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Very Interesting...

"Auggie come on we're going to be late. You take longer than me in the bathroom," Annie yelled out dragging his bag to the front room of his house.

"Hold your horses woman," he called from the room smiling as he exited the bathroom in a white collared shirt and slacks.

They were riding in first class and apparently they had a dress code.

Auggie closed his eyes for a moment taking in her sweet scent and imagining what she might look like in her knee length black dress that fit perfectly paired with her infamous kitten heels.

"You know it's really nice of your parents to pay for first class," Annie yelled from the living room.

"Yeah. My mom insisted that we did. She hates it when any of us don't fly first class."

He smirked as she came down the hallway but, seemed to stop in the doorway.

She looked him over and came up to fix his shirt.

"You missed some buttons. Jeez are you blind," she fake scolded him when invoked a laugh.

She glanced up at his face as she unbuttoned the ones he did wrong.

She couldn't help think how attractive he was. His tousled hair and mocking smirk...

"I knew you wanted me naked," Auggie flirted which made Annie's cheeks heat up.

She punched him playfully, " Shut up."

She was happy he couldn't see her still pink cheeks as he pulled on his jacket and she adjusted it.

There was a honk outside which made her bring her thoughts back to PG.

"Come on before the taxi leaves us," he said smiling and pulling out his cane.


The airport was crowded as always but they proceeded through the terminal as planned.

"Coffee?" Annie asked going through her magazine as they waited to board the plane.

"Air?" he asked mocking her as if to say "Of course I want coffee don't you want air!"

She laughed as she stood and bought some.

"So you have four brothers right?" she said as she handed the newly retrieved coffe.

"Yeah. Simon, Tristan,Corbin, and Jessie," he said taking a sip, while feeling the caffeine kick in.

"Now Corbin is everyone's favorite. He's definitely the nice one. You would probably describe him as sweet, sensitive, or one of the millions of words woman like to use for him but, we know him as the mediator. He also just happens to be the middle child and the doctor in the family," he said rather happily.

Corbin always stopped plenty of fights and arguments. He was the only one he really liked.

"Oh, what kind of doctor?" Annie asked curiously.

"Prosthetics. He's always had a strange attachment to them," he said remembering his graduation and how he was so happy he almost hugged the headmaster instead of shaking his hand.

"Simon is the golden boy who is adored and obviously loved the most by my father. He's in the marines and the oldest so that in itself is explanation enough," his voice low and filled with malice.

"I'm sure your father loves you all equally," Annie said trying to comfort him and placing a hand on his arm.

"You don't know my father," he said rather sadly but, quickly recuperated.

"Jesse is the short tempered, bad ass of the family. He's in the army," he said not missing a beat.

Annie laughed.

"I thought you were the bad ass of the family," she said jokingly.

"I am. It's just that no one knows it," he said smirking.

"I'm more the stoic one who pisses everyone off with his sarcasm and amazing qualities," he said holding his head up as if he were proud to hold such a place.

Annie laughed and shock her head.

"No I think you're the one who pisses everyone off with his impossible and smart ass attitude towards life and mistakes amazing qualities for ridiculous annoyance," she said as he placed his hand over his heart, cringing in pain.

"Ouch. You wound me," he said with a look of fake offense.

She smiled loving Auggie's sense of humor.

"Who's the fourth brother? You left one out," she aid sipping her coffee and glancing up at him.

"Ahh that would be Tristan. He is the pretty boy slash womanizer of the family. He occupies the air force and will fuck any female with legs and what he calls assets and he means that in the most vulgar way possible. Prepare yourself. He will without a doubt hit on you whether you welcome it or not," he said rolling his eyes at the thought.

His brother was an ass who made a hobby of breaking woman's hearts.

The thought alone of him making a move on Annie made him want to beat something.

"What makes you so sure of my...assets," Annie said laughing and Auggie turned towards her.

"Annie. I'm blind, not stupid," he said, his voice serious.

She felt her face flush at just his tone.

She was joking but, he definitely didn't sound amused.

There zone was called and she immediately stood awkwardly glad he couldn't see her but, that didn't seem to stop him in the slightest.

He rose smirking, "Did I embarrass you?"

"No! They just called our zone," she said turning crimson as Auggie's smirk grew immensely.

This would be an interesting trip indeed...


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