboy roared eagerly.

Trigon chuckled, "You really think you take on me even with my limited powers?" He asked arrogantly.

"Considering I'm behind you, yes," A voice whisper behind him, causing him to turn around, only to be hit in the jaw. "An illusion clone, oldest trick I have and it almost never fails." He commented offhandedly.

"Wow, BB's got a mean right hook! Eh, Raven?" Brave asked as she watched the fight expectantly.

Raven didn't answer, holding her cheek in what appeared to be pain, for some reason.

Beastboy watched unimpressed as Trigon sent more ravens at him. He merely brought an upward strike through the air, sending another Shadow Claw towards Trigon. As the attack landed, a cry rang through the air. Beastboy stared with slightly curious eyes at the source of the scream, that being Raven. She was on her knees holding her chest and stomach in pain.'The chakra from my attack is getting transferred back to Raven, and seems to be recreating the injuries I inflict to this possessed emotion. If it becomes too much, the wounds may become real on her, and kill her. I guess I have to end this now.' He thought disappointed, "I'm sorry to say that I most end our battle here Trigon," He commented as he raised his arm in front of him and made it so only his index and middle fingers were out. He made an upward motion as what seemed liked tentacles of shadows rose from the ground and grabbed Trigon as he struggled to get free. Beastboy walked until he was right in front of Trigon. Suddenly his eyes turned red as a ring with three marks appeared in each appeared. The marks began to spin at high speeds. Trigon felt his power and influence over Rage weakening as the eyes span. Beastboy only said one word before Trigon's presences was gone, "Pathetic.." He said before catching the now human-looking Rage in his massive hand. Rage's eyes went wide as she looked into those red eyes and felt as if her spirit was leaving her.

Rage, now having only two eyes, found herself somewhere else at the next moment. All she could see was blackness, but she could feel water up to her knees. She felt a tremendous pressure pushing her down, almost suffocating her. She felt herself being lifted up out of the water by something. When she raised her eyes to see two massive blue eyes with slit pupils. The mere presence of this being made her wither in fear for her very existence.

"Even after all this time, you're still as ragiful as ever," A dark voice echoed through the shadows. It wasn't mocking. In fact, it sounded almost affectionate in a demonic sort of way.

"Who-Who are you!" She cried out as the eyes stared at her.

A great, echoing chuckled carried, shaking Rage in either fear or it's mere vibrations, "I'm almost hurt you don't remember me. In time you will remember, as will I, my hateful mate!" He cried out as Rage came back to the real world.

Rage looked up and saw that Beastboy, now in human form only with black sclerea, was holding her bridle-style. She felt too weak and tired to protest or lash out even if she wanted to. The words of the great shadow still rang through her head. 'In time you will remember...My hateful mate. Was that really my mate? But how? In time- a past life? Who could I have been to gain the attention of such a being?'With one last look at Beastboy, she closed her eyes, letting sleep take her.

Beastboy stared at Rage with curiosity as she slipped into unconsciousness. She seemed to be in a trance after he banished Trigon from her. 'She didn't even notice me putting a seal on her. Hopefully that will keep Trigon out for now. I don't have the time to make a better one at the moment,' He thought to himself as he walked in the direction of Raven and her other selves. "So, did you Ravens of the Rainbow enjoy the show?" He asked with a grin that made them all a little nervous.

Raven stepped forward and gave Beastboy a hard stare, "I think explanation are in order," She said in a voice that no one would argue with.

Beastboy wasn't no one, "Like I told Happy, I hate to repeat this story, so no, not yet. I'll explain more after I tell the rest of the Titans," He explained as he handed Rage to Brave, being the only one that would take her.

"You're going to tell them everything?" Raven asked slightly shocked at this. There was a good chance they might throw them both out if they found out Raven was a Half-demon-among other details- and Beastboy was...whatever he was.

"Not everything. There is much they either don't need to know or I just don't trust them enough. The only reason I'll explain more to you is that might need to know more then them," He explained before going over to Timid. He pinched her on the but, causing her to let out a loud "EEP!" before seemingly returning to her normal state. As she remember what she had done this short time, she promptly fainted with an atomic blush. Lust examined her before grinning at Beastboy, which he returned.

"If you're done playing with my emotions, could we please leave? The longer you're here, the more likely I am to catch whatever shrunk your brain," She said with her usual dry insults that she always used with Beastboy and the others. To her surprise, something whacked her on the back of the head. "What was that for?" She asked in a dangerous monotone as she rubbed the back of her head.

"The three rules of being around me: I am NOT a spineless wimp, I don't take crap from anyone, and lastly don't piss me off. You're the most interesting creature I've seen in a while, so please don't break those rules too much," He instructed, sounding annoyed as he started towards the Forbidden the door. For some reason, this made them all a little warmer, though Lust was the only one that immediately knew why.

"Beastboy, Please wait!" Knowledge called, getting a curious looked from him as he paused, "I'm aware you stated you would elaborated on the befuddlement we currently about you in general, but could you satisfy one in question I have?" She asked with her usual high level words that few understand. To their ever growing surprise, he nodded, "How have you gathered so much information on Raven?" She asked, instinctively dubbing down her words after having used the more advanced ones in the first sentence.

"I've been keeping an eye on you," He said simply, suppressing a grin.

"Since when?" Raven asked with narrowed eyes, not liking that she had been spied on.

"The beginning," Beastboy explained as vaguely as before.

"Since we met,-" Raven was about to snapped when she was cut off.

"No Raven, the beginning," He tried to clarify.

Raven narrowed her eyes before widening them, "When did you first notice me?" Raven asked as a slight fear crept up in her.

Beastboy walked toward the door and stopped right before entering, "When you were first in Arella's belly," He answered as she went wide eyed before stepping through the portal.

Raven and her emotions stood in shock. If what he said was true then, 'He was there when Trigon raped my mother!' They all thought, horrified at what that might mean.

End of Chapter

There you go, a small Trigon smack down. Hope you all liked it! Questions to ponder; Who is Beastboy? Who is the thing Rage talked to? Why is Raven so afraid of Beastboy in that form? Why does Beastboy hate Trigon? What does Beastboy mean by "When you were first in Arella's belly," and why has he been keeping an eye on Raven? Lastly, what's your impression of Beastboy here?